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Sunday Watchlist Recap- Quick Summary + DD Links, HDOGTX 12/08/19 3:27 PM
**Custodianship Calendar Updated 11/03/19** HDOGTX 11/03/19 9:40 AM
Sign Up Here for OTC Breaking Material Events HDOGTX 09/14/19 4:55 PM
New cool tool if your not aware... HDOGTX 08/21/19 9:39 PM
$AVOI Change of control is week... Cheap now Golden Cross 04/28/23 1:50 PM
Bam! $DBMM Kramer related ticker like GTII that Fai 2 12/20/22 2:22 AM
Yes very good one to watch/buy. Unique story dbmm Fai 2 11/06/22 4:08 PM
DBMM 34% gain Fri, on 4 million shares lasombra 11/06/22 11:22 AM
$GEGI .0062 ***Alert*** Pre-Merger Run Just Beginning! Golden Cross 09/11/22 1:14 PM
$ILST change of control completed yesterday... Should be Golden Cross 06/28/22 1:54 PM
CGRA 0134 NO DILUTION MERGER/BUYOUT take a look Thehustle 05/13/22 11:21 AM
Endexx Corporation is setting itself apart by maintaining FinlayS00 05/02/22 1:47 PM
$GOGY Golden Grail Launches "Master of Beverage™" Singhania 04/11/22 9:56 AM
$ZENO - Custodian Ventures, LLC the entity previously Enterprising Investor 03/16/22 11:18 AM
$WNRS's Blockchain technology is generating a shift in mitchel2011 02/01/22 11:01 AM
A NEW MARKET FORCE IN $CLNV IS BEGINNING mitchel2011 02/01/22 10:51 AM
$SNPW TWEET>.012^ National Mechanical Group is a wholly 1jk1 01/29/22 10:57 AM
$IQST is dipping down for some reason but FinlayS00 01/24/22 2:22 PM
$TCRI ***On_High_Alert*** RM/8K's Any Time Now!!! Golden Cross 01/23/22 9:44 AM
$WNRS Vegas Winners team continuously brings high-quality content, FinlayS00 01/21/22 2:00 PM
$TCRI ~~ Great Looking Shell Play-->> Golden Cross 01/19/22 8:52 PM
$TCRI: New Shell Ownership by Munaf Ali. "This Golden Cross 01/17/22 4:09 PM
OTC: Hang on for 2022! Boom! KeepOn 12/29/21 2:59 PM
$EDXC subsidiaries and strategic connections distribute high-end CBD mitchel2011 12/28/21 2:08 PM
$CLIS - ClickStream's HeyPal(TM) App Approaching 5 Million FinlayS00 12/22/21 10:28 AM
ENGA R/M over which I normally would bail fink 12/18/21 7:38 PM
$EDXC - @Endexx mitchel2011 12/16/21 10:10 AM
Clean-Seas’ first pyrolysis unit bound for India for Tjoey690 12/09/21 11:56 AM
CGRA 0142 BIG OIL NEWS ON THE WAY! Thehustle 12/08/21 2:08 PM
$SNPW ALERT>.014 SEC Fully Reporting and Annual Consolidated 1jk1 10/31/21 11:13 AM
$SPZI Spooz Acquires Prime Niobium Mining Development Property deri21 10/28/21 2:38 PM
$RSHN heliosDX to Present at the Emerging Growth deri21 10/19/21 1:33 PM
$RSHN Consolidated Fins posted, For the Nine deri21 10/14/21 7:36 AM
$SPZI Company Tweet Spooz deri21 10/04/21 2:01 PM
$AMYZF American Manganese Announces Resignation of a Director https://www.access deri21 09/28/21 12:02 PM
$SIRC Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. Announces Strategic Partnership deri21 09/23/21 7:52 AM
$SNPW ALERT>.015^ Window ready to close soon imo.UL 1jk1 09/18/21 11:38 AM
$BCCEF $BAC BacTech Announces AGM Results deri21 09/17/21 12:13 PM
OTC is so affected by Crypto: KeepOn 09/13/21 11:39 AM
$GSFI Green Stream Holdings, Inc. Begins Application for deri21 09/13/21 9:17 AM
$SNPW ALERT>.015^ Stock Ownership Randy Brown 43.2m shares 1jk1 09/12/21 11:59 AM
$SNPW #ALERT>.015 On the Solar enhanced Bus Shelters list. 1jk1 09/11/21 11:14 AM
JRSS 3.8M floater. ASK 09/10/21 8:00 AM
$AUNXF..Wanna make $$? Buy AUNXF now and hold Bruce the Stock Guy 08/20/21 10:33 AM
$GVSI $GOFF Next George Sharp Major Reverse Merger Plays-->> Golden Cross 08/16/21 9:54 PM
If thats where you get your news from cornhole 08/05/21 11:46 AM
breaking news-watch this shit,it's for real!- THE GREEN EAGLE 08/05/21 1:19 AM
$GVSI = Best Shell/RM Play On The OTC Golden Cross 08/03/21 4:50 PM
KOAN - investor presentation Resonate Blends launches patent madeindet 07/17/21 3:43 PM
$AVVH The Closest SSM Monopoly_Play_to_Completing_Their_Merger. Load and hold Golden Cross 06/20/21 7:25 PM
SIBE $039 - Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. the l2 hunter 06/11/21 2:12 PM
$SNPW ALERT>.028^ $25M REVS,Our 50-megawatt solar farm will 1jk1 06/06/21 11:34 AM
$FTRK Papalaka 06/05/21 5:57 PM
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OTC/PINK Breaking Material Events

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Gonna change up the game plan here a bit, I am tired of playing news plays only to be sold on and into during a run, I prefer a little longer term plays with huge % gain potential, my forte is finding these stocks before the breaking developments/news occurs by searching filings and SOS updates, yes I have been able to locate some real gems by scanning the news and will continue to search for these gems with all my tools!!

So my basic trading philosophy revolves around breaking material events with stocks, which in turn creates its own momo/buzz... never can guess at what these things do, just check out as much as you can and try to be ready for anything, I like to compound trade so I often take my initial investment and some profit out and ride free shares afterwards, kinda like building a piggy bank of free shares... yea sometimes I could have sold them for higher but I like to monitor stocks close and watch their patterns...  This approach I have found to be the safest most profitable approach to otc stocks...
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