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Created: 07/09/2007 08:51:36 PM - Followers: 1 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0 InPlay Technologies (NASDAQ: NPLA) markets and licenses proprietary emerging technologies. The InPlay business model is to bring inventions to market by creating win-win relationships for the inventor and manufacturers through InPlay Technologies. The company was founded to commercialize its internally developed Duraswitch electronic switch technologies, and has executed license agreements with switch manufacturers and OEMs worldwide. Today, the Duraswitch patented technology is in the controls of a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. InPlay Technologies is focused on building on the Duraswitch foundation and leveraging its licensing model with additional, innovative technologies. SEC Filings Recent News InPlay Technologies - Worldwide Partners The News that put this stock InPlay!!! Press Release Source: InPlay Technologies InPlay's State-of-the-Art Technology Produces Industry's First Intelligent Pen for Tablet PCs Wednesday May 16, 1:14 pm ET PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--InPlay Technologies (NASDAQ: NPLA - News) today introduced the InPEN, the first intelligent digital pen for integration with tablet PCs. With a microcontroller inside, the pen is a self-contained smart device capable of a wide range of unique functions while still allowing for additional enhancements in the future. InPlay has scheduled demonstrations of the new technology for various attendees at Microsoft's 16th annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) held this week in Los Angeles, Calif. "Utilizing a microcontroller as the 'brain' inside the pen, we make the pen a self-sufficient, intelligent device," said Eric Vandewater, chief technology officer for InPlay's MagicPoint® division. "The microcontroller sends a unique digital identifier to the system. The identifier can be as simple as a highlighter function or can perform a more complex security code. InPEN is a flexible technology platform that can be customized to meet the needs of the designing OEM." The InPEN pen technology is easily configured in a variety of ways. For example: As a suite of pens for designers including different colors, highlighters and an eraser to offer a digital experience similar to pen-on-paper; As unique identifiers for multiple people accessing the same documents or system; As a collaborative tool for multiple users in a meeting or teaching environment; and As a security device to allow different users different rights and access on the same system. "Our digital stream communication technology enables new possibilities for pen input," said Ramesh Ramchandani, chief operating officer for InPlay's MagicPoint® division. "Our competitors' analog pen system used with most tablet PCs today is limited in its expansion capability. With digital, we offer OEMs an almost limitless roadmap for development of features and functions for their product designs." "By adding intelligence to the pen, making it an even more useful device, we hope to see pen input ultimately become a standard PC user interface such as the mouse or other cursor controllers," Ramchandani added. The core MagicPoint® technology consists of a digitizer behind the LCD and digital writing pen. InPlay is advancing pen computing technology, using a cordless, active RF digital pen versus the analog pen used with most pen computing systems in the tablet PC market today.
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#23 holdin this range pretty well imo .10x.11 now DFLY 03/27/2009 02:14:18 PM
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