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Posts by mrdecember123BoardDate/Time
i keep the faith-----sooner or later once more, Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 06/21/2021 10:40:48 AM
NOBODY knows what this will do today- but RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 06/18/2021 01:04:44 PM
this is a GIFT at these levels--------i added RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 06/18/2021 10:51:51 AM
ADDING! RushNet Inc. (RSHN) 06/16/2021 10:25:02 AM
if i had ANYTHING else that had bumped Else Nutrition (BABYF) 06/16/2021 07:18:52 AM
Fauci is getting REAMED daily by "Maria's" business Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) 06/03/2021 08:34:01 AM
thanks chillar for being all over it-------t'would be Else Nutrition (BABYF) 06/01/2021 08:25:29 AM
i agree with you, janey-----fobi just doesn't muster Fobi AI Inc. (FOBIF) 06/01/2021 08:11:56 AM
I forgot to spell out the obvious about Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/31/2021 11:54:40 AM
fun---------------me, too! But this china news may uptick Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/31/2021 11:35:20 AM
INEVITABLY BABYF: China's has decided to allow families Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/31/2021 10:27:59 AM
i can relate....i married this sucker! lol Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 05/30/2021 07:43:09 AM
slow but steady stolid rise---------ADDING AT MY LEISURE Fobi AI Inc. (FOBIF) 05/28/2021 10:03:35 AM
still thinking chillar nailed the fun here to Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/28/2021 09:51:21 AM
added today-----------fwiw. Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/27/2021 01:17:56 PM
chillar! you're a genius! BYND news just today Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/27/2021 11:27:30 AM
i was once in another "american" play that Texas Mineral Resources Corp. (TMRC) 05/26/2021 08:37:31 AM
i am long- is this a problem for Texas Mineral Resources Corp. (TMRC) 05/25/2021 09:36:20 AM
i am long- is this a problem for Texas Mineral Resources Corp. (TMRC) 05/25/2021 09:36:03 AM
comments PLEASE about biden admin plan to buy Texas Mineral Resources Corp. (TMRC) 05/25/2021 09:14:30 AM
OATLY (milk) has SPOTLIGHT!...babyf needs to FIRE UP Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/20/2021 09:37:11 AM
i like da loop, too...........fwiw Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 05/19/2021 07:48:56 PM
M O I !!!!!!!!!!!! I be accumulating turtle-like Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 05/19/2021 07:48:04 PM
sitting here snug as a bug waiting to Fobi AI Inc. (FOBIF) 05/13/2021 07:46:23 AM
allow me to be the chef: "an argentine Fobi AI Inc. (FOBIF) 05/13/2021 07:27:31 AM
desperately seeking susan's bottom here--- anticipating year end Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 05/13/2021 06:16:02 AM
i added under 3.00...........and will all day long Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 05/12/2021 09:54:37 AM
i hear you------i was more referring to the Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/11/2021 12:11:58 PM
added this morning........fwiw-------i suspect babyf is a SAFE Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/11/2021 09:45:19 AM
damn, chilar-------ouch! lol--------------babyf has been some ouch already- Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 05/10/2021 09:52:20 PM
lol------------FOR SURE! Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/08/2021 08:40:46 AM
i got nothing but troubles here---------can't pep you Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 05/08/2021 08:22:44 AM
looking to add AGAIN.............look at the inevitable future Else Nutrition (BABYF) 05/07/2021 10:02:02 AM
MAY 7 and NO ICE CREAM news whatsoever...............CEO Aureus Inc (ARSN) 05/07/2021 08:18:53 AM
after the folly that was my ARSN, yours Else Nutrition (BABYF) 04/30/2021 10:36:02 AM
and i sold my takof prematurely..... Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 04/27/2021 04:01:28 PM
"Elsie" the cow (google it) was a TRUE Else Nutrition (BABYF) 04/26/2021 08:54:07 AM
"I reckon so" (clint eastwood)--I'll never leave these Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 04/23/2021 09:14:14 AM
So true. That has been their way. But Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 04/23/2021 05:52:35 AM
first time i've ever said this in some Paysign Inc. (PAYS) 04/22/2021 06:49:12 AM

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