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What I noted is that: Else Nutrition 09/20/2021 02:28:14 PM
I wonder, if they effectvely work toward getting Else Nutrition 09/20/2021 12:13:50 PM
Just listenned to the presentation of the 16th Else Nutrition 09/20/2021 11:20:55 AM
I do not like either to be insulted Ethema Health Corp. 09/17/2021 03:59:57 PM
Our CEO is either stupid or a crook. Ethema Health Corp. 09/17/2021 12:29:11 PM
Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 09/17/2021 12:27:22 PM
The last time the pps was that low Else Nutrition 09/17/2021 11:52:50 AM
Good morning, just came on board and hope Komo Plant Based Foods Inc. 09/17/2021 10:17:59 AM
I did on the 15th and effectively got Else Nutrition 09/17/2021 09:34:51 AM
One stupid PR ad the pps dropped by 10%. Else Nutrition 09/16/2021 03:32:18 PM
Up now you went back a couple of Ethema Health Corp. 09/16/2021 01:42:04 PM
Sh.t you are borring with your continuous repetition Ethema Health Corp. 09/16/2021 10:28:49 AM
If so, the man is just stupid. I Ethema Health Corp. 09/15/2021 09:40:29 AM
Assuming Leon is not an outright stupid man Ethema Health Corp. 09/15/2021 09:34:21 AM
Else Nutrition Launches Major Education & Marketing Programs Else Nutrition 09/15/2021 09:25:34 AM
Thank you for yhe info. I just did Else Nutrition 09/15/2021 09:21:25 AM
This is no place to discuss the ridiculous Else Nutrition 09/15/2021 08:55:56 AM
Not an excuse. Ethema Health Corp. 09/14/2021 04:31:27 PM
I agree with your plan and intend to Ethema Health Corp. 09/14/2021 04:30:49 PM
The CEO had nothing to say for many Ethema Health Corp. 09/14/2021 04:28:30 PM
Ridiculous excuse. Else Nutrition 09/14/2021 04:24:12 PM
'Why is there zero evidence that Helios has RushNet Inc. 09/14/2021 01:01:55 PM
What kind of man could Leon be even Ethema Health Corp. 09/14/2021 09:31:17 AM
OUPS wrong board Ethema Health Corp. 09/14/2021 09:18:45 AM
That they announce an important undefined event more Else Nutrition 09/14/2021 09:15:00 AM
ELSE Announces Venue Change to the Special Investors Else Nutrition 09/14/2021 09:03:00 AM
Now the reverse split. LOL! WTF would you Ethema Health Corp. 09/13/2021 10:44:01 AM
'10 billion per the authorized share count. Why Ethema Health Corp. 09/13/2021 10:37:17 AM
'blood bath with the disappointment' LOL! You really Ethema Health Corp. 09/13/2021 10:31:59 AM
Since they invited institutions and they know institutions Else Nutrition 09/13/2021 10:17:47 AM
Personally, I will not 'keep waiting and waiting RushNet Inc. 09/13/2021 10:05:30 AM
The most interesting 2 lines of that PR are: Else Nutrition 09/13/2021 09:17:15 AM
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Else Nutrition 09/13/2021 09:16:13 AM
I wonder ??? Is Leon smart and silent Ethema Health Corp. 09/13/2021 09:08:02 AM
After I sold my 150,000 shares at an Isracann Bioscience Inc. 09/13/2021 08:57:18 AM
It says that it wouldn't take much growth Ethema Health Corp. 09/10/2021 11:38:18 AM
'makes the market cap between $30M-60M' Ethema Health Corp. 09/09/2021 09:39:11 AM
Not a trader, after doing some DD I RushNet Inc. 09/08/2021 04:19:05 PM
You really have no life ... What a pitty! Ethema Health Corp. 09/08/2021 03:01:21 PM
I do not know why people worry so Ethema Health Corp. 09/08/2021 12:13:47 PM