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Yeah..I am confused..what happened to Biel?….I personally use Bioelectronics Corp. (BIEL) 08/12/2021 12:34:51 PM
Is the company product for sale in Korea Bioelectronics Corp. (BIEL) 08/12/2021 12:15:20 PM
Reply to marks case for blesswell…I guess if Endexx (EDXC) 07/29/2021 05:40:21 PM
Yep I agree..may consider buying ,a hundred shares India Globalization Capital Inc. (IGC) 07/27/2021 09:56:21 PM
No bounce today..extra research shows igc had reverse India Globalization Capital Inc. (IGC) 07/26/2021 09:39:59 PM
Is igc a scam…in past 5 years…yeah I India Globalization Capital Inc. (IGC) 07/23/2021 02:42:04 PM
Jj8..a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. India Globalization Capital Inc. (IGC) 07/23/2021 10:02:10 AM
Igc jump in price…real or not.? India Globalization Capital Inc. (IGC) 07/22/2021 10:33:45 PM
Can someone describe edxc Jamaican herb houses/mart..they are Endexx (EDXC) 06/22/2021 06:09:23 PM
sPictures of cannabis/cbd stores in Jamaica the first Endexx (EDXC) 06/22/2021 05:35:29 PM
Jamaica potential..hard to measure …tourism via ship mostly Endexx (EDXC) 06/22/2021 05:04:00 PM
Which is better long term strategy hold hrvsf Harvest Health and Recreation (HRVSF) 06/07/2021 11:50:18 AM
Time about 1 pm…plus another spot about 1 55pm Khiron Life Sciences Corp (KHRNF) 06/02/2021 05:52:06 PM
Wow..thanks Jim… great analysis..so maybe buy range of Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/02/2021 03:35:13 PM
Wow..thanks Jim… great analysis..so maybe buy range of Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/02/2021 03:35:12 PM
Tried to find price of new big stock Byrna Technologies Inc. (BYRN) 06/02/2021 03:24:09 PM
Like the company BUT..with 50,000,000 in new Byrna Technologies Inc. (BYRN) 06/02/2021 02:50:53 PM
Regarding golden cross..any reason why edxc has had Endexx (EDXC) 05/26/2021 04:43:31 PM
Keep in mind that mr Todd has been Endexx (EDXC) 05/25/2021 11:25:51 PM
Endexx Corporation Endexx (EDXC) 05/25/2021 11:19:03 PM
Regarding tywebb post…yep I agree..drug stores will not Endexx (EDXC) 05/25/2021 10:44:27 PM
I suspect 80 % of people don’t go Endexx (EDXC) 05/25/2021 10:38:54 PM
Are there too few shares for institutional buyers.? Byrna Technologies Inc. (BYRN) 05/18/2021 10:28:24 PM
Good advice…any guess as to reverse split…10 to Endexx (EDXC) 05/13/2021 08:39:08 PM
Lots of new products in next few months. Byrna Technologies Inc. (BYRN) 05/13/2021 08:35:44 PM
Questions..why or for what purpose did mr. Todd Endexx (EDXC) 05/13/2021 10:56:12 AM
2questions..1) why is pink confirmed status important Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 05/13/2021 10:44:08 AM
All things come to those who Endexx (EDXC) 04/15/2021 01:09:35 PM
Anyone know the price of $1 million in Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 04/12/2021 10:04:49 AM
Good observation...wheels in motion...by summer maybe stronger share Endexx (EDXC) 04/12/2021 09:53:22 AM
Response to lostnfnd...big difference between 2019 and now Endexx (EDXC) 04/12/2021 09:49:13 AM
Regarding peza77 ..if I may ask...how many shares Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 04/09/2021 10:24:28 AM
Regarding Dave55... any news . Thoughts on how Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 04/09/2021 10:06:23 AM
Regarding.. DJ Khaled...I think his following is Endexx (EDXC) 04/01/2021 09:28:03 PM
Yes..good observation..will this continue forever? Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 03/31/2021 01:39:31 PM
1yman..enough said but the truth still smarts..any ideas Endexx (EDXC) 03/27/2021 03:53:32 PM
Hi. Lost n find..yes I agree..based on last Endexx (EDXC) 03/27/2021 03:41:11 PM
Regarding how others use GlucoDown... tea mix...both hot Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 03/25/2021 08:47:59 PM
Mr.KennyPro..question since you and Mr.Dave55 and couple others Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 03/25/2021 08:34:45 PM
Any reason why mr. Murray does not do Glucose Health Inc. (GLUC) 03/25/2021 09:49:22 AM

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