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letmehugu  CHATTIN IT UP

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"I haven't had one single thought about you The Jailhouse (JAIL) 09/30/2011 10:40:54 AM
that picture pulled up on a google search The Jailhouse (JAIL) 09/30/2011 09:46:28 AM
oh hear it comes, how in the hell The Jailhouse (JAIL) 09/29/2011 04:01:35 PM
also would like to note ive not spammed. The Jailhouse (JAIL) 09/29/2011 01:27:21 PM
well here we go again. The Jailhouse (JAIL) 09/29/2011 01:21:16 PM
im slowly loading off these cheap prices, and Global Health Voyager, Inc. (GLHV) 09/28/2011 02:48:37 PM
so what do you think is going to Seven Arts Entertainment, Inc. (SAPX) 09/28/2011 02:11:26 PM
hoffmans past says it all. imo he's a Seven Arts Entertainment, Inc. (SAPX) 09/28/2011 11:10:37 AM
we're getting shorted read, and comprehend. Seven Arts Entertainment, Inc. (SAPX) 09/28/2011 10:59:40 AM
QSGI is in a very lucrative area of QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI) 09/27/2011 04:47:05 PM
well thats to be expected. what big corporation QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI) 09/27/2011 09:45:38 AM
my average is .315 Seven Arts Entertainment, Inc. (SAPX) 09/26/2011 10:09:09 PM
now i understand this video may take a MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 09/26/2011 07:38:48 PM
taki will you please do a dubstep techno, MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 09/26/2011 07:28:59 PM
taki sorry that i did underestimate your dancing MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 09/26/2011 07:26:16 PM
yes i bought shares at .08. ;) QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI) 09/26/2011 05:37:36 PM
YES! QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI) 09/26/2011 12:32:33 PM
Bueno news, and with planet hospital being aquired Global Health Voyager, Inc. (GLHV) 09/26/2011 08:53:22 AM
honestly this stock isnt for message boards, and QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI) 09/25/2011 04:58:46 PM
GLHV a real fully reporting company, that just MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 09/22/2011 09:21:36 AM
GLHV MEGA NEWS $$$$ The Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger 09/22/2011 09:19:31 AM
looks like we're coming off bottom ;) ill Netco Investments, Inc (fka NCVT) 09/20/2011 10:40:45 AM
GLHV accumulate boys and girls The Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger 09/20/2011 10:16:14 AM
hehe its coming. patience is required Global Health Voyager, Inc. (GLHV) 09/20/2011 09:57:10 AM
GLHV dip, hope you loaded up ;) Global Health Voyager, Inc. (GLHV) 09/20/2011 09:42:27 AM
GLHV insane accumulation off the weekly and daily chart! Global Health Voyager, Inc. (GLHV) 09/20/2011 09:15:06 AM
hmm. GLHV, a company that is the only Global Health Voyager, Inc. (GLHV) 09/18/2011 06:58:52 PM
GLHV guys, gonna go big!! The Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger 09/14/2011 03:28:27 PM
WATCH GLHV, IT HASNT EVEN STARTED YET BB's Stock Haven 09/14/2011 03:20:57 PM
ive got great DD on all of those, The Jailhouse (JAIL) 08/16/2011 11:53:22 AM
thats too funny. The Jailhouse (JAIL) 08/11/2011 01:15:43 PM
you need to be booted from the site. The Jailhouse (JAIL) 08/10/2011 02:40:45 PM
hahahahahahaha.. seriouslly i read this board all the The Jailhouse (JAIL) 08/10/2011 01:59:52 PM
im bored.. someone tell me a funny joke? The Jailhouse (JAIL) 08/10/2011 01:23:21 PM
NEWS Global Health Voyager, Inc. (GLHV) 08/08/2011 09:06:05 AM
Money is the root of all evil. DD Support Board and Research Team 08/08/2011 01:45:58 AM
nice Oil & Gas - Energy - Commodities - Resources 08/07/2011 11:58:08 PM
well thanks for your DD on gougers son.. Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (GTVH) 08/07/2011 10:34:42 PM
"Give it a rest, the 400 number is QSGI, Inc.(fka QSGI) 08/07/2011 07:15:17 PM

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