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Wednesday, 06/13/2018 7:15:15 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 7:15:15 PM

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Sarah Rigby - minute 31:55 - ASCO 2018 presentation - compassionate care patient

Hello. My name is Sarah Rigby, and I live in Hong Kong, and I’m six and a half years now past diagnosis [GBM].

So a part of history of my story is I was forty-six when I was first diagnosed. It was devastating, actually, and as a mother of two boys who were twelve and thirteen, it… I found myself worrying more about them than I was worrying about myself, per say. Because I was thinking, you know, I’m not done, yet, you know. I don’t have time for this diagnosis. I’ve got to keep going. And yet the doctors were saying to me, well, six to, and the most optimistic ones were saying eighteen months. But it didn’t sound much to me, and it didn’t sound long enough. And I think, similar to Jason, I had a group of friends and family who were prepared to get busy and look for options. The doctors didn’t, at my hospital didn’t seem to have any other options other than the standard treatment. But we came across DCVax and that was the beginning of my relationship with the company. And in that time, I’ve had an MRI every six months.

I am symptom-less. I have no sign of active disease in my brain.

But really, I guess from my perspective, and something I’d really just want to say to you is what it feels like to go from thinking that it’s all over, and it’s all over quickly, before you have a chance to finish bringing up your children. What it feels like to suddenly have that extra bit of time to know that you can carry on being a mother to your children. And these days, my boys… they’ve both left home. They both finished school. They both did well into their exams. And funnily enough, they’re both studying to be doctors. So they’re in the UK, and I say to them sometimes, you know, boys, I hope you’re not being doctors to cure me. I’m, you know, doing fine. I hope you’re not curing cancer. And they say, no, no, no, mom. But you know, they’ve done extraordinarily well. And you know, maybe I’m sort of over egging it if I think maybe that’s due to the fact that I was there to finish off them growing up. But I not only survived that time that I never thought I would have, I survived in a way where I was healthy. I felt good. I looked good. Life was good. I could go back to living the life that I was living before I was diagnosed. And that’s powerful. That’s really powerful. That’s quite something. I never had to think about I was a cancer patient. I was a wife. I was their mother. I went back to work. And I’m very aware that I’m in nice contact with a bit of wood here, so I’ll stroke it a lot, and say long may it continue for me. I still take the vaccine every six months. And I would just like to echo as well what Jason says is that I talk passionately about this smart technology that allowed me and my family to carry on since my diagnosis. And I just want other patients to have had the positive experience that I have had. Thank you.