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UPDATED $LVVV.0129-Cali-MMJ-Pennant BREAKOUT CHART Analysis... BB's Stock Haven 01/22/2018 09:57:02 PM
UPDATED $LVVV - Pennant BREAKOUT CHART Analysis... Livewire Ergogenics (LVVV) 01/22/2018 09:55:57 PM
$IFXY.0021-CRYPTOCURRENCY-My chart analysis shows GREAT ENTRY here for MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 01/21/2018 11:51:13 PM
$LVVV.0105-looking for low priced-CALIFORNIA-MARIJUANA-WOWSERS... MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 01/21/2018 11:50:10 PM
$LVVV.0105-looking for low priced-CALIFORNIA-MARIJUANA-WOWSERS... BB's Stock Haven 01/21/2018 11:49:39 PM
$IFXY.0021-CRYPTOCURRENCY-My chart analysis shows GREAT ENTRY here for BB's Stock Haven 01/21/2018 11:47:29 PM
$IFXY.0021-CRYPTOCURRENCY-My chart analysis shows GREAT ENTRY here for Infrax Systems Inc. (IFXY) 01/21/2018 11:47:05 PM
Yes... all coming soon... thanks for the reminders Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/21/2018 10:43:49 PM
European - Canadian - Australian - Asian - Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/21/2018 09:55:58 AM
Yes, that was 2 years previous sales, way Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/21/2018 09:22:04 AM
Well what do you know, not even 1 Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/21/2018 08:59:06 AM
Past products and sales before the BELLISSIMA line Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/21/2018 08:56:07 AM
Lots of support in the $20 area... we Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (VRX) 01/20/2018 10:27:22 PM
Billion dollar buyout will happen way before 2020... Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/20/2018 10:05:43 PM
You are saying maybe up - maybe down Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (VRX) 01/20/2018 09:49:26 PM
Welcome to the board KBGROUP42. Sounds like Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/20/2018 09:17:54 PM
How about $16.99??? Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/20/2018 10:29:36 AM
Thanks, It's a perfect set-up to breakout upwards Infrax Systems Inc. (IFXY) 01/20/2018 10:18:40 AM
Yes, a minor dip below a line on Infrax Systems Inc. (IFXY) 01/20/2018 10:16:40 AM
False - Binny's in Chicago...... next... Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/20/2018 09:46:18 AM
Actually he's stating that advertising is good and Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/20/2018 09:40:57 AM
$IFXY.0019-CRYPTOCURRENCY-My chart analysis shows GREAT ENTRY here NO BRAINERS 01/20/2018 09:27:33 AM
$IFXY.0019-CRYPTOCURRENCY-My chart analysis shows GREAT ENTRY here MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 01/20/2018 09:24:46 AM
My chart analysis shows GREAT ENTRY here for Infrax Systems Inc. (IFXY) 01/20/2018 09:22:38 AM
Technical Analysis-perfect Pennant-Chart retrace-formation- Livewire Ergogenics (LVVV) 01/20/2018 08:47:03 AM
$LVVV.0105 -Cali.-marijuana-perfect Pennant-Chart retrace-formation- BB's Stock Haven 01/20/2018 08:46:00 AM
$LVVV.0105 - perfect Pennant Chart retrace formation- California Gold Rush Hot Marijuana Stocks 01/20/2018 08:45:15 AM
What is that chart, lol? Livewire Ergogenics (LVVV) 01/20/2018 08:19:03 AM
I'd like another milly at high .003's - Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 01/19/2018 06:21:32 AM
The M/O is for $RSII to get NEWS, PAO Group Inc. (PAOG) 01/19/2018 06:08:55 AM
With just 9 trading days left in the Infrax Systems Inc. (IFXY) 01/19/2018 06:07:41 AM
Well, let Bill say the d-word (dividend), concerning Livewire Ergogenics (LVVV) 01/19/2018 06:01:01 AM
This has been a dilution scam the entire Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 01/18/2018 09:17:01 PM
Incredible that 5 billion shares of $APRU at Livewire Ergogenics (LVVV) 01/18/2018 09:10:18 PM
Agree... anything under .01 is a gift, imo, Livewire Ergogenics (LVVV) 01/18/2018 08:44:21 PM
Yes... me likey! Infrax Systems Inc. (IFXY) 01/17/2018 10:04:19 PM Livewire Ergogenics (LVVV) 01/17/2018 10:03:41 PM
They are all moving... what a great time Infrax Systems Inc. (IFXY) 01/17/2018 09:56:58 PM
(IFXY) Merges with Cryptocurrency Corp - Seriously BB's Stock Haven 01/17/2018 09:54:12 PM
(IFXY) Merges with Cryptocurrency Corp - Seriously $Pistol Pete$, $Mick$ & Friends Stock Picks /news, DD and charts 01/17/2018 09:53:53 PM