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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
WCVC  West Coast Ventures Group Corp.0.00010.00.00%   07/30/2019
BBBY  Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.   03/26/2019
LVVV  Livewire Ergogenics0.00505-0.00025-4.72%   12/10/2018
NUGS  Cannabis Strategic Ventures0.06950.00152.21%   08/28/2018
My NUGS Pitch: "Did this stick do a reverse split earlier this year?"
GSRX  GSRX Industries Inc.0.041-0.008-16.33%   08/24/2018
EPAZ  Epazz Inc.0.0178-0.0001-0.56%   08/21/2018
ATOS  Atossa Genetics, Inc.1.740.1710.83%   08/14/2018
DANR  Dana Resources0.00030.00.00%   08/09/2018
SNPW  Sun Pacific Holding Corp.0.001350.00018.00%   08/01/2018
RFIL  RF Industries Ltd.4.690.00.00%   08/01/2018
UVFT  UV Flu Technologies, Inc.0.01740.00148.75%   07/31/2018
NLST  NetList Inc.0.5820.0122.11%   07/31/2018
AMCT  American Education Center, Inc.   07/30/2018
ANDI  Andiamo Corp.0.00020.00.00%   07/29/2018
CBIO  Catalyst Biosciences5.950.152.59%   07/27/2018
FTFT  Future FinTech Group Inc.,2.39-0.61-20.33%   07/26/2018
AXXA  Exxe Group Inc.0.0101-0.0021-17.21%   07/26/2018
SWRM  AppSwarm Inc.0.00180.00.00%   07/24/2018
LRDG  Lord Global Corp.2.88-0.12-4.00%   07/24/2018
LIFE  aTyr Pharma, Inc.3.55-0.04-1.11%   07/24/2018
MYSZ  MySize Inc.   07/24/2018
LMFA  LM Funding America Inc0.7170.03184.64%   07/23/2018
VNUE  VNUE Inc.0.00230.00014.55%   07/23/2018
NXTTF  Namaste Technologies Inc.0.1740.0031.75%   07/23/2018
HLYK  HealthLynked Corp0.1-0.01306-11.55%   07/23/2018
INND  Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc.0.00010.00.00%   07/23/2018
My INND Pitch: "Just found this"
PACV  Pacific Ventures Group Inc.0.410.00.00%   07/23/2018
My PACV Pitch: "How did I almost miss the boat on this one?"
RIOT  Riot blockchain6.25-0.83-11.72%   07/23/2018
XALL  Xalles Holdings Inc0.0125-0.001-7.41%   07/23/2018
NHLD  National Holdings Corp.2.63-0.045-1.68%   07/23/2018
RSHN  RushNet Inc.0.00025-0.00005-16.67%   07/21/2018
DPLS  DarkPulse, Inc.0.00025-0.00005-16.67%   07/21/2018
My DPLS Pitch: "Too bad I missed the boat on this one"
OTOW  02 Secure Wireless, Inc.0.007340.0013422.33%   07/21/2018
SMKG  Smart Card Marketing0.03960.00.00%   07/20/2018
AITX  Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.0.00130.00018.33%   07/19/2018
BPMX  BioPharmX Corp.0.510.00.00%   07/19/2018
ERBB  American Green Inc.0.00240.00.00%   07/17/2018
GOGO  Gogo Inc.   07/15/2018
GLMD  Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.4.170.410.61%   07/15/2018
CVSI  CV Sciences Inc.0.46350.03357.79%   07/15/2018
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