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Mergers_&Acquisitions activity_in Chile_falls 30%_in the_first quarter Dr_Vonschellan 06/04/23 3:10 PM
The_new Albemarle_company video_update is_out June_3 Dr_Vonschellan 06/04/23 2:12 PM
Dear_Fastmarkets Las_Vegas Attendees,_"Chile has_a FTA_with USA". Dr_Vonschellan 06/04/23 12:52 PM
I_am changing_mommys. I_embrace/worship Mommy_Bachelet now. Dr_Vonschellan 06/04/23 12:29 PM
Fire_all the_LPI management. Stop_paying their_way to_expensive Dr_Vonschellan 06/03/23 6:13 PM
Rich_Latin Americans_transform laid-back Madrid_into a_new Miami Dr_Vonschellan 06/02/23 2:19 PM
ENAMI Ex-VP tells_Government to_stop funding POS_ENAMI Dr_Vonschellan 06/02/23 11:49 AM
Argentina_takes their_long overdue_crap on_all the other_Lithium Dr_Vonschellan 06/02/23 11:42 AM
Whoa_big fella',_Mario Marcel_counters Boric_on lithium_Royalty Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 5:36 PM
Attention:_are you_a descendant_of Russian Inuits/Eskimos who_emigrated Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 4:04 PM
Another_"Daily MyClarification"_on NLP/NLC_by Marcela_for June1 Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 3:00 PM
ENAMI:_please give_us US$1.5B...please give_us US$1.5B...puuulease Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 2:47 PM
Chinese_pumping ungodly_huge gobs_of money_into Argentina Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 2:40 PM
Appeals_Court says_CORFO must_reveal all_previously concealed Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 2:31 PM
Boric:_"There are_many who've expressed_their interest_in working with_us Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 2:17 PM
Boric's_real mommy_is tied-up so_Bachelet offers_to step_in and_run Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 1:45 PM
ENAMI_is US$581,000,000_in debt._Is anyone_really stupid_enough Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 1:27 PM
French_Eramet wants_to open_a shop_in Chile Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 1:11 PM
Fire_the entire_gaggle of_LPI management_starting with that_useless Dr_Vonschellan 06/01/23 12:59 PM
Reports_of my_death are_greatly exaggerated_says Willy_Kracht. Dr_Vonschellan 05/31/23 4:14 PM
Another_"Daily Clarification"_update of NLP/NLC_by Marcela_for May31 Dr_Vonschellan 05/31/23 1:56 PM
Marcela_setting-up LPI (pre-1979 land)_for a_newroyalfocking by_claiming Dr_Vonschellan 05/30/23 4:32 PM
Surprise_surprise, overnight_Cochilco has_become a_Lithium Expert Dr_Vonschellan 05/30/23 4:15 PM
Marcela_May 30:_I'm so_powerful,_I'm so_great, I'm_more powerful_than Dr_Vonschellan 05/30/23 3:05 PM
"Daily Clarification"_update of NLP/NLC_by Marcela_for May30, blah-blah-blah Dr_Vonschellan 05/30/23 12:52 PM
Cochilco: Argentina_will surpass_Chile in_lithium production_by 2035 Dr_Vonschellan 05/30/23 12:45 PM
Codelco_finally publishes_Maricunga drilling_results which_should have Dr_Vonschellan 05/30/23 12:13 PM
Boric_meeting with_Maduro on_Tuesday... whew,_talk about walking_on Dr_Vonschellan 05/29/23 4:28 PM
Some_good news...and some_bad news_on Willy Kracht's_mental health Dr_Vonschellan 05/29/23 1:10 PM
Oh Willy Kracht... wherefore art thou? Dr_Vonschellan 05/27/23 11:25 AM
Codelco_has MS_as their_banker. SQM_has BofA_as their_banker. Dr_Vonschellan 05/27/23 10:55 AM
Max_rolled the_cold loaded_gun in_small circles_on the_small of her_back Dr_Vonschellan 05/26/23 7:10 PM
SONAMI Pres_confirms glory-hound_Marcela Hernando_wasn't instrumental Dr_Vonschellan 05/25/23 8:19 PM
Marcela_would give_her left_testicle to_be able_to make_lithium videos Dr_Vonschellan 05/25/23 1:15 PM
"Daily Clarification"_update of NLP/NLC_by Marcela_for May24, blah-blah-blah Dr_Vonschellan 05/24/23 9:22 PM
Dear_Congress, Repeal_the Strategic_Mineral Classification on_Lithium Dr_Vonschellan 05/24/23 2:04 PM
Instead_of actually_mining lithium_on our_property to_SET THE_EXAMPLE Dr_Vonschellan 05/24/23 1:52 PM
Juan_Carlos Jobet_goes on_record again_saying the_NLP is_not working Dr_Vonschellan 05/24/23 12:26 PM
At_8:04AM someone_buys 250,000shares_last 4days._Poetic. Who is_it? Dr_Vonschellan 05/24/23 12:16 PM
Non-SQM/Albemarle lithium_miners need_to wait 5-6yrs says_CORFO Dr_Vonschellan 05/24/23 12:03 PM
How might_CORFO skim/skewer their_budget? Oh,_let me_count thy_ways Dr_Vonschellan 05/24/23 2:15 AM
USA_lithium project_investors will_pick up_10% advantage_with new_law Dr_Vonschellan 05/23/23 10:08 PM
After_5 years_Codelco will_finally publish_its Maricunga_results end_of May Dr_Vonschellan 05/23/23 6:34 PM
Fire_Crystalballs now!_6 years_of this_loser is_enough Dr_Vonschellan 05/23/23 12:29 PM
Dear_Máximo Pacheco,_let Manuel_Viera Fierro_explain to_you why Dr_Vonschellan 05/23/23 12:07 PM
Codelco_has no_idea WTF_to do_on lithium_mining... unless you_believe Dr_Vonschellan 05/23/23 11:47 AM
Marcela:_"We want_to produce_more lithium_because the_world needs_it" Dr_Vonschellan 05/23/23 11:26 AM
Regarding lithium nationalization: Argentina governors refuse to follow Chile Dr_Vonschellan 05/23/23 10:58 AM
¡Viva_el Libertad_y Democracia_Grupo! Dr_Vonschellan 05/22/23 11:28 PM
Here it comes,_the "Daily Clarification"_of NLP/NLC_by Marcela_for May_22 Dr_Vonschellan 05/22/23 9:27 PM
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Lithium Power International (LTHHF)

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Lithium Power International (LPI & LTHHF) 100% owns the 2nd largest lithium brine salar in Chile and has the potential to be become the 3rd largest lithium miner in Chile behind SQM and Albemarle.  LPI has all the mining permits, environmental approvals and export quota licenses (15,200mtpa) required in Chile.  Currently LPI has no JV partners. 

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