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We have an ASM: Dec 30th. Atlas20 11/25/22 5:42 PM JAMA Paper by LL et Dr Bala 11/19/22 12:46 PM
Here is the JAMA publication to stickie: TiltMyBrain 11/19/22 10:40 AM
Enough! Clearly, there is a small handful of IH Admin [Edward] 11/15/22 9:33 PM
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Since we are going to only 1.7B shares
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NorthWest Biotherapeutics Inc (NWBO)

Posts (Today)
Posts (Total)
Moderators XenaLives sentiment_stocks HappyLibrarian BigfootOR JerryCampbell Dr Bala

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
~ Winston Churchill

 Stylized Dendritic Cell featured on NWBO board since 2015

Ad from GoBoldly PhRMA Ad Campaign - 2017

"The UCLA Brain Tumor Program continues to shine as a beacon of hope, carrying a record of
patients with brain tumors living longer than patients treated at any other hospital.  
Our personalized brain cancer vaccine, DCVax, is the first of its kind and is currently in
Phase III clinical trials in 46 centers throughout America.  
It is on the road to FDA approval as well as clinical trials throughout Europe.  
Using this vaccine, we are harnessing the patient's immune system, genetics, pathology, brain mapping
and a wide database of bioinformatics to optimize outcomes."

                               - Dr. Linda Liau, PhD, MBA, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurosurgery, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Important Information to Potential Patients:  Save Your Tumor!

Northwest Biotherapeutics - Tumor Tissue Collection Information
Your Tumor is the Key:  Store My Tumor
Genetic Tumor Testing:
Caris Life Sciences
Foundation Medicine

Advocacy Groups
Musella Foundation
American Brain Tumor Association
National Brain Tumor Society


Cytokines Produced by Dendritic Cells Administered Intratumorally Correlate with Clinical Outcome in Patients with Diverse Cancers - July 17, 2018 - Vivek Subbiah et al. - Clinical Cancer Research
First Results on Survival From a Large Phase 3 Clinical Trial of an Autologous Dendritic Cell Vaccine in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma - May 29, 2018 - Linda M. Liau et al. - Journal of Translational Medicine
"Clinical and immunopathological effects following Image-guided intratumoral injection of activated, autologous dendritic cells in patients with advanced solid cancers" - Abstract #2499 - AACR (American Association for Cancer Research)

"Proffered Paper:  Prolonged Survival for Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme who are Treated with Tumor Lysate-Pulsed Autologous Dendritic Cells" - presented at ITOC-Conference, Munich, Germany - March 26, 2015, 14:40 - Marnix Bosch, Chief Technical Officer, NW Bio (note, abstract linked here is from Science Direct)

Advent Bioservices
Advent Website
Cambridge Independent Article - 1-26-22 (transcript supplied by Hbpainter)

Annual Share Holder Meetings

Transcript of Annual Shareholder Meeting - suppled by IkeEsq ihub post #378903 - 5/18/2021
Transcript of Annual Shareholder Meeting April 18, 2020 - supplied by IkeEsquire i-hub post #278405 - 4/18/20
Answer Notes from shareholder questions - supplied by IkeEsquire i-hub post #212334 - 2/3/19


2019 Booth

NWBO Board of Directors
Alton L. Boynton, Chief Scientific Officer, Secretary and Director
Cofer Black, Independent Director
Jerry Jasinowski, Independent Director
Navid Malik, Independent Director
Linda F. Powers, Chairman of the Board, President, CEO and CFO

NWBO Investor Relations Contact Person
David "Dave" Innes, Investor Relations
Cell:  (804) 513-4758

