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Shell Hijackings

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This forum will be for tracking shell hijackings. 
The shell hijacking industry has become a very hot industry over the past several months.

Top Custodianship Attorneys:
Peter L Chasey - does work for Rhonda Keaveney (Small Cap Compliance LLC), Chris Lotito (XTC Inc), and David Lazar (Custodian Ventures LLC)
Jay A Shafer - does work for Kelani Long (International Venture Society LLC), Joseph C Passalaqua (Custodial Management LLC), Chris Lolito (XTC Inc), and William Alessi (Hybrid Titan Management LLC)

Frederick C Bauman - does work for the Joseph Arcaro/Thomas DeNunzio/Jeffrey DeNunzio/Paul Moody (PEM LLC/JTD Holdings LLC) group and for himself
Bryan Clark - used to be very active from 2005 - 2016 but not so much the past couple of years.  Clark has done some recent work for David Lazar and Mark DeStefano
Brian Lunt - did some work for Dempsey Mork
Stephen M Dixon - brand new attorney in the shell hijacking game.  Did the most recent case for Corporate Compliance LLC from 7/31/18

Active Hijackers over the past 12 months:
Rhonda Keaveney (Small Cap Compliance LLC): JDID (which got suspended), MWII, SQCC, TAGP, PADR, BFCH (through the Wyoming courts), VMHG, KWIT, SAKH, VMTG, SGTN (through the Wyoming courts), YITD, UOLI (in process), KJFI (in process motion for appointment 9/07), SLSX (old owners came back to get the shell), PIVN (in process motion for appointment 8/27), CNHL (through the Wyoming courts), GOBK (in process motion for appointment 9/17), CLAD (in process motion for appointment 9/18), LSAL (in process next court date 10/23/18).  Keaveney is a former partner/employee of the MinnyMar Group back from 2010 - 2014
Chris Lotito (XTC INC): SGLA (couldn't get a corporate action approved by FINRA), REEI (in process hearing for appointment 8/28), RIGI (in process), OCEL (in process). Lotito is closely linked to former shell hijackers Sergio La Grasta and Raymond McNamee
Robert Chen: SWNG (which got suspended), QSPW (skull&crossbones), DSPA (skull&crossbones), VPRO (was withdrawn), GBNW (skull&crossbones), TLPC (skull&crossbones), VIDA (skull&crossbones). Chen never updates the OTC markets site for any his shells - super sloppy.
David Lazar (Custodian Ventures LLC): OWVI, RARS, DRSX, EENX, SHNL, EQPI, MLTC, APLD (vacated), COHG (in process next court date 10/18/18), BESE (in process next court date 10/4/18), SSYR (in process next court date is 10/4/18), HBPE (in process next court date is 10/4/18).   Lazar has been slow at peddling his shells off to new owners.
Kelani Long (International Venture Society LLC): MSMY, NRPI, ICRD, MDGC, MGON, MPIX (in process motion for appointment 9/10).  This group works closely with some social media pumpers.  Long seems more concerned with pumping his shells and using them for personal gain rather than selling them.  Long is associated with Adam Tracy.
Joseph C Passalaqua (Custodial Management LLC): PBEC, GRYO, GNXP, REOS, DWIS, DKMR, UGDM, EVTP, AAST, TNPH, MCTC, CSOL, YBIN.  Not a lot of success stories from this group of shells.  Passalaqua is a former long time associate of shell peddler Joseph Meuse.
William Alessi (Hybrid Titan Management LLC): OSLH (got revoked), UBLI (got suspended), WSGP (got revoked), EFLO (got revoked), DKTS (stalled in the courts without the motion for receivership being granted), LDSR, LSTG, RMDM, STNN, QUBT, MPSP, AAPH (in process), BLUU (in process), CBBB (in process).  Alessi acquired the TA debt for PSTO but I'm not sure if he'll be filing for custodianship of the shell any where.  Alessi works closely with Angela Collette and Marvin Winick.  Alessi got off to a very rocky start but seems to be learning the ropes a bit better of late.
Joseph Arcaro - WSML (got suspended), VUME, QEBR, CYPE (got suspended), AXMP (got suspended), LRDR, RGLG (in process motion scheduled for 9/05).   Arcaro has been in the shell hijacking game since around 2007.  Arcaro is closely associated with the DeNunzio/Moody group and Frederick Bauman.
Jeffrey DeNunzio/Thomas DeNunzio/Paul Moody (PEM LLC and JTD Holdings LLC): GMOS, UCRP, FLTT (in process motion scheduled for 8/28).  This group is closely associated with Joseph Arcaro and Frederick Bauman.
Frederick Bauman & Barbara Bauman: ONSS, LVCA, and OCEL (in process but Chris Lolito already applied for it on 7/2/18).  Bauman is closely associated with the DeNunzio/Moody group and Joseph Arcaro.
**The Arcaro/DeNunzio/Moody/Bauman group has done a lot of business with Brian Kistler (DFHL, BTHI, CYPE, AXMP, WSML)

