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Posts by Can'tSparTheGhostBoardDate/Time
Absolutely...I was thinking along the same line of thought...Cheers! DarkPulse, Inc. (DPLS) 01/15/2021 12:49:44 PM
We've Got a LIVE WIRE HERE!!!...Buckle UP!!! DarkPulse, Inc. (DPLS) 01/15/2021 12:19:13 PM
WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeDoggie!!!! Action about to START! DarkPulse, Inc. (DPLS) 01/15/2021 12:10:39 PM
Hehehe...That was Nice! Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/15/2021 11:51:30 AM
Very Nice to hear you say so... DarkPulse, Inc. (DPLS) 01/15/2021 11:25:35 AM
Barchart opinion is going UP!... XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/15/2021 11:08:47 AM
So am I...I'm not afraid of the Big XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/15/2021 10:55:26 AM
Absolutely...and they gave us enough time to prepare, Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/15/2021 10:00:45 AM
How SWEEEEEEEET it IS!!! Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/15/2021 09:57:27 AM
No, I didn't hear anything...just a gut feeling, Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/15/2021 08:52:08 AM
Thank you, Dadof3...That all sounds Great to me Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/15/2021 08:39:15 AM
Bought some more today in the 5's...couldn't resist...and Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/14/2021 08:09:07 PM
Indeed...Nothing to do now but sit around & Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/14/2021 07:45:35 PM
Indeed it Does!...hehehe...they finally gave themselves away! XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/14/2021 07:26:30 PM
Roger that!...They will not get 1 share out XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/14/2021 07:20:32 PM
TDA Ask is $100.00 ATM...I know it will eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/14/2021 06:29:19 PM
https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/EWLL/opinion eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/14/2021 06:22:19 PM
KAAABBBOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!! GO $MJLB! Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/14/2021 01:28:53 PM
Absolutely!!! Hooray for $MJLB! Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/14/2021 09:54:27 AM
Indeed, doog, buddy! - I'm going to see Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/14/2021 09:50:22 AM
Elevator - GOING UP!!! Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/14/2021 09:42:57 AM
Here we go EVERYBODY, and Remember -T53 Has SPOKEN! DarkPulse, Inc. (DPLS) 01/14/2021 09:32:46 AM
Well, that would be nice to pick up XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/14/2021 09:23:44 AM
Agreed! GO $VRU$ Verus International Inc. (VRUSD) 01/14/2021 09:17:01 AM
Changed again...wish they would make up their minds... XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/14/2021 08:46:27 AM
TDA - Bid is 12, Ask is 13 XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/14/2021 08:36:18 AM
I Nominate you President of our GMGI Board...Cheers!!! Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/13/2021 09:21:42 PM
Absolutely! Aphria Inc. (APHA) 01/13/2021 08:35:06 PM
Saw that...how ridiculous, to think they can shake XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/13/2021 07:57:27 PM
WOW!!! Hahahaha...8) DarkPulse, Inc. (DPLS) 01/13/2021 07:22:44 PM
Thank you for that input... Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/13/2021 02:28:13 PM
Added More even...hehehe 8) Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/13/2021 11:43:54 AM
I Absolutely Agree...noticed that myself...Time to BUY- BUY- BUY!!! Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/13/2021 11:31:12 AM
Added more while cheap! Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/13/2021 11:02:41 AM
Hahahahahahahaha!!! - In your dreams 8) XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/12/2021 04:32:40 PM
Indeed -it feels like a lifetime 8) Right On Brands Inc. (RTON) 01/12/2021 03:35:20 PM
Yep -it's starting to look Fruitful...About Time! Right On Brands Inc. (RTON) 01/12/2021 03:20:21 PM
I Am!!! WeeeeeeDoggie!!! XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/12/2021 01:36:22 PM
Agree! Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI) 01/12/2021 01:01:12 PM
Thank you, VST7...Will do! Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB) 01/12/2021 11:29:42 AM

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