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Clients of Fairhills Capital

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Consolidated due diligence information on the SEC litigation against Fairhills Capital (E-Lionheart) and the  OTC-Link (PK) companies that have used them for financing. 

According to the SEC complaint, Edward Bronson and E-Lionheart Associates. LLC (also doing business as Fairhills Capital) bought billions of shares of substantially discounted unregistered non-exempt stock from approximately 100 OTC Link (PK) companies and illegally dumped them onto the public market allegedly reaping over $10 million in illegal profits.

Fairhills has also been raided by the FBI: 

Fairhills was considered a "family office" that recently entered the hedge fund business:  Family Office Builds Out Hedge Fund Business   NY family office compared to hedge fund

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OTC Link (PK) clients of Fairhills Capital and related entities that issued free-trading 504 shares (list under development):

AERN AER Energy Resources, Inc. Action Stock Transfer Stanley F. Wilson (also CEO)   Stanley F. Wilson
Theresa M. Jackson
  SEC Suspension

DTC/TDA Chilll
ATIG Atlantis Internet Group Corp VStock Transfer Barrett & Linn CP Baker Securities Donald Bailey   DTC Global Lock
BBDA Bebida Beverage Company Madison Stock Transfer Martin & Pritchett,
Marshall & Peirvincente
Wall Street Branding/Tom Allinder Brian Webber   DTC/TDA chill
BCAP Baron Capital Enterprises. Inc. Continental Stock Transfer & Trust George J. Tate   Matthew P. Dwyer   DTC/TDA Chill
BMGP Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp Integrity Stock Transfer Jody M. Walker, Cane Clark Paul Hardman, Emerging
Growth Research,
Clayton Hardman Magna Group  
BORK Borque Industries, Inc. American Registrar & Transfer Agency Gary L. Blum   John M. Borque   DTC Chill
CNEX Cannon Exploration, Inc.

Global Sentry Equity Transfer

Leonard Aronoff   Damiana Morales   DTC Global Lock.
No bid
DKGR Drake Gold Resources, Inc. Pacific Stock Transfer Co, Vic Devlaeminck   Peter Matousek Greenridege Capital,
Kelso Funding
DNAD DNA Dynamics, Inc. Registrar And Transfer Company John D. Thomas Hanover+Elite (Elite Financial
Communications + Hanover International)
Ed Blincoe,
David Lovatt
Magna Group,
Hanover Holdings
DTC Chill
No bid then 1:500 R/S.
GIHI GIGH Globalgroup Investment
Holdings, Inc.
Action Stock Transfer Andrew Coldicutt, Stanley F. Wilson   Fred Rackers    
GGII Green Globe International, Inc. Transfer Online Dolkart & Associates   Chris Kimmes   DTC Global Lock.
No bid
GOIG GoIP Global, Inc. Manhattan Transfer Bradley E. Essman   Issac H. Sutton   DTC Global Lock.
No bid
HBRM Herborium Group, Inc. Colonial Stock Transfer Joseph J. Tomasek,
Lucosky Brookman,
Don A. Paradiso
Think Pink LLC,
Small Cap Support Services
Agnes Olszewski,
James Gilligan
  DTC Chill
HFBG Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. Action Stock Transfer Vincent & Rees,
Cameron Linton
  Jessica A. Guitierrez Capital Edge. Protege DTC Global Lock,
No bid
HSCO  Hi Score Corp. Signature Stock Transfer Sommer & Schneider   Michael Zoyes
TJ Management, Asher
Magna Group, Green
Streak. Equiti-Trend
DTC Global Lock.
No bid
ICBT ICBS Limited Capital Transfer Agency Westerman Ball Ederer Miller & Sharfstein   Garth McIntosh   DTC/TDA Chill
No bid
IJJP IJJ Corp Transfer Online Randall Goulding
Tod A. DiTomasso,
Kimberly Graus/Rudge
(Boost Marketing),
(Big AppleConsulting)
Clifford Pope Magna Group, BAC, Blullife DTC/TDA Chill
No bid
IMJX ImageXpres Signature Stock Transfer Patrick R. Brown   John S. Zankowski   DTC Global Lock.
No bid
IPWG International Power Group, Ltd Routh Stock Transfer Gracin & Marlow   Daniel Conte,
John Benvengo
  DTC Global Lock
No Bid
LCRE Lecere Corporation Corporate Stock Transfer Ryan Alexander   James Morris TJ Management DTC Global Lock
LGTT LIGATT Security International Island Stock Transfer The Perry Law Group   Gregory Evans   DTC Global Lock.
No bid
MIKP Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. Madison Stock Transfer Johnathan D. Leinwand,
Vic Devlaeminck
The Neumark Group Mark Newbauer   SEC Suspension
DTC Chill
PHAR Pharmstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Old Monmouth Stock Transfer Joseph L. Pittera Tommy Johnson Howard Phykitt   DTC/TDA Chill
QASP Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. Island Stock Transfer Tomchin & Odom, Bart & Associates,
Brunson, Chandler & Jones
  Donnell Vigill    
RFMK Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. PacWest Transfer Davis & Associates   Thomas Allinder   DTC/TDA Chill
SGCP Sierra Gold Corporation Capital Transfer Agency     Douglas Evans     DTC Global Lock
STVB Strategic Global Investments, Inc. Clear Trust Morella & Associates   Andrew Fellner AGS Capital Group  
TLFX Teleflix Communications Holdings, Inc. Corporate Stock Transfer Hicks Law Group The Eversull Group Mezuan Norman    
TMSH Transglobal Assets, Inc. Transfer Online     Kent Strickler    
UNQT Union Equity, Inc. Action Stock Transfer Jillian Sidioti,
Kimberly Graus/Rudge
The Cervelle Group,
(Investors Development Grp),
(Boost Marketing),
(Big Apple Consulting)
Charles R. Lance EMSEG, Southern
Lending Solutions,
DTC Chill
No bid
VLNX Vision Plasma Systems, Inc, First American Stock Transfer Wilson & Oskam   Timothy P. Volk    

