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One O'Clock Drop   
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$CDIX MERGER NEWS IMMINENT. A GROUP Sizzling Stock Picks 03/21/2018 01:18:32 AM
I can see the group thing happening for Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/20/2018 09:03:24 PM
Well... no sugar coating today. That sucked. Hopefully Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/20/2018 04:24:23 PM
Maybe we’ll get a good ole’ fashioned One Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/20/2018 12:09:59 PM
Thank you for your well reasoned and fact Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/20/2018 11:30:02 AM
Come on. Let’s see the goods tomorrow at Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/20/2018 12:27:08 AM Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 03/19/2018 11:00:11 PM
Yep. It’s no brainer time. The base is Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/19/2018 10:52:50 PM
She is gonna blow people. 8K and boom Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/19/2018 10:23:56 PM
This looks like a great stock..... to have Century Petroleum Corp (CYPE) 03/19/2018 08:36:21 PM
The last few days of action tells me Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/19/2018 07:59:21 PM
Tomorrow would be a prime time to get Cardiff Lexington Corp. (CDIX) 03/19/2018 06:39:46 PM
Moving back up. No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/19/2018 12:23:17 PM
That is one hell of a word there. No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/19/2018 11:03:28 AM
I agree. This looks to be a solid No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/19/2018 11:01:21 AM
It’s gonna be a dip and rip No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/19/2018 09:45:15 AM
So what is happening here? Reverse merger? Century Petroleum Corp (CYPE) 03/19/2018 02:43:29 AM
You guys just went current. Century Petroleum Corp (CYPE) 03/19/2018 02:40:11 AM
Running a business isn’t a short term exercise. MC Endeavors (MSMY) 03/19/2018 02:33:34 AM
Oh... can I?!? Thank you so much!! MC Endeavors (MSMY) 03/18/2018 11:48:51 PM
Ok... funding is locked down. So they aren’t MC Endeavors (MSMY) 03/18/2018 11:08:05 PM
Lol. Oh yeah. It’s so rare I forgot. MC Endeavors (MSMY) 03/18/2018 03:08:14 AM
That doesn’t change the fact that they are MC Endeavors (MSMY) 03/18/2018 01:06:59 AM
Has anyone gotten any assurances that there will MC Endeavors (MSMY) 03/17/2018 11:24:03 PM
It’s a 4$ threshold to get onto the MC Endeavors (MSMY) 03/17/2018 10:59:33 PM
$NBDR REVERSE MERGER PR LINK Reverse Mergers 03/17/2018 10:42:11 PM
$NBDR REVERSE MERGER PR LINK BB's Stock Haven 03/17/2018 10:20:40 PM
$NBDR REVERSE MERGER PR LINK $Pistol Pete$, $Mick$ & Friends Stock Picks /news, DD and charts 03/17/2018 10:19:05 PM
$NBDR REVERSE MERGER PR LINK Sizzling Stock Picks 03/17/2018 10:17:44 PM
This is gonna be a whirl wind of No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/17/2018 06:06:07 PM
ThiS just came out in a tweet. More info No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/17/2018 02:37:28 PM
True story right there. No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/17/2018 02:34:03 AM
SHARE STRUCTURE AS OF 3/15/18 No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/16/2018 11:06:19 PM
I beat you. Lol No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/16/2018 10:39:02 PM
ITEMS UPDATED ON OTC WEBSITE No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/16/2018 10:36:16 PM
I’m sure we’ll see filings soon enough. Everything No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/16/2018 10:33:50 PM
They didn’t say it on twitter actually. It’s No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/16/2018 08:10:59 PM
Twitter is lighting up over this. When I No Borders, Inc (NBDR) 03/16/2018 07:37:14 PM