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In October 2004 a committed team of environmental professionals founded Cardinal Resources.  Since that time the Cardinal team has made dramatic progress in achieving its overall mission of delivering Clean Water,
Clean Environment, Worldwide.  Working in more than 20 countries, in six languages and on six continents there are no limits to where we will go.

Our passion developed from our world class remediation, environmental assessment and engineering services.  We implemented sustainable solutions that focused on reducing our clients’ environmental footprints,
improving their processes and finding new ways to address the most challenging of problems.  We began earning a reputation for going well beyond traditional environmental work and our clients consistently earned a
Green Advantage in their marketplaces.

From 2005 through 2009 we began a major shift in our corporate focus as we invested heavily in what is now our pride and joy, the patented Red Bird System.  Following some pro-bono projects our teams completed in post-civil
war Liberia, we saw an acute need for communities in the developing world to have a simple, reliable and sustainable method of producing clean drinking water.  Our approach was to design and deliver a rugged, solar powered
system which uses no pre-treatment chemicals and very little maintenance. 

From the initial evaluation to the final solution, Cardinal Resources can provide the strategic thinking, technical expertise, sustainable systems, and discipline to appropriately address any environmental challenge worldwide.

Kevin R. Jones

President and CEO

Mr. Jones has worked in the environmental consulting, water resources, and remediation fields for more than 30 years.  As the President and CEO of Cardinal Resources, he has taken his company in new directions by developing
sustainable water treatment systems and promoting quality environmental services and consulting worldwide.  His efforts at growing international business have earned the company recognition by the US Department of Commerce,
and in 2014 he was appointed to the Western Pennsylvania District Export Council.  His vision is to grow Cardinal Resources into the global preferred solution for sustainable water treatment.  He states that, “Although what we are
selling is a water system, ultimately what we provide is progress, a physical commitment to the future, and a step up for people.”

Professional Experience

           Mr. Jones founded Cardinal Resources in 2004 as a double bottom line company with the goals to build a global company focused on the mission of Clean Water - Clean Environment - Worldwide. 

           Beginning with conceptual designs in 2005, Mr. Jones has been instrumental in the development of the Red Bird System and holds four patents relative to the multimedia filtration and the system itself. Through Mr. Jones’ efforts,
           in 2011 Cardinal Resources was recognized by Commercial News USA as the Exporter of the Year in the Environmental Category and also received an Export Achievement Award from US Commercial Services (USCS).  This
           growth and commitment has also generated international investments in late 2013 into the company from five countries.

           Starting in his previous company in the 1990s, Mr. Jones began to build global experience dealing with wastewater and groundwater remediation.  His international work in these programs took him to China, Australia, Japan, South
           Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Turkey, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Canada, and Brazil.

  • In 2012 through 2013 in southern Nigeria, through multiple presentations and demonstrations at various levels of government, Mr. Jones laid the ground work for the large multi-unit sale in Bayelsa State.  This sale will provide clean
    water for 150 communities, over the next three years.

    In addition to providing technical and market support, Mr. Jones is responsible for strategic planning.   He has counseled patience and focus to his colleagues and investors as Cardinal Resources has faced unique challenges
    in making the jump from a service company to a manufacturing company, exporting to some of the most challenging countries for business.




Facebook (for company updates)- 





Important PR's - 

Patent for the Redbird- 

Kevin Jones (CEO) with congressman Mike Doyle (export achievement award) 2011- 

Local PA article in 2013 - 

Video of the CEO on Nigerian local news, (lower left hand side)- 

Kevin Jones (CEO of Cardinal Resources,  is invited to the white house to talk about the US EXIM Bank
(The EXIM's 5 month black out period delayed financing for the 28 million dollar CAMWATER project) - 

Kevin Jones currently on the Western PA Export Council- 

More articles featuring Kevin fighting for the EXIM's reinstatement in 2015 - 

Cardinal on the Technical Advisory Board for Pure Earth, (Large NGO with 90 projects in 22 countries, search for cardinal resources)- 

Pure Earths website on the recent project with Cardinal in Cameroon - 

Report on Panama project, (including lab tests and report from Panama's minister of health)- 

Pictures of the CEO doing business, (scrolling the facebook page) - 

8k's of the CEO paying off debt after getting the first 1.1 million tranche of funding from HSVW, 

CEO owns almost half a million dollars in shares, and continues to buy shares on the open market, buying 20k worth recently- 

Great post on the potential for CDNL- 


for investor complaints regarding CDNL, start here:

for complaints regarding CDNL delinquency:
Kindly send any information you have on delinquent filings to the Delinquent Filings Branch, 100 F Street, NE, Washington, DC 20549-2521, e-mail address, telephone (202) 551-5466.
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