NWBO Blogs

Clinical Trials
DCVax®-L to Treat Newly Diagnosed GBM Brain Cancer (NCT00045968) - Phase III (Double Blind) 
UK (MHRA):  DCVax-L to Treat Newly Diagnosed GBM Brain Cancer (EudraCT#) 2011-001977-13
DE (Germany - PEI):  DCVax-L to Treat Newly Diagnosed GBM Brain Cancer  (EudraCT#) 2011-001977-13
Expanded Access Protocol for GBM Patients with Already Manufactured DCVax®-L Who Have Screen-Failed Protocol 020221 (NCT02146066) (Expanded Access)
Safety and Efficacy Study of DCVax-Direct in Solid Tumors (NCT01882946) - Phase I/Phase II (Open Label)
UK Clinical Trials - Study of a Drug (DCVax®-L) to Treat Newly Diagnosed GBM Brain Cancer
EU Clinical Trials for DCVax-L - Phase III
Dendritic Cell Vaccine for Patients with Brain Tumors (NCT01204684) - Phase II - at UCLA - Randomized (Open Label) testing DCVaccine with Resiquimod and DC Vaccination with Adjuvant polyICLC
Pembrolizumab and a Vaccine (ATL-DC) for the treatment of Surgically Accessible Recurrent Glioblastoma - Phase 1 (NCT04201873)
Dendritic Cell-Autologous Lung Tumor Vaccine (DCVax-L) and Nivolumab in Treating Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma - Phase 2 (NCT03014804)
Dendritic Cell Therapy for Brain Metastases From Breast or Lung Cancer (NCT0368765) - Phase 1 - Collaborator:  Mayo Clinic
Announcement of DCVax-L and Anti-PD-1 Monoclonal Antibody (Pembrolizumab) for Patients with Liver Metastases of Primary Colorectal Carcinoma Phase 2 Trial - November 17, 2016 - University Medical Center (UMC) of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Cognate Bioservices - Owned by Charles River Labs

Company Contact Info

Investor Relations:
Les Goldman  (Company)     (202) 841-7909
Sign up for Northwest email list here (hit the subscribe to email list button in the lower right)

Company Headquarters
4800 Montgomery Lane, Suite 800, Bethesda, MD 20814  (240) 497-9024

Corporate Profile

NW Bio is developing cancer vaccines designed to treat a broad range of solid tumor cancers more effectively than current treatments, and without the side effects of chemotherapy drugs.  NW Bio’s proprietary manufacturing technology enables them to produce its personalized vaccine in an efficient, cost-effective manner. NW Bio has a broad platform technology for DCVax dendritic cell-based vaccines.

Their lead product, DCVax-L, is currently in a 331-patient Phase III trial for patients with newly diagnosed Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most aggressive and lethal brain cancer.  This trial is currently underway at 69 locations thoughout the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. NW Bio has also conducted a Phase I/II trial with DCVax-L for late stage ovarian cancer together with the University of Pennsylvania.

Their second product, DCVax-Direct, is currently in a 60-patient Phase I/II trial for direct injection into all types of inoperable solid tumor cancers, with trials currently being conducted at both MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, as well as Orlando Health in Florida.  

 They previously received clearance from the FDA for a 612-patient Phase III trial with its third product, DCVax-Prostate, for late stage prostate cancer.

DCVAX Survival Stories & Testimonials
Alice - Metastic Merkel Cell patient from Florida - ASCO 2018
Brad Silver - GBM patient from Huntington Beach, California - ASCO 2018
Sarah Rigby - GBM patient from Hong Kong - ASCO 2018
Kristyn Power - daughter of GBM patient from Canada - ASCO 2018
Kat Charles - GBM patients from UK - ASCO 2018 - as related by her husband Jason (Kat's Cure)
Prospective patients may contact NW Bio at
UCLA Jamil Newirth DCVax-Patient Video - 2015
Allan Butler Video - National Geographic Vice President - DCVax-Direct patient from Phase 1 Trial with Pancreatic Cancer
NWBO - Patients Sunday Dennis and Jami Newirth - Enrolled at UCLA - Vimeo, Uploaded approx. May 2015
NWBO - Vaccine Helps Keep Brain Cancer Patient Alive (Jennifer Sugioka) - NBC Channel 4, Southern California, February 24, 2015
NWBO - National Geographic's Allan Butler Stage IV Pancreatic Patient using DCVax-Direct at MD Anderson
NWBO GBM Brain Cancer Survival Story of Mark Pace


