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Whiskey your my darlin drunk or sober!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Blackout Media Corp 11/09/2007 11:55:24 PM
He was talking about Hannibal the Carthage General, Cal-Bay International, Inc. 10/23/2007 05:19:42 PM
november 16,2007, 5:15 PM IHUB Posting Milestones 10/19/2007 07:31:06 PM
bollinger bands do look like they are tightening Southcorp Capital, Inc 10/16/2007 10:06:02 AM
I filled at .003 two days ago! 1million shares Southcorp Capital, Inc 10/04/2007 12:25:07 AM
Good to see you too, your right technically Southcorp Capital, Inc 10/03/2007 06:06:06 PM
does that apply to pink sheets? Southcorp Capital, Inc 10/02/2007 08:01:01 PM
on the RCH board it has been referred The Winners Circle 10/02/2007 04:15:18 PM
Great pick man $12.24 close - kicking myself The Winners Circle 10/02/2007 04:13:49 PM
So bottom line all we need is vollume Southcorp Capital, Inc 10/02/2007 04:09:27 PM
huh? uncover?- wtf? Cal-Bay International, Inc. 10/02/2007 08:47:06 AM
That's why my first prediction was an easy Cal-Bay International, Inc. 10/02/2007 08:32:14 AM
I never make prediction on a stock...but here Cal-Bay International, Inc. 10/02/2007 08:28:58 AM
Good morning SPARTANS> SPARTANS $$$$$$$$$ 10/01/2007 07:24:36 AM
If it was pawson it was dilution we Cal-Bay International, Inc. 09/30/2007 06:13:48 PM
interesting yes....but that was said while he was Cal-Bay International, Inc. 09/30/2007 05:50:58 PM
What's wrong with those dreams?? 1812 Brewing Company Inc. 09/29/2007 07:22:15 PM
uhhhh.... ummmmm..... 1812 Brewing Company Inc. 09/29/2007 03:26:02 PM
Fresh powder on monday for TOFS coming in!!!!1 SPARTANS $$$$$$$$$ 09/29/2007 11:11:16 AM
RCH does look good anybody getting in on The Winners Circle 09/28/2007 03:03:32 PM
OT: I freakin love that picture and that movie! 1812 Brewing Company Inc. 09/27/2007 08:50:28 PM
Right on.... Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/27/2007 08:26:52 PM
Anyway... technically this stock looks great, and Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/27/2007 07:39:31 PM
OT:bring it up with Tom, he is probably Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/27/2007 07:30:14 PM
Yeah but your the one promising a certain 1812 Brewing Company Inc. 09/27/2007 07:03:42 PM
It's official Hank promises everyone here that tuesday 1812 Brewing Company Inc. 09/27/2007 05:22:21 PM
.10 by monday huh? 1812 Brewing Company Inc. 09/27/2007 03:18:30 PM
I like how in the interview RL refers Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/27/2007 09:30:34 AM
PDVP - great news! No dilution listen to MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 09/27/2007 09:26:43 AM
PDVP - million dollar deal - legit CEO BB's Stock Haven 09/27/2007 09:25:45 AM
nice Float is less than 600 million! This Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/26/2007 10:08:27 PM
our father who art in heaven, you are Christian Prayer Room 09/25/2007 05:58:57 PM
I hate to add fuel to the rumor Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/24/2007 08:52:27 PM
Well.... maybe he did it to make it look Cal-Bay International, Inc. 09/22/2007 01:49:01 PM
ok so this is a short squeeze then. Cal-Bay International, Inc. 09/21/2007 11:39:58 AM
so we are looking at a MOASS here? Cal-Bay International, Inc. 09/21/2007 11:35:44 AM
exactly...either way people are buying, it won't take long.. Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/20/2007 02:16:15 PM
still good idea to accumulate Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/20/2007 02:06:01 PM
I can't fill at 0004 ....yet just waiting.. Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/20/2007 02:05:05 PM
I just added 0004 support! Southcorp Capital, Inc 09/20/2007 02:01:42 PM