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Posts by twitchey01BoardDate/Time
Great pics Alexindef. Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/06/2008 08:07:48 AM
I'm hoping it's just shorting. I thought by Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/03/2008 08:12:54 PM
Thank you for the reply. Been here over Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/03/2008 05:51:30 PM
DTL, Chase, Hellzhub, what are the longs, thoughts Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/03/2008 05:08:19 PM
Yea that would be great, it would be Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/03/2008 12:25:37 PM
What does L2 look like, how many on bid Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/03/2008 09:47:09 AM
Afternoon pull back only, should continue after lunch. Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/02/2008 12:32:12 PM
We can as long as we are being Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/02/2008 10:51:43 AM
Hello Cap, good to have you aboard. Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/02/2008 10:33:37 AM
No one selling here, need them to up Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/02/2008 10:24:51 AM
Sugar Free, low initial costs and no new Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/02/2008 08:45:50 AM
I concur, good to have you back, I'm Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/01/2008 03:40:52 PM
Added a little today, looking good. Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 10/01/2008 12:15:26 PM
Nice find, distribution seems to be ramping up. Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/30/2008 11:08:38 PM
Glad you decided to stay around, and I Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/30/2008 05:11:36 PM
Chart looking to brake soon. IMO JNS Holding Corp (JNSH) 09/30/2008 04:58:46 PM
Nice to see you still here DTL. Need Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/30/2008 02:13:31 PM
Thank You very much for the welcome, and Top Gun Trading 09/29/2008 08:22:08 AM
Thank You, Top Gun Trading 09/26/2008 09:04:20 AM
Looking at HKBV for a bounce over the Top Gun Trading 09/24/2008 12:49:25 PM
Same to you my friend, GL. Top Gun Trading 09/22/2008 08:10:42 AM
I have to clear up funds today, probably Top Gun Trading 09/22/2008 07:45:20 AM
eAutoclaims, Inc. eAutoclaims Inc. (EACC) 09/21/2008 08:52:07 AM
I appreciate the posts from both of you, Top Gun Trading 09/21/2008 08:11:36 AM
Thank You very much for the information. I Top Gun Trading 09/21/2008 07:40:53 AM
That would make things much easier, right now Top Gun Trading 09/20/2008 02:15:24 PM
Hey Titan, if I recall you use Zecco Top Gun Trading 09/20/2008 09:11:36 AM
Seems like good accumulation happening, could see .06 JNS Holding Corp (JNSH) 09/19/2008 09:09:20 AM
I wonder if they are going to uphold Top Gun Trading 09/17/2008 10:31:35 AM
EACC trending nicely. RSI about to go into Top Gun Trading 09/16/2008 11:47:30 PM
News UOMO Media Announces Record First Quarter Results UOMO Media Inc. (UOMO) 09/16/2008 08:45:12 PM
Here is the link I used to find NeoMedia Technologies, Inc (NEOM) 09/16/2008 08:24:34 PM
Not sure, don't check that site regularly, so Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/16/2008 05:07:47 PM
Hat Trick Beverage Inc. $ Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/16/2008 04:35:13 PM
NeoMedia Technologies Inc $ NeoMedia Technologies, Inc (NEOM) 09/16/2008 04:33:56 PM
Thanks for the PM, I'm in NEOM for Top Gun Trading 09/14/2008 09:01:33 AM
Knock my head against a rock enough times Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/13/2008 04:49:04 PM
IMO we will. I expect the gap to Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/13/2008 11:20:44 AM
IBOX is all Chase, from what I can tell. Hat Trick Beverage (HKBV) 09/13/2008 10:16:45 AM
Thank You. Top Gun Trading 09/11/2008 04:26:46 PM