NWBO, GBM Brain Cancer Survival Story of Mike Gregoire
UCLA - Real Stories Using DCVax

DCVax-Direct Patent and Survival Stats - provided by i-hub NWBO long - abeta
Click here to be taken to pos #217560 with larger image

Designations & Awards
German Hospital Exemption (referred to as HE) Information for DCVax-L® - FIRST TIME EVER

DCVax-L Hospital Exemption Program Now Under Way in Germany (NWBO, PR Newswire, October 14, 2014)
Two German Approvals:  "Hospital Exemption" for Early Access Program with DCVax-L and Eligibility of DCVax-L for Reimbursement (NWBO, March 10 2104)
Analysis:  NWBO DCVax-L German Approval Under Hospital Exemption Early Access Program (Smith on Stocks, Nasdaq, March 11, 2014)
Exclusive - Germany OKs Northwest Bio Brain Cancer Drug, Shares Soar (Ransdell Pierson, Reuters, March 10, 2014)

Disclosures - Best Practices for Publicly Traded Life Sciences Companies
INSIGHT: The SEC/FDA Nexus: Best Practices for Publicly Traded Life Sciences Companies - November 19, 2018
Provided by hyperopia - 2/14/20

External Control Arms
External Control Arms in Oncology: Current Use and Future Directions - 1/09/22 (Annals of Oncology)

Authors All FDA Staff:  P.S. Mishra-Kalyani, L. Amiri Kordestani, D.R. Rivera, H. Singh, A. Ibrahim, R.A. DeClaro, Y. Shen, S. Tang, R. Sridhara, P.G. Kluetz, J. Concato, R. Pazdur, J.A. Beaver
Design and Evaluation of an External Control Arm Using Prior Clinical Trials and Real-World Data - August 2019 (AACR - Clinical Cancer Research)
Authors:  Steffen VentzAlbert LaiTimothy F. CloughesyPatrick Y. WenLorenzo Trippa and Brian M. Alexander

Fails-to-Deliver Data with the SEC
Data downloads

FINRA-Reg SHO Daily Files
Reported short sale trade data

FDA Endpoints & Approval Information
House committee approves bill to speed new drugs to market - May 21, 2015 (Toni Clarke, Reuters)
FDA could approve drugs fro new uses on less data:  draft law - April 29, 2015 (Toni Clarke, Reuters)
Richard Pazdur says FDA racing approvals due to unprecedented efficacy - April 15, 2015 (BioCentury TV)

FDA Guidances
Demonstrating Substantial Evidence of Effectiveness for Human Drug and Biological Products - Guidance for Industry - December 2019
Linda Powers Response to the Draft Guidance - March 19, 2020
Linda Liau, M.D., UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Chair, Comment filed in response to Draft Guidance - March 27, 2020 posted

FlaskWork's MicroDEN Automates Individualized Dendritic Cell Vaccine
Northwest Bio Announces They've Aquired FlaskWorks, And Their Breakthrough System to Close and Automate The Manufacturing of DCVax. - September 1, 2020
Automating Reproducible Dendritic Cell Production - FlaskWorks MicroDen - August 1, 2019
Flaskworks Spinouts (When with Northeastern University Center)
Flaskworks Patent Information

Glioblastoma Subtypes

source:  Development of Molecularly Targeted Agents and Immunotherapies in Glioblastoma: A Personalized Approach - February 2018

United Kingdom Awards DC-Vax-L® as Promising Innovative Medicine (PIM) - FIRST TIME EVER
First UK "Promisting Innovative Medicine" Designation Awarded (Department of Health and George Freeman MP, Gov.UK, September 16, 2014)
NWBO's Cancer Vaccine is the First Drug to be Designated by UK Authorities as a "Promising Innovative Medicine" (PIM) - (NWBO, September 16, 2014)

