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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
RCPIQ  Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.00070.000116.67%   09/29/2016
  RVUE Holdings Inc. (fka RVUE)  08/21/2016
My Pitch: "Best play I've seen in the OTC in a while --
No toxic debt, insider ownership, big upside
AMMX  AmeraMex International Inc.0.00930.001214.81%   06/23/2016
DIRV  DirectView Holdings Inc.0.01390.00096.92%   06/23/2016
GSPI  Green Star Products, Inc.0.00110.00.00%   06/23/2016
ELED  ExeLED Holdings Inc.0.0036-0.00025-6.49%   06/23/2016
INTK  Industrial Nanotech, Inc.0.0036-0.0002-5.26%   06/23/2016
CHHL  China Holdings Inc0.00060.00.00%   06/23/2016
  Axesstel Inc. (fka AXST)  06/23/2016
NGBL  Notis Global Inc.0.00020.00.00%   06/23/2016
FRCN  Firemans Contractors, Inc.0.00020.00.00%   06/17/2016
ASTI  Ascent Solar Technologies0.0004-0.0001-20.00%   06/17/2016
FROT  Falconridge Oil Tech., Corp.0.0008-0.0001-11.11%   06/16/2016
FLRE  Flameret, Inc.0.000980.00.00%   06/16/2016
NUUU  Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc.0.00010.00.00%   06/16/2016
DOMK  DoMark International Inc.0.00010.00.00%   06/15/2016
MRNJ  Metatron Inc.0.00010.00.00%   06/14/2016
PGUS  ProGreen US Inc.0.0358-0.0011-2.98%   06/10/2016
NWPN  The NOW Corporation0.00260.001173.33%   06/10/2016
VNUE  VNUE Inc.   06/09/2016
RJDG  RJD Green, Inc.0.0128-0.0001-0.78%   06/09/2016
GRNE  Green Endeavors, Inc.   06/08/2016
GREW  Green World Development Inc0.0050.00.00%   06/07/2016
EARI  Entertainment Arts Research Inc.0.350.00.00%   06/07/2016
VTXB  Vortex Brands Co.0.009-0.0029-24.37%   06/07/2016
EMPO  Empowered Products, Inc.0.00320.00.00%   06/07/2016
FLSR  FLASR Inc.0.00040.000133.33%   05/25/2016
VGTL  VGTel, Inc.0.00030.00.00%   05/25/2016
RFBC  Romana Food Brands Corp.0.26-0.05-16.13%   05/19/2016
GMNI  Gemini Group Global Corp.0.00050.00.00%   05/19/2016
HPTG  HydroPhi Technologies Group Inc.0.00020.00.00%   05/19/2016
WRFX  WorldFlix Inc.0.00080.00.00%   05/19/2016
RDAR  Raadr Inc.0.00010.00.00%   05/13/2016
AWGI  Ambient Water Corp.0.00020.00.00%   05/12/2016
BAYP  Bayport International Holdings, Inc0.00010.00.00%   05/12/2016
NUVM  NuVim, Inc.0.00450.00.00%   05/09/2016
LEAS  Strategic Asset Leasing Inc.0.00010.00.00%   05/06/2016
MBLC  Millennium BlockChain Inc.0.62-0.03-4.62%   05/06/2016
BLDV  Blue Diamond Ventures Inc.0.00080.00.00%   05/02/2016
RFNS  Reliant Financial Service Corp.0.0015-0.00031-17.13%   04/28/2016
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