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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
FOGCF  Fogchain Corp.0.0119-0.001387-10.44%   09/14/2018
My FOGCF Pitch: "$"
DBMM  Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc.0.0020.00.00%   09/05/2018
My DBMM Pitch: "85000"
LIGA  LIG assets0.00290.00.00%   08/29/2018
My LIGA Pitch: "What"
SGSI  Spectrum Global Solutions Inc.0.17-0.01-5.56%   08/21/2018
My SGSI Pitch: "Go"
VRUS  Verus International Inc.0.00305-0.00025-7.58%   08/20/2018
My VRUS Pitch: "B"
FUNN  Amfil Technologies Inc.0.0125-0.0005-3.85%   08/20/2018
My FUNN Pitch: "G"
IMLFF  InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.19275-0.00075-0.39%   08/19/2018
My IMLFF Pitch: "Please"
ULGX  Urologix Inc.0.00460.00.00%   07/23/2018
My ULGX Pitch: "$$$"
COFE  The Coffeesmiths Collective Inc.   07/08/2018
My COFE Pitch: "coffee$"
PURA  Puration Inc.0.0120.00.00%   07/07/2018
My PURA Pitch: "h"
THCBF  THC Biomed Intl Ltd.0.137-0.003-2.14%   07/07/2018
My THCBF Pitch: "1"
OGRMF  OGRMF Organigram  06/23/2018
My OGRMF Pitch: "Reliable stock."
VGID  V Group Inc.0.00010.00.00%   06/19/2018
My VGID Pitch: "$"
MYCOF  Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.0.5239-0.0045-0.85%   06/19/2018
My MYCOF Pitch: "$"
ATTBF  Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.0.00870.00011.16%   06/19/2018
My ATTBF Pitch: "$"
ATVK  Ameritek Ventures0.00070.00.00%   06/19/2018
My ATVK Pitch: "$"
KPIFF  Edgewater Wireless Systems, Inc.0.0275-0.0085-23.61%   06/19/2018
My KPIFF Pitch: "$"
CRYBF  Global Elsimate Cap. Corp.   06/15/2018
My CRYBF Pitch: "Will be BIG!"
ARGW  AR GROWTH FINANCE CO0.0010.00.00%   06/15/2018
My ARGW Pitch: "About to blowup!"
LTMCF  Lithium Chile0.18410.049136.37%   06/10/2018
My LTMCF Pitch: "Dig"
RFBC  Romana Food Brands Corp.0.00180.000428.57%   06/05/2018
My RFBC Pitch: "Fly then!"
CBWTF  Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.0.211-0.01095-4.93%   06/03/2018
My CBWTF Pitch: "It'll be bigger than you think!"
SCNA  Smart Cannabis Corp.0.00380.00.00%   06/03/2018
My SCNA Pitch: "Let's see what they're talking about!!!"
XRPUSD  Ripple0.17600000-0.00200000-1.12%   05/25/2018
My XRPUSD Pitch: "Amazon?"
ISR  IsoRay inc.0.56-0.0037-0.66%   05/15/2018
My ISR Pitch: "ISR will hit 10,000%+"
EPWCF  Empower Clinics Inc.0.047210.0065116.00%   05/05/2018
My EPWCF Pitch: "Gotta watch it"
BRNE  Borneo Resource Investments, LTD0.00070.00.00%   05/04/2018
My BRNE Pitch: "Something's about to happen soon."
DIRV  DirectView Holdings Inc.0.0380.00618.75%   05/04/2018
My DIRV Pitch: "Let's go!"
  Grey Fox Holdings Corp. (fka GFOX)  05/04/2018
My Pitch: "Go!!!!"
LVCA  Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc.   05/03/2018
My LVCA Pitch: "Still got some gas!"
AHAD  Alphacom Holdings Inc.0.0080.00.00%   05/02/2018
My AHAD Pitch: "Should bounce today."
  SunVesta Inc. (fka SVSA)  05/01/2018
My Pitch: "BUY"
GIFX  Gifa Inc.0.03-0.005-14.29%   05/01/2018
My GIFX Pitch: "Loadin up!"
CRUUF  Cameo Industries Corp.0.14421-0.02379-14.16%   05/01/2018
My CRUUF Pitch: "It's coming"
GCGX  Global Consortium Inc.0.0016-0.0001-5.88%   05/01/2018
My GCGX Pitch: "Big money June. Get it while it's low."
ALKM  Alkame Holdings Inc.0.00055-0.00005-8.33%   05/01/2018
My ALKM Pitch: "She got go"
ACUR  Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.322-0.026-7.47%   05/01/2018
My ACUR Pitch: "Warmin up"
TGGI  Trans Global Group Inc0.00010.00.00%   04/26/2018
My TGGI Pitch: "Looks too good not to take a chance!"
OXYS  OxySure Therapeutics Inc.  04/26/2018
My OXYS Pitch: "100% Buy!"
MMMW  Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.0.0060.00.00%   04/24/2018
My MMMW Pitch: "Ouch"
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