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This is off the topic of investing, but it is important to me so I am adding it here.
I was Raped in 1968 and never got any help for it. Recently I went looking and found a good web site.
MaleSurvivor If you are a male survivor of sexual abuse or know of someone. Please send them to the web site. If you are a wife or companion of a guy who was sexually abused feel free to come also, as there is a section of the site for you also.

Pandora's Aquarium If you are a female survivor of sexual abuse or know of someone. Please send them to the web site.


I need to set the record straight here, I have never invested in a stock or fund in my life. I am disabled and still is debt. If I ever get out of debt, I plan on starting some type of systematic investing plan. The goal of this board is to come up with the best plan. Which is why I have been dissecting every plan I come across. I am Interested In discussing All types of Formula Plans that involve investing new money each time period.
Here are the Formula plans that I currently know about:
Dollar Cost Averaging Please see #msg-271433 & #msg-272299 & #msg-336248
Twinvest by Robert Lichello from his book (How to make a $1,000,000 in the stock market automatically!) Please see #msg-276065

Invest% Please see #msg-276727
Value Averaging by Edleson from his book (Value Averaging) Please read #msg-277237
Synchrovest by Robert Lichello from his book (Super Power Investing) Please read #msg-309558 & #msg-277260

CASH karw came up with a plan that he calls CASH (Combined Aim Synchrovest Holding) please read #msg-281442 & #msg-283421
I am also aware of four formula plans that were designed for large amounts of money. They are:
The constant ratio plan
The variable ratio plan
The constant dollar plan
The AIM plan by Robert Lichello from his book (How to make a $1,000,000 in the stock market automatically!)
How to Improve Formula Plan Results! please read #msg-309430

Lostcowboy's Spreadsheets


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