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Posts by waterchaserBoardDate/Time
Yep, ADHC is an easy way to lose money. American Diversified Holdings, Inc. (ADHC) 01/15/2021 07:47:48 PM
OTC stinky stinky pinkies don’t trade pre-market.... unsettled VNUE Inc. (VNUE) 01/15/2021 09:12:31 AM
Insiders took advantage of the hype and dumped Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. (TPAC) 01/15/2021 09:07:46 AM
EWLL = $.0004 = WORTHLESS. eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/14/2021 05:33:52 PM
EWLL doesn’t own PHZIO. eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/14/2021 04:19:08 PM
Savvy traders understand that market makers are not VGTel, Inc. (VGTL) 01/14/2021 02:49:16 PM
Yes, something is in the air... VGTL stinks. VGTel, Inc. (VGTL) 01/14/2021 10:46:02 AM
Ah, Twitter! The no holds barred, no paid Tesoro Enterprises, Inc (TSNP) 01/13/2021 10:17:25 PM
Scam rag promo site.... VGTel, Inc. (VGTL) 01/13/2021 10:14:28 PM
Front loaded group pump and dumps are all US Energy Initiatives Corp (USEI) 01/13/2021 09:27:37 PM
“algorithms” cannot save EWLL. eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 09:17:09 PM
Great! $.0001 and no bid here we come. eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 09:08:10 PM
What is .0004? One ten-thousandth of a penny? eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 09:03:30 PM
Check the pps and you will know EWLL eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 08:57:10 PM
EWLL doesn’t own PHZIO... check the stock price eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 08:54:59 PM
Um, TSLA doesn’t sell for $.12 a share All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (ATMH) 01/13/2021 08:52:16 PM
Just an FYI.... eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 08:50:23 PM
Um, no. But thanks. All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (ATMH) 01/13/2021 08:40:11 PM
I lost track, did the heavily promoted MOASS All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (ATMH) 01/13/2021 08:35:16 PM
Ah, so PPS increase nullifies the fact that All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (ATMH) 01/13/2021 08:06:58 PM
EWLL doesn’t own PHZIO. eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 08:05:34 PM
That ain’t happening in this millennium. eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/13/2021 07:54:41 PM
Let me know when that happens. I’ll check All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (ATMH) 01/13/2021 07:50:31 PM
Looks like FRCN reality has set in. The Firemans Contractors, Inc. (FRCN) 01/13/2021 07:02:36 PM
Is this scam still trading? CarSmartt Inc. (CRSM) 01/13/2021 06:57:37 PM
Looks like the recent CFGX pump has died Capital Financial Global, Inc. (CFGX) 01/13/2021 06:56:42 PM
Traders are “patiently waiting” for nothing to come Allied Security Innovations, Inc. (ADSV) 01/13/2021 06:52:54 PM
Thanks, I was just responding to this quote. VNUE Inc. (VNUE) 01/13/2021 06:29:38 PM
I believe that BS as much as I All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (ATMH) 01/13/2021 06:06:19 PM
Large financial institutions don’t play in this scam VNUE Inc. (VNUE) 01/13/2021 05:37:26 PM
Clearly, nobody wants shares of this pig. All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (ATMH) 01/13/2021 03:45:29 PM
TPAC = GRAY SHEETS = REVOCATION NEXT. Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. (TPAC) 01/13/2021 03:42:32 PM
SIPC has had “products getting ready to hit SIPP Industries (SIPC) 01/13/2021 01:11:19 PM
Consolidating always means selling is rampant, yes? VNUE Inc. (VNUE) 01/13/2021 12:47:25 PM
Pump and dump scam. Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. (TPAC) 01/13/2021 12:46:02 PM
SIPC PPS was $.08 in late December 2017,when SIPP Industries (SIPC) 01/13/2021 12:36:01 PM
Today is the last day SPRV stays above $.04. Supurva Healthcare Group Inc. (SPRV) 01/13/2021 09:50:23 AM
We’re you here when her son was going PPJ Healthcare Enterprises, Inc. (PPJE) 01/13/2021 09:47:51 AM
I wish I had a nickel for every SIPP Industries (SIPC) 01/12/2021 08:44:48 PM
Unfortunately, after the scam pump and dump in eWellness Healthcare Corp. (EWLL) 01/12/2021 08:30:47 PM

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