Linda Powers Interview 5-15-12

Important or Helpful Links
NWBO Stock Quote & Information
NWBO SEC Filings
NWBO Twitter
NWBO Facebook
NWBO Yahoo Message Board

Upcoming Healthcare Conferences

Institutional Investments
Nearing "the finish line" on cancer vaccine trial, Maryland firm raises $40 million - April 3, 2015 (J.D. Harrison)
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  The $40 Million Woodford Financing is A Major Positive - April 3, 2105 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)

Journal Articles
JAMA Oncology - November 17, 2022
Association of Autologous Tumor Lysate-Loaded Dendritic Cell Vaccination with Extenstion of Survival Among Patients with Newly Diagnosed and Recurrent Glioblastoma
JAMA Supplemental Content:
Trial Protocol
Supplemental Online Content:  Supplemental Methods, Tables and Figures
Journal of Translational Medicine
- May 29, 2018 / Open access
First results on survival from a large Phase 3 clinical trial of an autologous dendritic cell vaccine in newly diagnosed glioblastoma

Linda Liau - Principal Investigator for DCVax-L P3 Trial
4/09/21 Overcoming Resistance to Immunotherapy in Glioblastoma by Linda Liau, MD, PhD, MBA, Chair of Neurosurgery, UCLA Dept. of Neurosurgery (slides provided by board member Dr. Bala)
12/19/16 Email to shareholder

Market Cap Potential with GBM And Sales Multiples - Comparison to Optune
Chart compiled by long share holder and ihub poster abeta

NWBO Analysis
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  Revised Modeling Based on New Blended Data is Encouraging - June 14, 2018 (Seeking Alpha - Leprecon777)
Dendritic Vaccine for Glioblastoma:  Hope Hyped, Say Some - June 13, 2018 (Medscape - Alexander M. Castellino)

BBC 6:00 p.m. News - May 29, 2018 - click on video in tweet
Northwest Bio's Big Data Change the Game - June 3, 2018 (Zach Hartman)

DCVax-L:  A Reimbursement Perspective - November 22, 2014 (Seeking Alpha - Ryan Pawell)
DCVax-Direct Validation and Updated DCVax-L Ph III Modeling - November 6, 2014 (Seeking Alpha - Steven Giardino [Pyrr])
Now is the Time for Northwest Biotherapeutics - October 29, 2014 (Seeking Alpha - Steven Giardino (Pyrr)

NWBO Press Releases 
NWBO Yahoo Headlines

NWBO Older News
NWBO Receives Approval for US Patent for Cost Saving Automation of High-Concentration DCVax Manufacturing - Already cleared by FDA for use in Clnical Trials
- December 4, 2009

NWBO - Short Seller Rebuttals and Information
Washington Post - Pulitzer Prize Winning Steven Pearlstein addresses NWBO and Short Selling
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) Requests SEC Investigate Manipulation of Drug Company Stock Price to Benefit Short Sellers
My Dialogue with Adam Feuerstein on Northwest Biotherapeutics - September 25, 2014 (Larry Smith, Smith on Stocks)
- sounds a bit like some of the techniques used here.

Recent Past Presentations
Cancer Vaccines and Neoantigens - Marnix L. Bosch, CTO - August 31, 2017 - Slides
ASCO 2017 - Update on Clinical Programs - Marnix L. Bosch, CTO - Slides - June 5, 2017

Patent Information
Espacenet Patent information for NWBO
Patentdocs - Patent applications for NWBO
JUSTIA Patents
NWBO Receives U.S. Patent on Broad Processes for Producing More Potent Dendritic Cells - March 18, 2013 
NWBO's Patent Portfolio is Further Expanded with Manufacturing Automation Patent - September 10, 2013
NWBO Receives Approval of US Patent for Cost Saving Automation of High-Concentration DCVax Manufacturing - December 4, 2009
NWBO - Wikiinvest Intellectual Property - from the 10-K filed April 15, 2008

