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.01 next? Buildablock Corp. 09/29/2016 04:23:55 PM
Bottom play on watch, OS maxed out and Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. 08/20/2015 02:08:51 PM
Easy long here for any entry under .015, Millennium Healthcare, Inc (fka MHCC) 07/14/2015 07:09:44 PM
if GOOGL can hold support and push up Option Millionaires 03/03/2015 05:52:59 PM
Link back to post from june, monthly chart. 1pm Industries Inc. 02/02/2015 01:40:22 PM
Prints over .018 and we should have a run 1pm Industries Inc. 02/02/2015 10:10:08 AM
Need to see volume over .01c and prints 1pm Industries Inc. 01/30/2015 06:05:53 PM
Strong bidders need to maintain trend reversal at Vapor Group Inc. 01/07/2015 11:39:46 AM
Promo coming? Looks like some front loading today Coin Citadel 01/06/2015 09:09:01 PM
Good to see PR addresses debt conversions ending Vapor Group Inc. 01/05/2015 04:54:34 PM
Hold over .004 and it should be good Vapor Group Inc. 01/05/2015 09:51:22 AM
This looks ready now, market has been defending Vapor Group Inc. 01/03/2015 09:09:15 PM
If the market is unable to absorb the Vapor Group Inc. 12/30/2014 05:43:37 PM
On watch for B/O, starting to show bottom Vapor Group Inc. 12/27/2014 04:58:51 PM
Looking for a bottom, dilution is not done, Vapor Group Inc. 12/22/2014 09:28:44 PM
Looking for a bottom on this, needs to Vapor Group Inc. 12/20/2014 11:27:34 AM
This dilution is pretty intense. On watch for Electronic Cigarettes International Group Ltd. 12/05/2014 04:01:33 AM
Scouting on a bottom for this once dilution Vapor Group Inc. 11/28/2014 08:04:17 PM
Some volume today, needs to be over .01c 1pm Industries Inc. 11/26/2014 09:43:17 PM
Looks like some big $ is betting on Option Millionaires 11/19/2014 08:41:13 PM
Good volume here, strong off bottom Agritek Holdings Inc. 10/21/2014 10:05:48 AM
QIHU big board pincher "House of Pinchers" 10/21/2014 09:10:07 AM
If strong bids holds this up it will Notis Global Inc. (fka NGBL) 10/20/2014 03:12:13 PM
Nice move in this today, congrats to those Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. 10/06/2014 02:11:56 PM
no bidders Vapor Group Inc. 10/01/2014 09:35:40 AM
.025 needs to hold if MM walks it Vapor Group Inc. 10/01/2014 09:28:40 AM
sellers into gap gave up early, not swing Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/30/2014 10:54:34 AM
Strong bidders took this right back up, all Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/30/2014 10:40:45 AM
weak hands flushed out, time to head up Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/30/2014 10:29:55 AM
Yep, and when I've made my money as Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. 09/29/2014 05:49:21 PM
Avged up some more at .34c, looking great Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/29/2014 04:10:51 PM
Looking strong into the close, if we can Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/29/2014 03:18:58 PM
With Holder gone and possible shift in the Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/29/2014 02:49:42 PM
big MM print 2.8 million shares, looks like Vapor Group Inc. 09/29/2014 01:25:43 PM
ATTBF looks very strong off the bottom, as Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. 09/29/2014 01:13:37 PM
MJ sector is starting to have trend reversals, Vapor Group Inc. 09/29/2014 01:04:27 PM
mean reversion applies when a stock has moved Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/29/2014 11:49:22 AM
Looks strong, could see .50c prints on this Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. 09/29/2014 11:01:42 AM
Many good movers in MJ sector last week Unrivaled Brands Inc. 09/29/2014 11:00:44 AM
thanks for the dip, now I will add Vapor Group Inc. 09/29/2014 10:58:57 AM