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VYCO Vycor Medical Inc. 


YCO videos:

Harbinger Independent Investment Analysis Report Rates "Strong Buy":  


About Vycor Medical Inc..

Vycor Medical, Inc. is a medical device company committed to making neurological brain, spinal and other surgical procedures safer and more effective. Vycor's innovative medical instruments are designed to optimize neurosurgical site access, reduce patient risk, accelerate recovery, and add tangible value to the professional medical community.   The Cure Should Never Prove Worse Than the Condition.

Vycor Medical was founded on this basic challenge: "There must be a better way". A better way to access surgical locations without unduly damaging surrounding tissue. A less invasive means to perform critical procedures, so that collateral trauma can be minimized and postoperative recovery accelerated. And a better breed of surgical access instrumentation for enhancing performance, safety and results such as the Vycor ViewSite Surgical Access Systems, our premiere product line.



=====> VYCO's NovaVision technology is the only FDA cleared treatment that restores vision lost by victims of stroke and traumatic brain injury.  

Vycor NovaVision product offering is the first real, tested, proven treatment for a type of vision loss which the medical community has considered untreatable for over a hundred years.  NovaVision literally restores sight to the blind.  VYCO has generated a legitimate medical breakthrough.

"NovaVision provides a home-based treatment of vision rehabilitation after stroke or brain injury called Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT™).  VRT is an FDA-cleared, patented, non-invasive medical device that enhances visual functions in patients with impairments due to stroke, surgical intervention, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). "

"70% of cases patients using NovaVision's VRT system over a three to six month period experience significant recovery in at least one functional outcome. In many cases this recovery is enough to restore lost abilities such as reading, avoiding unseen objects while walking, or in some cases even driving a car."
"Stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims are almost always told by their doctors that vision loss causedby neurological brain damage is permanent and irreversible; these doctors have been taught this "fact" since early in their careers, and they mostly accept it as a fact, without question. However, according to six Company-sponsored studies and fourteen independent studies, conducted over a period of 15 years, this is not a fact at all. It is instead a previously-valid medical conclusion based on old data and technology - it is not based on current research. We believe the new data regarding recently-developed technology (i.e. NovaVision's VRT and NeET) have clearly shown that vision loss can be at least partially restored in most cases..."

Read up on the science and research here, including 15 years of research and 20 clinical studies:

Every year, 795,000 victims in the US alone suffer a stroke.

====> VYCO's ViewSite technology makes previously inoperable brain surgeries possible.

The ViewSite™ system is a revolutionary approach in brain retraction and access.  It dramatically reduces the damage done by "retractors" used by neurosurgeons when reaching subsurface areas of the brain.

"The net effect of this is improved clinical outcomes, shorter surgeries, and shorter recovery times; in some cases this product's superior attributes have allowed brain surgeons to successfully perform surgeries that would have otherwise been considered inoperable."

VYCO technology is saving lives.

Doctor testimonials:
Clinical reports:

"Since its introduction in 2010, the ViewSite Brain Access System has been used to perform over 3,000 brain surgery procedures, and it has either been approved or is being evaluated by some 130 hospitals in the United States alone."

====> VYCO is penetrating a  $20B international market.

"VYCOR Should Enter Hyper-growth During the Next Two to Three Years. Vycor's ViewSite is already making good inroads into the relatively small neurosurgery market, both in the U.S. and overseas, and we expect sales to grow robustly beginning in early 2013. However, we are most excited about the long-term potential of the NovaVisionsubsidiary, as its products have no real competition and address a global market that could be up to $20B in size. Although NovaVision's products could require several years to achieve market penetration of even 5%, this would still equate to a huge win for a company of this size. Both NovaVision and ViewSite have strong patent protection and backing from the scientific community, and both are FDA 510(k) cleared for sale in the United States."  -- from the Harbinger Report

VYCO VRT treatment has already treated 2,000 patients.  A  $170,000 shipment was made to China in December, 2011.  VYCO technology is already being used in hundreds of hospitals worldwide.

Vycor distributors are international, and aside from the US, include Australia, China, Japan, the Benelux, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK. 39% of revenue comes from sales outside the US, 32% of which is China.

====> VYCO Revenues up. Forecasts call for revenues of $2.9mm in 2012, $5.3mm in 2013

"Revenue up 198% Over First Quarter 2011; Vycor Medical Division Revenue up 222% Over 2011, NovaVision Division up 145%; Net Loss Reduced"

Harbinger Research report:

SEC filings:

====> VYCO has strong patent protection, FDA clearance for NoraVision and ViewSite, and little competition.

The Company has a very strong patent portfolio with 30 granted patents and 30 patents pending, providing it with significant IP protection and creating strong barriers to entry by would-be competitors.

More patent details here:

FDA and regulatory:

NovaVision's VRT is the only FDA 510(k) cleared medical device that is used to restore visual field loss that results from neurological trauma.

====>  VYCO team includes veteran industry management and international medical luminaries.

Executive management includes, amongst other industry tenured power players, Kenneth T. Coviello as CEO and Director.  Mr. Coviello has had 25 years of experience in building profitable medical device companies.  He has served on  senior leadership teams for companies with a combined total of $350MM in sales.

The NovaVision advisory board reflects the caliber of international medical luminaries who resoundingly support Vycor's breakthrough technology.  Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD PhD is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical Shool. He is one of many highly respected medical leaders who warmly commend Vycor technology to their patients and peers


VYCO News:


TrademarksVYCOR MEDICAL is a registered trademark and VYCOR VIEWSITE is both pending registration as a trademark with the United States Patent Office

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