How to differentiate pseudoprogression from true progression in cancer patients treated with immunotherapy - American Journal of Cancer Research 8/01/2019



 - Published 7-18-17 by The Brain Tumour Charity
 - Published November 22, 2015

Press Coverage - Recent
Brain Cancer Vaccine Moves Closer to Reality During Clinical Trial - Ann Pietrangelo (Health Line - June 13, 2018
New Vaccine for Aggressive Brain Cancer Shows Promising Results - 91.7 WVXU 88.5 WMUB, Cincinnati, Oxford - June 6, 2018
Personalized vaccine may increase long-term survival in people with the deadliest form of brain cancer - UCLA Newsroom - June 5, 2018
New approach to treating glioblastoma could add years to patients' lives - New York Daily News - June 5, 2018
Personalized Vaccine Effective in Some Glioblastoma Patients - Sci News - June 4, 2018 
Brain Cancer Vaccine Could Boost Incurable Glioblastoma Survival from Months to Years - Newsweek - May 31, 2018
Scientists created a brain-cancer vaccine - and so far it's 'remarkably promising' - Miami Herald - May 30, 2018
Researchers buoyed by brain cancer trial - The Australian - May 30, 2018

Press Coverage - UK News Coverage
Outcomes of immunotherapy vaccine trial show encouraging results for glioblastoma patients - Brain Tumour Research - May 30, 2018
Brain cancer vaccine could give years of extra life to patients like Dame Tessa Jowelll, finds trial - Independent - May 30, 2018
Brain cancer could extend lives of patients by years - Belfast Telegraph - May 29, 2018
Vaccine for cancer that killed Tessa Jowell 'remarkably promising' - BBC News - May 29, 2018
Brain cancer vaccine could extend lives of patients by years - The Guardian (UK) - May 29, 2018
Cancer Treatments - Supplement in United Kingdom Times April 6, 2015
NW Bio Announces $40 Million Financing - Further Equity by Woodford Funds April 2, 2015
Woodford's new biotech could be the next Amgen November 26, 2014 (Gavin Lumsden, Citywire Money)
Neil Woodford invests £16m in brain cancer vaccine company November 19, 2014 (Ashley Armstrong, The Telegraph)

Orphan Drug Report 2014  (EvaluatePharma, October 2014 - see page 14 ) 

Research Posters
AARC April 2015 - Prolonged Survival in Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme Who are Treated with Tumor Lysate-Pulsed Autologous Dendritic Cells
AARC April 2015 - Clinical and Immunopathological Effects Following Image-guided Intratumoral Injection of Activated, Autologous Dendritic Cells in Patients with Advanced Solid Cancers
SITC 2014 - Direct
ASCO 2014 - Direct

Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Mac Cheever - Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center (FHCRC), Professor of Medicine and Director of NCI-funded Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network (CITN)
Dr. Alfredo Quinoones-Hinojosa - William J. and CharlesH. Mayo Professor, Chair of Neurologic Sugery, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, 
Dr. Jerome Galon - French Biologist, Ph.D. in Immunology, Cordeliers Research Center, Director of the INSERM Laboratory Integrative Cancer Immunology
Dr. Samir N. Khleif - Director of the GRU Cancer Center, Augusta, GA
Dr. John Smyth - Professor Emeritus Medical Oncology and Honorary Assistant Principal Cancer Research Development
Scientific Advisory Board PR Announcement: - June 13, 2016

Sawston Location
US Biotechnology Company Doses Upon Space in Cambridge - link is to i-hub post with story.  Actual story requires sign up.

