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OTC PINK - GSFI - Share Structure

Outstanding Shares
530,153,815  updated 04/29/2022
Restricted  120,384,402
04/29/2022 Unrestricted 409,769,413
Held at DTC

Pink Current Information
The Company Profile data was verified by the issuer within the previous 6 months.





Business Entity Information:  Wyoming Secretary Of State: GSFI

New Physical Location:

New Company Website:



Eagle Oil Holdings Company Inc. (USOTC: EGOH) Merges with State-Of-The-Art Solar Energy Finance Company, Green Stream Finance Inc. Feb. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE

Green Stream Finance Inc., A Subsidiary of Eagle Oil Holding Inc. (EGOH:OTC), Registers Proprietary Solar Greenhouse Design with Building Departments in Los Angeles and New York Feb. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE

Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (OTC: EGOH) Appoints Banking Heavyweight, Ray Anam, As Officer and Director Feb. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE

Famed Architect Anthony Morali Joins Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) as an Advisor GlobeNewswire | 08/21/2019

Green Stream Holdings Inc (GSFI) Announces Plans To Issue Additional Declarations Of Common Stock Dividends GlobeNewswire | 09/11/2019

Famed Architect Anthony Morali Joins Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) Board of Directors ACCESSWIRE | 09/17/2019

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) Files An Offering Statement On Form 1-A With The Securities And Exchange Commission (“SEC”) To Launch A Regulation A Public Offering GlobeNewswire | 09/30/2019

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) Launches Green Rain Solar to serve as Company face for branding and marketing initiatives GlobeNewswire | 10/18/2019

Green Rain Solar LLC

Division of Green Stream Finance

Green Rain Solar a Divison of Green Stream Finances is currently involved in constructing the first solar greenhouse that will block red and black harming ultra violet rays, only allow green, yellow, and filter blue, to form an ultra violet ray, in Las Vegas using our latest proprietary technology. 

We are pleased to announce the Green Rain Solar LLC taking is taking a leap forward in the technology we have innovated to harvest the energy from the sun most effectively. We expect the benefit to our growers to be is to maximize energy spent on effective plant growth in conjuction with smart water savings. 

Ultimately the benefit is to the consumers in the marketplace who will now be able to source their raw products safely from single source growers with year round capabilities all while keeping the workforce in the US strong and safe for years to come.

New Solar Green House

Proprietary Designed Solar Greenhouse for Rooftops, or stand alone units for Agriculture, etc..

Green Stream Finance and R.E.D by Anthony Morali designed a ready to install solar greenhouse that is built solely out of solar panels. The ability of blocking specific harmful ultraviolet rays and allowing growth promoting ultraviolet rays through makes this solar greenhouse a unique design. The newest batteries on the market are used in order to store the energy captured in order to make this a self sustaining unit.



Green Stream Finance, Inc., a Wyoming-based corporation with satellite offices in Malibu, CA and New York, NY, is focused on exploiting currently unmet markets in the solar energy space, and is currently licensed in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, and Canada. The Company's next-generation solar greenhouses, constructed and managed by Green Rain Solar, LLC, a Nevada-based division of the Company utilize proprietary greenhouse technology and trademarked design developed by world-renowned architect Mr. Antony Morali. Using customized red greenhouse glass and seamless solar panels, this technology significantly increases plant growth by 94 percent. The first-ever construction using this revolutionary solar technology is currently underway in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Company is targeting 50,000 to 100,000 square feet of rooftop space in the near term on which it will install solar panels in New York City where the Company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on community solar energy incentives and exorbitant electricity costs have. Revenues through direct sales to building owners are expected to generate a 20 percent return over 20 years on these community solar projects. In other under-served and growing markets, Green Stream engages customers through simple leasing agreements of solar infrastructure, next-generation batteries, and PPAs (Purchase Power Agreements).  Typically, the Company retains 80% of the customer's savings, which are substantial.

Commitment to both growth of solar power and increasing value for its company shareholders,  Green Stream is looking to forge key partnership with major investment groups, brokers, and private investors in order to capitalize on a variety of unique investment opportunities in the commercial solar energy markets. The Company is dedicated to becoming a major player in this critical space.

Green Stream Finance, Inc. projects a net 8 percent cash on cash invested in leases and an additional average of 5 percent in fees for commercial projects. During the first year, the Company plans to place over $5,000,000 into the financing of Power Purchase Agreements with nonprofit and municipal organizations with a 12% return on investment by the sale of power to many school buildings in large districts in New York City, several of which have already expressed an interest in working with the Company.


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