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I-Man  Working hard to give my family a better life than I was handed.

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8-K out Last Night. Yes Valid J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/23/2020 07:35:09 AM
I did read filings. So did wife. And J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/22/2020 07:01:37 AM
Hey I and many others asking same thing. Foresight Energy LP (FELPQ) 05/22/2020 06:57:37 AM
HD & Lowes both had such earnings BECAUSE Home Depot Inc. (HD) 05/21/2020 07:47:23 AM
Shareholder proxies out this morning as well... ReWalk Robotics Ltd. (RWLK) 05/21/2020 07:37:18 AM
Shareholder meeting tomorrow May 22nd @ 10:00am EST J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/21/2020 06:55:12 AM
Yes Roger, Q1 earnings BEAT by +760 % Oasis Petroleum (OAS) 05/20/2020 08:33:22 AM
Outstanding earnings for quarter and annual I see. Oasis Petroleum (OAS) 05/20/2020 08:30:34 AM
Here folks. This is all I know from J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/20/2020 08:07:27 AM
Right, as some already posted last night here J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/19/2020 06:57:08 AM
seems they got company now. JPC turned not Foresight Energy LP (FELPQ) 05/19/2020 06:49:23 AM
I am there with you as well. J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/18/2020 09:40:00 PM
8-K & 10-Q released Friday. Foresight Energy LP (FELPQ) 05/18/2020 07:17:32 AM
News from FDA this morning. I cannot verify Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/18/2020 07:04:25 AM
Sam I agree 100%. Just like citizens are General Electric (GE) 05/18/2020 06:59:45 AM
Well, a couple big names Fauci was pushing Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2020 09:18:46 AM
JCP did last night but in a special General Electric (GE) 05/16/2020 09:16:43 AM
bar1080, Long time no see! Good to J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/16/2020 08:17:10 AM
??? Out of all this, what I find Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) 05/15/2020 08:32:17 AM
I just love the "imminent BK filing" reports J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/15/2020 08:16:47 AM
Nearly 200 Million volume yesterday ! I NEVER J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/14/2020 07:53:53 AM
The internet is NOT the end all to Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 05/14/2020 07:44:09 AM
lucky here is the SEC 8-K filing for Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/14/2020 07:35:09 AM
CFRA states in one artcile "cutting price target Cleveland Cliffs Inc. (CLF) 05/14/2020 07:32:23 AM
bgrass, well, SEC just sent letter to RWLK Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/13/2020 12:33:06 PM
Well Mike, their stock price sure don't reflect Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/13/2020 12:29:59 PM
PINK, this cannot even get above 1 cent Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM) 05/13/2020 12:28:41 PM
Where's the uplisting??? Hell, RWLK just got SEC Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM) 05/13/2020 12:27:41 PM
Fed Fear and Fauci Fear all over again. United States Steel Corporation (X) 05/13/2020 12:26:23 PM
All of this covid crap has me confused. Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) 05/13/2020 12:18:48 PM
I agree. I hate banks actually, but when Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) 05/13/2020 12:17:00 PM
Seems like there will be a JCP catalog Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLDQ) 05/13/2020 07:22:51 AM
Fuel prices now rising. More vehicles back on Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) 05/13/2020 07:19:42 AM
No, I am not in any bank stocks. Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) 05/13/2020 07:11:55 AM
And to see CDC shows as of Feb Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/13/2020 07:04:26 AM
Good post abracky... Cleveland Cliffs Inc. (CLF) 05/13/2020 06:59:44 AM
I thought earnings was very good, considering all Cleveland Cliffs Inc. (CLF) 05/13/2020 06:58:04 AM
I read 8-K this morning. I do not J C Penney Corporation Inc. (JCPNQ) 05/13/2020 06:51:18 AM
Nice earnings considering the times. And still pays Cleveland Cliffs Inc. (CLF) 05/12/2020 07:53:31 AM