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Great work bud! The Lightning Network! $GBTC keep Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 09:13:42 PM
Exactly I’ve been seeing this coming for s Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 09:11:57 PM
Jack is the man! Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 09:08:48 PM
@jack! #CryptoTwitter $TWTR Twitter (TWTR) 03/21/2018 09:07:22 PM
Heads up! I’m signing up for the Shift Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 07:48:04 PM
Yes indeed haha! Ok I’ll check it out (OSTK) 03/21/2018 03:53:37 PM
Spot on Lil Bro! $GBTC iLL be joining Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 03:52:45 PM
Hey Alan! Long Apple Pies and $OSTK! Go Patrick (OSTK) 03/21/2018 02:35:21 PM
Nice, good job! LN $GBTC Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 01:21:20 PM
Did you sell @15.50? $GBTC That let’s get Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 12:17:00 PM
No I watch L2 and the bitcoin price Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 12:15:19 PM
If everyday it moves in ranges today is Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 12:13:27 PM
No, not yet, maybe never if they come Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 11:58:38 AM
Let’s get money! $GBTC :)) Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 11:41:44 AM
$GBTC yessir! Trade away and buy Bitcoin with Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/21/2018 09:52:15 AM
If I see anywhere near 40 again I’m (OSTK) 03/20/2018 10:17:10 PM
You bet buddy! LN! Great work $GBTC Have Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 05:53:46 PM
Tom said buy alt coins in September and Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 05:52:52 PM
Tim is going to be on Fast Money Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 05:27:50 PM
Yessir! $GBTC Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 05:24:17 PM
Good Times! $GBTC Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 05:04:02 PM
Anytime! Keep it up and you will bud! $GBTC Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 03:55:12 PM
Haha yes we are just like a Cruise Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 03:54:31 PM
Good work! You see the field, go get Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 02:48:35 PM
Yep exactly, we are cruising, sometime soon up Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 02:47:01 PM
Yes agreed! Looks like it’s sideways action $GBTC Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/20/2018 10:23:28 AM
Ok got ya good luck trading LN! Go Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 11:59:39 PM
I wish you the best! If you get Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 11:47:52 PM
You’re always welcome! I think things are just Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 11:45:46 PM
Yes me too! Shout out to The Lightning Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 03:25:34 PM
$GBTC you sold @14.50 and bought back @13.50 Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 02:03:45 PM
Haha funny but true good call I saw Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 01:50:35 PM
LoL! Thanks LN yes 10 Bitcoin, 10 Ethereum, Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 01:03:51 PM
Great moves! I did it many times last Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 12:09:00 PM
Congrats! What are you buying are you still Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 11:45:33 AM
Let the fun begin! Trade boys and girls! Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 11:04:31 AM
To Da Moon Alice! $GBTC Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 09:46:32 AM
It’s like candy Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/19/2018 02:04:15 AM
Yes can’t wait! Let’s see what the Market Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/18/2018 11:09:47 PM
Haha, anytime Mam! Enjoy :)) Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 03/18/2018 08:50:40 PM