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Major weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevilllllllle....where you at?? chat missi eWorld Companies, Inc. 08/31/2009 11:52:07 AM
Someone shoot me please for selling VG yesterday! $We_Beat_Wallstreet 08/25/2009 06:53:24 PM
Wow, have ppl really gotten shares and are Petro America Corp. (fka PTRZ) 08/20/2009 07:14:38 PM
Hmmm...just curious how you shorted shares with your Petro America Corp. (fka PTRZ) 08/15/2009 08:02:20 PM
I have no need to call the TA, Petro America Corp. (fka PTRZ) 08/05/2009 07:16:26 PM
I sold my shares and they settled. Petro America Corp. (fka PTRZ) 08/05/2009 01:59:46 PM
I'mmmmmm back....I see you guys have been doing $We_Beat_Wallstreet 07/22/2009 03:46:02 PM
MDXO alllllllllll aboard!! $We_Beat_Wallstreet 07/22/2009 03:39:11 PM
Let the pump begin! I'm more then Petro America Corp. (fka PTRZ) 07/22/2009 02:49:57 PM
07/22/09 203M2156 Sell 200 Shares PTRZ at Petro America Corp. (fka PTRZ) 07/22/2009 02:18:42 PM
BoA gave me shares, I have been dumping Petro America Corp. (fka PTRZ) 07/22/2009 11:33:27 AM
Anyone know where I can get a good $We_Beat_Wallstreet 07/07/2009 10:42:46 AM
Alive and well bud, thanks for asking! Sigma Global Corp. 10/17/2008 04:26:53 PM
I heard he was abducted by Brian Conrad. Sigma Global Corp. 10/17/2008 04:21:48 PM
Back for some football $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/20/2008 11:51:46 AM
Checking in from Jamaica Mon! SGGC takin Sigma Global Corp. 01/16/2008 11:12:35 AM
Hello from Jamaica Dice Rollers! Laptop broke, $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/16/2008 11:11:01 AM
So many good things listed in that PR Sigma Global Corp. 01/07/2008 10:10:39 AM
Boooooooooooooom!! Great PR from SGGC! $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/07/2008 10:07:28 AM
News out SGGC! Chart Patterns and Trends 01/07/2008 10:06:06 AM
SGGC NEWS!!! BB's Stock Haven 01/07/2008 10:05:11 AM
Very good news! Sigma Global Corp. 01/07/2008 10:03:28 AM
Morning folks ready for some positive action today! Sigma Global Corp. 01/07/2008 09:31:44 AM
I use alphatrade $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/06/2008 04:17:12 PM
LOL got me too, knowing it was a The Golden Lounge 01/06/2008 02:12:48 PM
Guess not! LOL $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/05/2008 11:37:18 PM
Great game, lets see if Big Ben can $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/05/2008 11:35:14 PM
Unreal $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/05/2008 11:14:26 PM
Well was hoping Skins would be there but $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/05/2008 11:01:18 PM
Jags falling apart, looked like they were gonna $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/05/2008 10:59:24 PM
Why thank you! LOL Sigma Global Corp. 01/05/2008 10:58:40 PM
I think this is one of those stocks UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. (fka UFFCQ) 01/05/2008 10:57:58 PM
We sure did, I thought it was ours Hail To the Football Season!! 01/05/2008 10:55:47 PM
Let me sum that up for you.... Sigma Global Corp. 01/05/2008 10:54:18 PM
Bwhahahhahaha $We_Beat_Wallstreet 01/05/2008 09:35:14 AM
Amazing pick up at 013 today and oh Sigma Global Corp. 01/04/2008 11:23:09 PM
LOL yes that too, I consider us the Sigma Global Corp. 01/04/2008 11:21:29 PM
The first pull back from a big move Sigma Global Corp. 01/04/2008 11:15:19 PM
At this point its still a speculative play Sigma Global Corp. 01/04/2008 11:12:50 PM
OT: Yep played her as well and Sigma Global Corp. 01/04/2008 11:11:50 PM