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A Digital Asset Built for Global Payments

XRP offers financial institutions the fastest, lowest cost option for sourcing liquidity in cross-border payments. 


Avoid Pre-Funding With Instant Settlement

International payments, especially in emerging markets, require businesses to hold pre-funded accounts in destination currencies. It’s a costly endeavor that ties up resources. RippleNet provides an alternative. While any financial institution on the network enjoys reliable, instant and lower-cost transactions, those who use the digital asset XRP to source liquidity can do so in seconds—freeing up capital and guaranteeing the most competitive rates available today.

How On-Demand Liquidity Works

RippleNet customers can use XRP to bridge two currencies in three seconds, ensuring payments are quickly sent and received in local currency on either side of a transaction.

Faster, less costly and more scalable than any other digital asset, XRP and the XRP Ledger are used to power innovative technology across the payments space. RippleNet customers can use XRP for sourcing liquidity in cross-border transactions, instead of pre-funding—ensuring instant settlement, lower exchange fees and more efficient use of working capital. This same technology is also leveraged in use cases for micropayments, e-commerce, exchanges and peer-to-peer services. XRP and the XRP Ledger are open-source technology that anyone can build on. To get started, learn more at



FAST - Payments moving across the XRP Ledger settle in 4 seconds.

SCALABLE - XRP consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.

DISTRIBUTE Open-source technology, built on the principles of blockchain with a growing set of validators.

STABLE - XRP’s seven-year track record of stable technology and governance makes it ready for institutional and enterprise use.3-5 Days



Visit Ripple/XRP at


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Ripple Wins “Biggest Decision” in XRP Lawsuit, Here ap17 04/14/2022 02:49:12 PM
FLAREFINANCE/STAKING: Ok amigos, heres some homework for you WiseYoda 01/06/2022 08:03:19 AM
Yes, XRP is 1000 times faster and cheaper stockvaper 08/15/2020 11:12:37 AM
Understood, but nexo is unlike those high risk ap17 09/27/2022 01:53:04 PM
Thinking about re-upping the 9% for 6mo. I ap17 09/27/2022 01:49:35 PM
NEXO is one that is fully audited, but, dshade 09/27/2022 01:24:31 PM
First thing I do is when mine expires Weed farmer 09/27/2022 01:03:34 PM
have the same rate plan. Oct 28th. XRP dshade 09/27/2022 12:34:55 PM
My 9% nexo rate on XRP will expire ap17 09/27/2022 11:36:55 AM
thanks for the help everyone ... kairos 09/27/2022 09:41:17 AM
welcome kairos! dshade 09/27/2022 07:43:46 AM
Use this referral link to where you can MindlessSelf 09/27/2022 03:26:26 AM
You can buy XRP on uphold valueinvestor2320 09/26/2022 11:04:16 PM
No ripple on coinbase. What's the best kairos 09/26/2022 06:52:35 PM
No fight. Not interested in ego. But dig deeper. Reluctant Observer 09/26/2022 03:14:27 PM
:) Sure. Reluctant Observer 09/26/2022 03:13:39 PM
Adoption!! ceaa 09/26/2022 02:43:44 PM
Not xrp ceaa 09/26/2022 02:43:21 PM
Ripple ceaa 09/26/2022 02:42:56 PM
Lol. It’s happening daily… across the globe. Daily! Reluctant Observer 09/26/2022 02:27:04 PM
I'm not seeing any adoption here,at least from ceaa 09/26/2022 01:43:47 PM
start here. dshade 09/26/2022 12:46:34 PM
Dudes not doing any research. XRP qualityincolor 09/26/2022 10:40:19 AM
I'm not hearing about any financial institutions using ceaa 09/26/2022 09:23:00 AM
as more and more financial institutions use XRP dshade 09/26/2022 09:05:41 AM
Wait another half year , that settlement story ceaa 09/26/2022 09:04:22 AM
33 34 36 ceaa 09/26/2022 09:01:17 AM
consolidate before the settlement. then up big. dshade 09/26/2022 08:24:39 AM
Down she goes what a nice 20 cents ceaa 09/26/2022 08:22:55 AM
End of this quarter, Or week. Very good Alpha611 09/25/2022 04:13:31 PM
LMAO...I just did!...With out getting in to Alpha611 09/25/2022 03:57:24 PM
Could you help a thick headed guy understand Reluctant Observer 09/25/2022 03:31:01 PM
Knowledge is everything. Trick Q! Alpha611 09/25/2022 03:28:50 PM
#32512 ceaa 09/25/2022 07:55:00 AM
I’m glad I hold this coin like I WolfOfGrnStreet 09/24/2022 10:08:03 PM
You know how this works. ceaa 09/24/2022 07:38:27 PM
Almosted ended this trading cycle green again MindlessSelf 09/24/2022 06:26:52 PM
Good night xrp , BTC is still pulling ceaa 09/24/2022 05:27:18 PM
Yeah but it's nice to see the volume qualityincolor 09/24/2022 01:59:10 PM
This guys are just trying to get some ceaa 09/24/2022 12:53:37 PM
#32505 qualityincolor 09/23/2022 10:29:54 PM
I’m liking the bullish action! Highlandmike 09/23/2022 09:12:28 PM
Call it a Coincidence ! But my Alpha611 09/23/2022 06:54:13 PM
It’s all about the wait! All I have WolfOfGrnStreet 09/23/2022 06:48:44 PM
We all should be quiet even YouTubers. This ceaa 09/23/2022 06:40:59 PM
$$$$$$$ WolfOfGrnStreet 09/23/2022 06:35:43 PM
I'm still trying to get a handle on ap17 09/23/2022 06:21:48 PM
In the green again while etherium and bitcoin qualityincolor 09/23/2022 05:58:30 PM
Agree. Correlation is not causation. I’ll be planting Reluctant Observer 09/23/2022 05:56:21 PM
The 24th talk is nothing imo. I'm going qualityincolor 09/23/2022 05:55:09 PM
Thank you to the people that helped me Reluctant Observer 09/23/2022 05:19:33 PM
We swung 0.10 in one day at xrp. MindlessSelf 09/23/2022 04:23:35 PM
lol...Yeah Some people like that. Alpha611 09/23/2022 01:08:33 PM
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