Likes Subject Theo 11/21/22 8:56 AM
Just experienced my first hurricane/tropical storm- started about Theo 11/10/22 10:32 AM
Lots 'o wisdom right there Wayne R 10/01/22 1:29 PM
"Only the victors of any conflict will decide Theo 10/01/22 11:43 AM
Or did Putin decide to use the idea Wayne R 10/01/22 10:01 AM
After more thought (and Googling), not to mention Theo 10/01/22 8:26 AM
I had no idea that anyone had mentioned Wayne R 10/01/22 7:26 AM
"Every form of energy should be explored" Theo 09/30/22 5:08 PM
The whole debate is meaningless. Each side Wayne R 09/30/22 4:35 PM
From Breitbart News: Theo 09/26/22 12:51 PM
Yikes! I think you are right garym 03/17/22 8:11 AM
i really feel sorry for the future of mankind.... 100lbStriper 03/16/22 9:12 PM
viva la otc where wonders never cease !!!! 100lbStriper 02/19/22 7:12 PM
Many, many years ago there was a stock Wayne R 02/19/22 6:20 PM
was just talking with a friend and he 100lbStriper 02/19/22 11:37 AM
ty, ya know sometimes experience does get in 100lbStriper 02/16/22 3:28 PM
...what kept me from buying this earlier on Theo 02/16/22 3:05 PM
i gotta throw this call i made out 100lbStriper 02/16/22 9:54 AM
That sounds like him. LOL eastunder 02/15/22 12:05 PM
Thanks Jen! Theo 02/15/22 12:00 PM
I love that when that happens. Kudos! eastunder 02/15/22 8:45 AM
$RESN glad I didn't bail: Theo 02/14/22 10:28 PM
use zacks, i see my method went down 100lbStriper 12/09/21 8:07 PM
hey whats up man ! the hek with 100lbStriper 12/02/21 1:50 PM
$GROY Latest Zack's blast that sucks-- like the Theo 11/28/21 9:05 PM
$RECAF This might explain its sudden demise: Theo 10/26/21 12:52 PM
$GROY (5.41 10/20/21) the latest Zack's email blast. Theo 10/20/21 7:39 PM
$STRPF $1.52 as of 10/15/21 BIG time Theo 10/18/21 8:18 AM
$QGSI (0.12- 0.13) today (10/16/21) sucking wind big Theo 10/18/21 8:15 AM
Yes life is too short garym 09/23/21 6:49 PM
better link... 100lbStriper 09/23/21 5:29 PM
throw up a fish'n post at 100lbStriper 09/23/21 5:27 PM
Lifetime ago isn't it? 😔 Theo 09/23/21 4:59 PM
Man this site sure brings back memorys. I garym 09/23/21 4:41 PM
of course, agreed. the only time i ever 100lbStriper 09/22/21 1:03 PM
"definitely not my comfort zone" Theo 09/22/21 12:41 PM
yes i see, definitely not my comfort zone 100lbStriper 09/22/21 12:26 PM
Yep, the "vig" is the premium- the longer Theo 09/22/21 12:15 PM
yes, meaning the sooner you make your money 100lbStriper 09/22/21 12:00 PM
That's a fair analogy... although I would also Theo 09/22/21 11:55 AM
in essence i get it but its in 100lbStriper 09/22/21 11:50 AM
And, I see now that those same $22.50s Theo 09/22/21 11:43 AM
"so i'm essentially getting 5.6 to 1 on Theo 09/22/21 11:39 AM
ok let me see if i got this 100lbStriper 09/22/21 10:47 AM
Assuming I were to get all 20 contracts Theo 09/22/21 10:32 AM
ok edgamakate me on this, i understand the 100lbStriper 09/22/21 9:20 AM
You will cleanup with those $25s (and the Theo 09/20/21 8:44 PM
I really hope you hit with those. It ktcougar 09/20/21 7:56 PM
$ATOM Partial fill 8 (of 20) for the Theo 09/20/21 3:50 PM
$QGSI (0.16) today 8/30/21... another Zack's blast I Theo 08/30/21 9:39 AM
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Theo's Poolside Discussion of Trading Delights and Disasters (BYOB)

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Moderator Theo

Welcome to the Pool!

