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Posts by tekheavyBoardDate/Time
Seems to be forming a nice base at Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 01/18/2018 12:01:34 PM
Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/18/2018 09:40:02 AM
Should be able to pick up some trip Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/16/2018 04:36:57 PM
Yes, the update is that there will not Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/12/2018 06:36:32 PM
Not sure what you're looking at but trading Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/12/2018 03:36:53 PM
I see that. Over $360 worth traded today. FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) 01/11/2018 04:53:18 PM
LMAO @ Before they are all gone. FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) 01/10/2018 01:55:58 PM
Does anyone know the date TOPS needs to Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 01/09/2018 07:31:13 PM
Hoping to pick up some trip 9's today. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/08/2018 07:51:33 AM
When will Sears announce that they will start Sears Holdings Cp (SHLD) 01/07/2018 03:55:27 PM
Wow, 48 Mil in buys and 396 Mil Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/05/2018 04:46:29 PM
.0001. J C Penney Corporation, Inc. (JCP) 01/05/2018 04:35:44 PM
Top Ships and Blockchain. It's got a nice Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 01/05/2018 12:04:17 PM
Back to trips this afternoon. Lock in any Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/05/2018 11:38:59 AM
Why? The fact that this stock hasn't moved FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) 01/04/2018 02:08:06 PM
Crap. FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) 01/04/2018 11:23:05 AM
Lol. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 01/04/2018 10:18:52 AM
Halted pending news. Sprint Corp. (S) 01/04/2018 08:55:41 AM
Not a chance. Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 01/04/2018 08:18:38 AM
NEWS! Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 01/03/2018 04:39:36 PM
He sold a little over 30,000 shares today. Riot blockchain (Riot) 12/29/2017 06:46:59 PM
Maybe not. Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 12/29/2017 03:49:37 PM
Not really. Still over 118 million shares on FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) 12/29/2017 03:36:57 PM
That's a split adjusted price you're looking at. Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 12/29/2017 12:41:38 PM
Bitcoin futures looking good. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 12/28/2017 09:59:08 PM
Wow, great analysis. Now tell us why you BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 12/28/2017 09:30:38 PM
Hoping to pick up some trip 8's or Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 12/26/2017 04:26:07 PM
Today was the run. Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 12/22/2017 03:29:34 PM
Did this happen yet? Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 12/22/2017 03:05:26 PM
Another company trying to make money off the Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS) 12/22/2017 12:50:07 PM
This is worrysome. Coinsilium Group (CINGF) 12/22/2017 09:33:54 AM
Looks like back to trips tomorrow. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 12/21/2017 10:35:11 PM
The party's over folks. Last one here, turn Bitcoin (BTCUSD) 12/21/2017 10:23:47 PM
News Out!! Running AH! Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 12/21/2017 04:53:26 PM
All crypto stocks were down today. Coinsilium Group (CINGF) 12/20/2017 06:08:54 PM
TD Ameritrade didn't charge me anything extra to Coinsilium Group (CINGF) 12/20/2017 07:04:12 AM
Up nearly 50% in Europe already today. Coinsilium Group (CINGF) 12/19/2017 07:44:48 AM
CINGF Undiscovered Bitcoin stock ready to explode. BITCOIN / BLOCKCHAIN/ CRYPTO CURRENCIES 12/18/2017 10:58:05 PM
Yeah, we can only hope. I took a Coinsilium Group (CINGF) 12/18/2017 01:40:15 PM
Not looking too promising. Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 12/15/2017 03:41:36 PM