SEC Reports
Form 10-K for fiscal year ending December 31, 2020
Form 10-Q for fiscal quarter ending September 31, 2020
Form 10-Q for fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2020
Form 10-Q for fiscal quarter ending March 31, 2020
Form 10-K for fiscal year ending December 31, 2019
Form 10-Q for fiscal quarter ending September 30, 2019
Form 10-Q for fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2019
Form 10-Q for fiscal quarter ending March 31, 2019
Form 10-K for fiscal year ending December 31, 2018
Form 10-K - for fiscal year ending December 31, 2017
Form 10-K for fiscal year ending December 31, 2016
Form 10-K - For fiscal year ended December 31, 2015

Shareholder Tributes
Karlchen's song

Short Report
OTC - FINRA - Equity Short Interest

Standard of Care (SOC) Stupp Survival Figures from 2005 Study

Stock Quote & Summary
As of September 7, 2018 - approximate and subject to verification 

Common Shares Outstanding:  444,600,000

Potentially Dilutive Securities:   
Series A convertible preferred stock:  32,187,000
Series B convertible preferred stock:  75,059,000
Common stock options:  97,192,000
Common stock warrants - liability treatment:  356,844,000
Contingently issuable warrants:  11,739,000
Share-Settled debt and accrued interest, at fair value:  11,046,000
Convertible notes and accrued interest:  40,923,000

Potentially dilutive shares:       624,990,000

 Source:  6/30/18 10Q

Inside Ownership of NWBO Common Stock held (4-16-21): 

Security Holder  - Linda Powers, CEO
29,411,759  common stock
Note:  all warrants and options held are not exercisable without a 61 calendar day notice, and thus, are not considered "beneficially owned."
Numbers shown below to be confirmed.
39,371,570 common stock warrants not beneficially held without 61 calendar day notice (as of 3/27/20 proxy)
39,200,00 common stock options beneficially held without 61 calendar day notice (as of  3/27/20 proxy)

Officer - Les Goldman
172,742 common shares
Note:  all warrants and options held are not exercisable without a 61 calendar day notice, and thus, are not considered "beneficially owned."
24,500,000 common stock options beneficially held without 61 calendar day notice (as of 4/??/20 proxy)

Officer - Alan Boynton, Ph.D
12,189 common shares
25,353,120 common stock options held exerciseable after 4/30/21

Officer - Marnix Bosch, Ph.D., MBA
9,802 common shares
34,031,139 common stock options held exerciseable after 4/30/21

Board - Dr. Navid Malik
10,000 common shares
22,830,753 common stock options held exerciseable after 4/30/21

Board - Jerry Jasinowski
2,605,818 common shares
726,386 common stock warrants held exerciseable after 4/30/21
9,897,032 common stock options held exerciseable after 4/30/21

Cofer Black
5,888,251 common stock options held exerciseable after 4/30/21

Cognate BioServices:  
approx.  13,684,294
58,928,451 exercisable warrants??

Outside Ownership of NWBO Common Stock held (9-7-18): 

Highest Share Price after Last Reverse Split:  $12.55 (July 2015)
52-Week High -
 $2.51 (October 20, 2020)
52-Week Low -  .15¢ (April 21, 2020)

Smith on Stocks
Larry Smith is a long-time long shareholder, and well-known biotech analys in NWBO and has reported often on the stock.  Some of his more recent analyses can be found below.  His website offers a good deal more analysis.
Northwest Biotherapeutics Addressing Key Questions Relating to the Possible Approval and Commercialization of DCVax-L in Glioblastoma Multiforme - January 26, 2022 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics and the Robinhood Trading Phenomenon (NWBO) - January 28, 2021 (Seeking Alpha - Larry Smith [Smith on Stocks])
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  There could be Overwhelming Patient Demand for DCVax-L due to the Right to Try law - June 13, 2018 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  Right to Try Law Potentially Could Lead to Meaningful Revenues Prior to Formal Approval of DCVax-L - June 3, 2018 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  Right to Try Law Could Lead to Meaningful Revenues Prior to Formal Approval of DCVax-L - June 3, 2018 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  Blinded Data from Phase 3 Trial Strongly Suggest that DCVax-L is a Major Advance in the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme; It Looks Like NWBO has Hit a Therapeutic and Commercial Home Run - May 30, 2018 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics: How the Right to Try Remarks in President Trump State of the Union Could Favorably Affect Regulatory Action on DCVax-L and DCVax Direct - February 14, 2018 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  FDA Panel Recommendation to Approve Amgen's Cancer Vaccine is Hugely Significant In Regard to Possible Approval of DCVax-L and DCVax-Direct - May 1, 2015 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  Promising New Data Was Just Presented on DCVax-L in Recurrent Glioblastoma Mulitforme - March 27, 2015 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Northwest Biotherapeutics:  How Much Will it Cost to Manufacture DcVax-L - March 5, 2015 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
The Potentially Key Role of Northwest Biotherapeutics in the Emerging Immuno-Oncology - February 3, 2105 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Notes from Linda Powers Presentation in San Francisco - January 12, 2015 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
Current Investment Recommendations for Stocks Covered by SmithOnStocks; A Yearend Review - December 19, 2014 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)
NWBO discussed at great length.
NWBO:  Putting Recent Clinical Data on DCVax Direct in Perspective - November 28, 2014 (Smith on Stocks - Larry Smith)