(iBox/Intro ALWAYS under construction laugh)



I created this board with two particular goals in mind. Casual story-telling of unique trade scenarios you have experienced as well as encouraging the typical banter associated with picking stocks. (Idle chit-chat and routine banter IS permissible too) After all, we’re at a pool right? wink

Primary Focus:  
As the title of the board suggests, this is the perfect venue to grab a drink of your choice, find an empty chaise lounge around the pool, and share your MORE memorable trading stories with all of us. What do I mean by memorable stories? Simple- any trading story that has a unique bent to it. There needs to be some compelling aspect to the story. It could be humorous, sad, dangerous, or whatever as long as it has some compelling feature to it. This would include your life changing- hitting it big- “YES! I can now retire” tales of trading prowess (luck), as well as your- &$*#@^!, that didn’t work out- now, I gotta find a box to move into” dumbass trading moves-- and everything else in between. This can also include flat or sideways trades as long as it has an unusual or unique history associated with it.

Amuse us. Scare us. Teach us.


The stories can be from trades made back in the day that some of us old-timers experienced when trade orders had to be phoned in and stock prices were quoted and executed in fractions instead of the current decimal format. Or, it can be a recent or current trade- one that you are currently paper rich in or dirt poor with at the moment. Again, there should be some compelling unique aspect to the story other than simply a trade.

No "Judgment" posts of any kind!
Any posts targeting, criticizing, mocking, or in any way demeaning the poster sharing their story is grounds for immediate removal. Hindsight is and always has been 20/20. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US (without exception) has made stupid trades- we don’t need to be ridiculed or criticized for it all over again. We’ve beaten ourselves up enough times already.

Questioning the mechanics or the thoughts/intent involved in the trade(s) is acceptable. Learning from past trades (good OR bad) is a great teaching tool. But, using my board as an excuse to take drive-by pot shots at someone will NOT be tolerated.

Secondary Focus:
As this IS a trading forum, stock picks and mentions are invited and encouraged. I myself will most certainly be documenting my trades as a means of easy access for future review without cluttering and mucking up someone else’s board with my trade history. However, for true trading help and input, you will find me frequenting a board {The Golden Lounge }, for instance, that I have participated on for many many years. It is inhabited by a good many other “Grandfathered” and/or older posters who, like me, have been here for decades with a lot of experience- something you don’t get from a book or website. A lot of good brains to pick from reside there (some lurk)- people who know their way around everything from a 10K to SEC form X-17A-5 Part III. O.K that last one may be a bit of an exaggeration big smile  but you get my drift. Sharing your pick for a quick chat or highlight is fine. Include your supporting documentation but I would highly encourage you to peruse the afore-mentioned board or other similar boards as a means to really debate the DD of your favorite pick.

If you are posting a stock pick, please begin your post with the Ticker. Your initial post (if you're highlighting a stock pick) MUST include supporting documents or DIRECT links only i.e., SEC filings or PR releases but NO "tout" sheets, promotional mailings/website links, or linkbacks to your board or yours or anyone else's post(s). 
WARNING:                                      No SPAM or Promotional Posts !! They will be removed. Period.
When all is said and done, I encourage laid back participation. I will most likely treat my board more as a “living document” of sorts, and may periodically amend the rules as time and patterns evolve. For the most part, you will find this board to possess a great deal of latitude. I did, however, strictly as a precaution because certain people will eventually and invariably attempt to push the limits as they always do here on IHub frown, highlight and publish the tolerance limits of the board as a template for everyone to be aware of.

So, for now, go find your lounge, refresh your drink and take a dip. Oh, one last thing before you go. This is a "Premium" board and therefore it is limited to adults. As a result, I have also made the pool area a "Clothing Optional"  venue so please- no recording devices. 

That's it! Welcome and Enjoy!
Theo's Personal Trading History & Tracking     {Prevents cluttering up the board}
START DATE 5/25/21

Ticker                     Date                           Price                       Avg Price           Total Shares                 Buy/Sell
ATOM 6/07/21 20.79 19.51 2000 BUY 400
OBSV 5/28/21 2.879 3.037 4500 BUY 250
ATOM 5/28/21 17.53 19.15 1600 BUY 50
OBSV 5/28/21 2.81 3.047 4250 BUY 250
OBSV 5/25/21 3.062 3.062 4000 BUY  Start
ATOM 5/25/21 19.204 19.204 1550 BUY Start
RESN 5/25/21 3.155 3.155 2000 BUY Start

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