Mark DeStefano: NNRX (failed - old owners came back to get the shell), CPOW (DeStefano tried to hijack it in Nevada but it was moved to Wyoming years ago - the custodianship was abandoned then the old owner reinstated it at the Wyoming SOS).  DeStefano and his attorney TJ Jesky are currently dealing with SEC litigation because of a stock manipulation/share selling scheme the two ran on UBI Blockchain Internet Ltd (UBIA)
Robert Stevens: VLNX, WFST.  Stevens is a long time hijacker going back to the mid-2000s with Paul Enright.  He hasn't been very active of late.
Junhua Guo: AEMC (in process). Guo is a stock promoter ( that front loaded and pumped AEMC before filing for custodianship of the shell.
Dempsey Mork (Magellan Capital Partners): GNCC, WCYN, GOHG (symbol got deleted by FINRA before Mork could sell the shell), TLDN, GTCP.  Mork likes to shuffle his shells through various domiciles like Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Delaware apparently in some kind of attempt to launder them of past liabilities and hide his tracks by effecting name changes for the shells along the way.
George Bikakis: Older hijackings from 2016 and 2017 included AZRH, CNCN, HDIH, DDDA, and LTSN.  More recently Bikakis hijacked DNDT

Corporate Compliance LLC (owner not known yet but has the name Richard Chiang associated with it): LCTZ (in process motion for appointment 9/4).  Richard Chiang showed up in SAKH after Rhonda Keaveney hijacked that shell so he may have gained his interest in custodianships from her.
John Ballard: QLIS, AZIL, VTNA, PCGR, PHRX (in process already disclosed plans for a 1:1000 r/s), APRE (in process meeting scheduled for 9/25 already disclosed plans for a 1:1000 r/s).  Ballard did reverse splits on all of the hijackings that he completed so far.  Ballard is a long time associate of former shell hijacker Jehu Hand who is serving time in prison now for multiple stock manipulation schemes.

Other Recent Hijackers:
Mark A Miller group - the Mark A Miller group has been running a scam involving illegal shell hijackings and bogus 8K filings. They are using bogus SOS filings combined with bogus 8Ks to run pump&dumps on dead shells. Their CEOs included Brian Matthews (SMEV) in August 2018, Richard Kilchesky (UITA) in March of 2018, Andre S. Jaberian (BLLB) in February 2018, and Mark A Miller (ECMH) in November 2017. Another shell they are involved in is DIGI.  This group may have also had some links to fraudulent SOS filings done for TRSI, SIMC, and SWVI.

Raymond Barton's New York Skater Group: This group hijacked several entities using forged documents and corporate identity theft but their operation is now being investigated by the SEC: HQGE (got sold after they got it), VRED, CUBG (FINRA dropped the ball and approved a corporate action request), MILV, OOAG, WTKN

Adam Tracy: Tracy is now a prohibited service provider with a suspended attorney's license and an SEC ban, but prior to his implosion he hijacked dozens of shells some of which are still availale to be purchased.  In the future I may try to make a list of his shells that haven't been sold yet. 

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