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Posts by KILLAZILLABoardDate/Time
Get them tanks locked and loaded. We're gonna Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc (MNMD) 09/16/2021 05:58:16 PM
YEAH, TO DA MOON !!! $$$ Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/16/2021 04:27:38 PM
Looks like there's something brewing. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/house-cou Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (CURLF) 09/15/2021 08:38:06 PM
LOOKING GOOD...https://www.marijuanamoment.net/house-could-vote-on-psychedelics- Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc (MNMD) 09/15/2021 08:37:23 PM
You been hitting that glass dick too hard, Minerco Inc. (MINE) 09/15/2021 10:07:22 AM
ZERO VOLUME? Eyecity.com (ICTY) 09/15/2021 10:01:52 AM
NO NEWS=NO BUYERS... Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/15/2021 09:43:05 AM
He's dumping those options he gave himself. Most Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/14/2021 09:44:43 AM
LOL you know it's being diluted when CEO STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK 09/13/2021 10:25:52 AM
Not looking very good. Looks like NO NEWS=NO BUYERS... Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/13/2021 10:06:14 AM
Quiet period is over. Shareholders deserve news. NO Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/12/2021 09:00:11 PM
50% DROP in 3 days isn't good enough evidence? Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 06:48:14 PM
Doctor told me I was 100%. Genius level Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 06:44:46 PM
5M more of something sold off today for Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 04:07:04 PM
Mostly bots moving this ticker. C.E.O. recently said Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (CURLF) 09/10/2021 01:02:16 PM
Not sure they were or weren't notes. But, Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 12:58:48 PM
I'm calling him the Gomer Pyle of pot. Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 11:49:18 AM
Back up the truck. 2 year refi at Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (CURLF) 09/10/2021 11:27:39 AM
That was almost 6 months ago Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 10:59:14 AM
10 years from now you'll still be asking Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 10:37:43 AM
NEVER Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/10/2021 09:58:25 AM
Look at the chart. Dilution stopped the same Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 09/09/2021 11:54:19 PM
Diluting and diluted ARE 2 totally different sense Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 09/09/2021 11:47:40 PM
https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/WDLF/security Usually unrestricted shares have to increase. Not ha Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 09/09/2021 11:34:57 PM
WDLF isn't diluting. But, yeah most all alt Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 09/09/2021 10:44:50 PM
VWAP 6.2m avg. .0181 today... Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 04:04:55 PM
I'll relax after I cash out some .10's...Mean Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 03:46:09 PM
Even worse... Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 09/09/2021 03:01:43 PM
CEO diluting combine with MM attack(insider). Probably LB Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 02:33:23 PM
Guess getting current wasn't good enough to push Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 02:31:15 PM
All the podcasts in the world won't add Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 09/09/2021 02:22:35 PM
When otc markets update the share structure we'll see. Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 10:54:21 AM
The BIG seller is the ahole in charge. Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 10:43:15 AM
Better take his thumb out his butt and Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 10:06:41 AM
Monopoly $ Minerco Inc. (MINE) 09/09/2021 09:49:56 AM
It was talked about last week. You must Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/09/2021 02:37:12 AM
You CAN'T be serious Minerco Inc. (MINE) 09/08/2021 06:51:14 PM
If everyone took down their sell orders won't Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/08/2021 04:35:01 PM
Yep. Someone playing games Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/08/2021 04:30:42 PM
I'm talking about his personal options. NOT authorized shares Indoor Harvest Corp (INQD) 09/08/2021 03:55:35 PM

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