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MUST WATCH------> interview with Mr. Lloyd by Peter Perri on twitter retstream.  past link into address bar...
CarbonMeta Research and University of Oxford Confirm that EarthCrete Cementless Concrete is Carbon-Negative

Wed, July 13, 2022

Early Tests Confirm EarthCrete captures up to 10% CO2 by weight during production

OXFORD, UK and WOODINVILLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2022 / CarbonMeta Research Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CarbonMeta Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK:COWI), announced today that preliminary lab tests performed at University of Oxford confirmed that EarthCrete™ Cementless Concrete is carbon-negative and captures up to 10% CO2 by weight during production.

"These preliminary tests confirm that CarbonMeta can deliver carbon-negative building materials products using industrial waste streams that captures atmospheric CO2, whilst reducing the planet's overall carbon footprint" said Mohammed Khalil, Managing Director of CarbonMeta Research. "This is a first-of-its-kind result, and we are eager to use this breakthrough technology to spearhead our global efforts."

A single project using 500 cubic meters (or 1,200 metric tonnes) of EarthCrete concrete mixed with water can absorb up to 132 atmospheric metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to 66 diesel vehicles each being driven 12,000 kilometres each year.

CarbonMeta Technologies received a $750,000 purchase order for the delivery of EarthCrete Cementless Concrete for use in commercial and residential solar panel projects in the United States and is reviewing potential sales orders for the next 12 months that could total over $2 million (1,6 million GBP).

According to the International Environment Agency, global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose by 6 percent last year to 36.3 billion tonnes. Concrete production in particular contributes to 8 percent of global carbon emissions[ii], showing a greater need for carbon-negative solutions.

This development follows CarbonMeta Technologies' recent ‘plastic waste to hydrogen' trial launch in partnership with Oxford University academics, commercialising a process to turn plastic waste into clean hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon nanomaterials.

"The world is currently bouncing back from the shocks of the last few years, and we are seeing concerted efforts to seek out ways to address our climate crisis. Carbon emissions are not a scourge we can afford to sit back and relax about when finding solutions," said Lloyd Spencer, President and CEO of CarbonMeta Technologies. "We are confident that our positive trials of EarthCrete with Oxford University present opportunities for the energy and built environment to offset its carbon emissions."

               Same post same reply...

Once again please refer to a previous response to your opinions from CarbonMeta.

While we respect 1ManBand's right to his opinion, CarbonMeta Technologies (COWI) is NOT "complete BS and part of the pump and dump."

Regard "toxic death spiral lenders", the company extinguished $5.1M of convertible debt through its July 19, 2021 agreement with YA Global - as disclosed in the company's recently filed REG-A filing. Moreover, the company is in discussions with other legacy convertible note holders, and will disclose further debt settlement agreements as they are executed.

The company does not disagree with 1ManBand's observation that the company incurred court judgements and tax liens in CY-2016 - however - the company has been addressing these liabilities one-by-one over the past 5 years.

Regarding 1ManBand's "worthless shell" criticism, COWI does have a Shell status on OTC Markets - however - CarbonMeta Technologies is in the process of establishing subsidiary operations, which will address that issue.

Finally, we agree that COWI is not a simple "hydrogen play". Instead, COWI is an Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG investment. To that point, CarbonMeta Research plans to build its business using patents developed by University of Oxford for extracting high value carbon products and hydrogen from plastics - patents that CarbonMeta Technologies licensed exclusively for use in the United States and Europe.

Respectfully Submitted,

Investor Relations
CarbonMeta Technologies, Inc. (COWI)

To the contrary, CarbonMeta Technologies (COWI) already settled variable rate convertible note debts with RBB Capital and Yorkville Advisors in 2021, and will continue to reach settlements with legacy convertible note holders in order to prevent the "toxic death spiral" problems that the company experienced in years past.

Should investors wish to learn more, please send an email to or call (844) 698-3777, option 3.

CarbonMeta Technologies Investor Relations

First, Mr. Spencer understands your perspective about issuing shares, but 3 important factors must be considered.

First, 2.5 billion shares were used wisely to extinguish $5M of convertible debt with a hedge fund that had been crippling the company since 2006. That liability is gone, and shareholders are already seeing the benefit ... albeit not as much as we would like, but we believe that will change.

Second, additional shares were issued via the Reg-A to acquire capital equipment, acquire intellectual property from Oxford University, and to fund sales and operations which has already helped the company pursue and win sales opportunities.

Finally, as sales revenues increase, the need to raise investment capital decreases, and equity financing needs will diminish - ultimately benefitting shareholders.

Should anyone have any questions of the Company or of Mr. Spencer, please do not hesitate to send an email to

CarbonMeta Investor Relations
(844) 698-3777

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COWI is rich and solvent. It is a RobH1312 09/19/2022 12:52:20 PM
RE: COWI S-1/A filed on September 16, 2022 carbonmeta 09/19/2022 11:06:08 AM
COWI is flat broke and insolvent. It is 1manband 09/18/2022 04:11:09 PM
Go. Cowi. Worth Millions Future is bright. TOM611 09/18/2022 12:20:48 PM
The entire company isn't worth dollars. 1manband 09/17/2022 10:28:22 PM
That’s right. Chaidoul68 09/17/2022 10:09:14 PM
Holding till dollars Minitruckin 09/17/2022 08:36:03 PM
COWI is no longer a 'SHELL' company. 1manband 09/17/2022 06:23:15 PM
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