U.K. May Grant Early Patient Access for DCVax-L Priot to Formal Approval  - September 18, 2014 (Seeking Alpha - Larry Smith [Smith on Stocks])
Exciting News on Potential for Early Patient Access for DCVax-L in the UK - September 17, 2014 
(Larry Smith, Smith on Stocks)
The Data Monitoring Commitee Addresses the Status of the DCVax-L Trial - August 13, 2014 (Seeking Alpha - Larry Smith [Smith on Stocks])

Smith on Stocks - Illegal Naked Short Report Series
Part 1 in a Series of Reports on Blatant, Widespread Stock Manipulation that is Enabled by Illegal, Naked Shorting - Larry Smith, March 27, 2019
Part 2;  Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation- Conventional Wisdom on How Short Sales are Executed 
- Larry Smith, April 4, 2019
Part 3:  Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation – Prime Brokers and the DTCC Have a Troubling Monopoly on Clearing and Settling Stock Trades- Larry Smith, April 11, 2019
Part 4:  Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation: Who are the Key Players?- Larry Smith, April 4, 2019
Part 5:  Illegal Naked Shorting's Role in Stock Manipulation:  Traditional Shorting Compared to Naked Shorting (Both Legal and Illegal) - Larry Smith, April 29, 2019
Part 6:  Illegal Naked Shorting:  The SEC's Regulation SHO is Intended to Prevent Naked Shorting, But is Ineffective - Larry Smith, May 22, 2019
Part 7:  Illegal Naked Shorting:  DTCC Continuous Net Settlement and Stock Borrowing Programs Have Loopholes that Facilitate Illegal Naked Shorting - Larry Smith, May 31, 2019
Part 8:  Illegal Naked Shorting:  Who or What is Cede and What Role Does Ced Play in the Trading of Stocks?  - Larry Smith, July 1, 2019
Part 9:  Illegal Naked Shorting:  The Risk/Reward of Shorting Versus Buying Stocks is Extremely Unfavorable - Larry Smith, July 11, 2019
Part 10:  Illegal Naked Shorting:  Legal Shorting of Stocks is a Loser Game But Illegal Naked Shorting Transforms It Into a Winner's Game - Larry Smith, July 24, 2019

Transfer Agent 
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.

P.O. Box 30170, College Station, Texas  77842
Monday through Friday. Call (866) 282-9695.

