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My biggest holding too but seriously... To each Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. (ALPP) 05/07/2021 11:56:09 AM
Painful to watch. People actually buying 5 and Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. (ALPP) 05/07/2021 11:00:06 AM
Maybe Monday Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. (ALPP) 05/07/2021 10:50:47 AM
Buy on the dip when people that are Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. (ALPP) 04/15/2021 11:56:48 AM
He had to be lead into talking about HUMBL Inc. (HMBL) 04/15/2021 10:19:34 AM
You have been doing this for 6 years Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/13/2021 08:27:36 AM
Why??? Regen BioPharma Inc. (RGBP) 04/13/2021 08:21:49 AM
I guess someone listened. Hmmm I wonder who Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI) 04/08/2021 10:52:18 AM
I hope someone comes in and slaps CDEL Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSOI) 04/08/2021 10:16:56 AM
When I look back at my early trading 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/08/2021 08:28:15 AM
Oh it can definitely move quickly and will 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/07/2021 04:15:09 PM
Greedy aholes! Yes, I watch level 2 all 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/07/2021 03:55:27 PM
I agree with you 100%. Hedge funds want 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/07/2021 03:42:59 PM
I guess they have smarter investors over there 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/07/2021 03:19:02 PM
It's MCAP they have endless shares and supporting 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/07/2021 01:12:23 PM
Why the lag? 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/07/2021 11:19:49 AM
Well said 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/06/2021 08:59:46 AM
That is why impatient people never get rich 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/06/2021 08:59:05 AM
Wasn't the whole point to find new oil???? 88 Energy Ltd (EEENF) 04/06/2021 08:40:35 AM
Which are all reasons why the stock will Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) 04/05/2021 01:08:52 PM
What are some other Skull & Cross that Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) 04/05/2021 11:42:08 AM
How do they have that kind of cash Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) 04/02/2021 01:32:33 PM
hmmm I don't know about that but what Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) 04/02/2021 01:30:25 PM
Again how is it still trading with the Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) 04/01/2021 04:02:57 PM
How is this even trading with the Skull Sugarmade, Inc. (SGMD) 04/01/2021 03:11:28 PM
Says up 16.58% today Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. (ALPP) 03/25/2021 07:49:29 PM
yep, has been and will always be. Stock HUMBL Inc. (HMBL) 03/25/2021 08:17:02 AM
Or it was him selling. Lol HUMBL Inc. (HMBL) 03/25/2021 07:56:46 AM
Why? Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. (ALPP) 03/24/2021 03:54:02 PM
Future of PRPM now that's funny! Lol Make ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 03/23/2021 09:21:57 AM
Fins look amazing. Lol Let's make some quick ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 03/22/2021 09:01:57 AM
So you're saying I should bet my house Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/10/2021 07:44:28 AM
Filings are long overdue and not even a Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/09/2021 11:02:18 AM
I have done my own homework and nothing Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/09/2021 11:00:51 AM
Why do you think that? What leads you Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/09/2021 10:39:10 AM
So what's the play here then??? Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/08/2021 11:51:18 AM
It was at least nice to see this Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/04/2021 04:27:11 PM
I always believe people that say that when American Green Inc. (ERBB) 03/04/2021 12:55:31 PM
Yes 6 or 7 times. Just picked up Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/03/2021 08:35:43 AM
Here is his office number give him a Arista Financial Corp. (ARST) 03/02/2021 02:01:11 PM

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