Conversion of promissory notes or preferred shares by Fairhills Capital entities under Rule 144 by PK companies:
EDWY eDoorways International Corp ClearTrust Arne M. Ray, Gersten Savage (Abel L. Pierre) Heritage Corporate Services  Gary F. Kimmons Magna Group
TJ Management
DTC Chill
NEGS NX Global, Inc. Interwest Transfer     David F. LaFave   DTC Chill ?
SNDY Solos Endoscopy, Inc. Pacific Stock Transfer Brian F. Faulkner, Kimberly Graus/Rudge,
Carl N. Duncan, Guy M. Jean-Pierre
Boost Marketing, (Big Apple Consulting) Robert Segersten CEO,
Fred Scheimann CFO
(also the auditor)
BAC DTC/ Chill ?
SUTI SUTIMCo International, Inc. Interwest Transfer Brian F. Faulkner Boost Marketing, (Big Apple Consulting) Fred Rodgers BAC DTC Chill ?
TDEY 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.
Standard Registrar & 
Transfer Agency,
(Florida Atlantic Stoc
Johnathan D. Leinwand, (Carl N. Duncan).
(Kimberly Rudge/Graus)
Boost Marketing, (Big Apple Consulting) Clark Ortiz,
Eddie Vakser,
(Robert Zysblat),
(Owen Dukes);
(Marc Jablon)
Blulife, BAC DTC Chill

OTCBB/QB Companies that did floorless PIPEs with Fairhills Capital - related entities:
AQLV Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. Pacific Stock Transfer

Lucosky Brookman

(Big Apple Consulting) William M. Wright, III Now VRTY after 1:100 R/S
ARTS Artfest International, Inc. Island Stock Transfer   (Big Apple Consulting) Edward Vasker SEC Suspension, Revoked
BFLX Bioflamex Corp. Island Stock Transfer Cane Clark Morningstar Corporate
Kristrian Schiorring  
FLTT Flint Telecom Group, Inc. Computershare Trust Co.     Vincent Browne,
Bernard A. Freid
JAMN Jammin Java Corp. ?     Rick Apodaca  
LBSR Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. ? Clark Wilson   James Briscoe  
LSTG Lone Star Gold, Inc. Corporate Stock Transfer Hallett & Perrin Dresner Corporate Services Daniel M. Ferris  
NECA New America Energy Corp. Empire Stock Transfer     Rick Watchuk  
SAVW SavWatt USA, Inc. Manhattan Transfer Registrar Scheinzia Ross Friedman Ference   Isaac  H. Sutton SEC Suspension, GM/CE
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#239   UNQT - 2.59 Billion shares issued to Fairhills Flat Foot 12/21/12 11:31:32 AM
#238   DTC Chill was lifted on SNDY, via the lchase01 12/14/12 08:24:32 PM
#237   12/07/2012 13 ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Kenneth scion 12/10/12 11:22:53 AM
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