UCLA Department of Neurology
UCLA Chair of Neurosurgery Linda Liau, PhD - Welcome Letter
Resiliency of a PerpetualOptimist:  Neurosurgeon Dr. Linda Liau - Journal of Neurosurgery (JNS) by Jasmine A. Thum, MD March 2021
DCVax in 4th paragraph - "on the road to FDA approval"

A Personal Quest to Cure Brain Cancer - (Into The Brain and Beyond by UCLA Neurosurgery)

UCLA Trials relating to Dendritic Cells
Vaccine Therapy in Treating Patients with Malignant Glioma NCT00612001
Vaccine Therapy in Treating Young Patients Who are Undergoing Surgery for Malignant Glioma NCT00107185
Vaccine Therapy in Treating Patients with Malignant Glioma NCT00068510
Vaccine Therapy in Treating Patients with Stage IV or Relapsed Malignant Melanoma NCT00005617
Autologous Dendritic Cells in Treating Patients with Metastatic Kidney Cancer NCT01826877
Vaccine Therapy in Treating Patients who are Undergoing Surgery for Stage IB, Stage II, or Stage IIIA Non-SMall Cell Lung Cancer NCT00098917
Vaccine for Patients with Newly Diagnosed or Recurrent Low-Grade Glioma NCT01635283
Dendritic Cell Vaccine for Ptients with Brain Tumors NCT01204684
Vaccine Therapy in Treating Patients with Unresected Stage III or Stage IV Melanoma NCT00107159
Gene-Modified T Cells, Vaccine Therapy, and Ipilimumab in Treating Patients with Locally Advanced or Mestastatic Malignancies NCT02070406


UCLA Agreements
DCVax-Phase II

Upcoming Events

Linda M. Liau, MD, PhD, MBA -

- April 24, 2019 at University of Washington, Neurosciences Institute
Linda Liau, M..D., UCLA - 
- March 30, 2019, published on Aprl 30, 2019
Transcription of Linda Liau's presentation - posted by sentiment stocks, May 6, 2019, with transcription help provided by i-hub poster longfellow95
"I Love What I Do" - Internationally Renowned Brain Surgeon Dr. Linda Liau - April 10, 2019 / Spectrum News 1 video
Robert Prins, MD -
- March 28, 2016, Seattle Science Foundation
    Partial Transcript of Prins' Presentation
Linda Liau, MD -
- December 15, 2016, Seattle Science Foundation
  Transcription of Linda Liau's presentation - December 15, 2016, Seattle Science Foundation - posted by sentiment stocks, November 16, 2018
Could our own bodies hold the key to curing cancer? - Fox News with Dr. Marc Siegel and Martha MacCallum- aired November 7, 2013
- Linda Liau, March 7, 2012 (posted on YouTube in 2016, but was taped in 2012)

New York Academy of Science (NYAS) - DCVax® Phase 3 Final Results - May 10 2022 (Dr. Bala link to Video) and (Al Musella Link to Video)
  Transcription and Slides by Sentiment_Stocks
ASCO 2019 - Clinical Trial Program Update: Presentation by Dr. Marnix Bosch - June 2, 2019
  Slides of ASCO 2019 Presentation - posted by Dr Bala 7/6/2019
- June 3, 2018
   Transcription of ASCO 2018 video - posted by sentiment_stocks 7/12/18
- May 30, 2015 - Webcast by Marnix L. Bosch, MBA, PhD, CTO, NWBO (YouTube)
   Slides presented in ASCO presentation to accompany Video
  Partial Transcription of Dr. Bosch Video
- March 26, 2015 - Webcast by Marnix L. Bosch, MBA, PhD, CTO, NWBO (YouTube)
- January 26, 2015 - Webcast by Linda Powers (YouTube)
  Transcript of Biotech Showcase 2015 - from January 12, 2015 - provided by sentiment_stocks
NWBO- 25th Annual Oppenheimer Healthcare Conference - December 10, 2014 - accompanying Slide Show
  Transcript of 25th Annual Oppenheimer Healthcare Conference - provided by RK (Includes Q&A at the end)
 - Linda announces England's 1st PIM (Promising Innovative Medicine) Designation and Recent Progress to Date and offers an excellent explanation of how DCVax works

NWBO Company Website
Wiki page for NWBO
Informative Investor Website
Immunology Acronyms

White Papers
A Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine Shines Brighter for Glioblastoma Patients - Update from District 2 Capital - Carlo Rago, PhD, May 19, 2019


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