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I found WMT recent news release about their my evil twin 01/24/23 12:58 PM
"Walmart recently announced an equity steak" in Sustainable my evil twin 01/23/23 4:14 PM
In the press release, make sure you read gotpermit 01/09/23 10:52 AM
Bion and Olson Farms/TD Angus Announce Nebraska Sustainable gotpermit 01/09/23 10:22 AM
$BNET The Cardiac Kid 08/18/22 8:10 AM
Inflation Reduction Act to Provide Substantial Tax Incentives gotpermit 08/16/22 5:30 PM
As you'd expect, the Inflation Reduction Act has gotpermit 08/13/22 11:06 AM
10000 bid after analyst $3 target announced 3Aug22 my evil twin 08/04/22 3:00 PM
Bion Announces Sustainable Beef Facility with Ribbonwire Ranch gotpermit 08/01/22 3:50 PM MouseKat 07/26/22 9:40 AM
Bion Announces LOI with University of Nebraska-Lincoln to gotpermit 06/06/22 12:28 PM
Bion Engages Meat Industry Veteran to Lead Sustainable gotpermit 05/03/22 9:46 AM
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a regular appropriation but my evil twin 04/18/22 7:19 PM
EPA policy statement seems encouraging my evil twin 04/06/22 2:54 PM
United States to Ban Real Meat my evil twin 04/01/22 7:54 PM
Bion to Participate in the 2022 Virtual Growth gotpermit 03/25/22 12:38 PM
Bion Receives Fourth U.S. Patent on Advanced Livestock gotpermit 03/25/22 11:54 AM
Bion Files 8-K Detailing Corporate Changes gotpermit 01/04/22 1:40 PM
Bills go to Approps to be 'scored' to gotpermit 12/16/21 11:04 AM
Bion's update and 2022 outlook... gotpermit 12/16/21 10:41 AM
Pardon my ignorance of political process, but what my evil twin 12/09/21 12:58 PM
Pennsylvania Senate Bill 832 Referred to Appropriations Committee gotpermit 11/18/21 10:30 AM
True, free range cattle may be greener than my evil twin 11/12/21 8:42 PM
As far as NZ opportunities and patents, we gotpermit 11/11/21 2:16 PM
ET, you are correct in your assumption that gotpermit 11/11/21 2:08 PM
Speaking of sustainable, been talking with kiwi friends my evil twin 11/10/21 6:15 PM
I understand your overall market concerns - I gotpermit 10/25/21 10:26 AM
Thanks for sharing news with us and being Mushyheaded 10/06/21 4:44 PM
News: Bion to Develop Sustainable Beef Production Demonstration Facility gotpermit 09/28/21 2:05 PM gotpermit 09/20/21 9:42 AM
Report costs $35 so I read the free my evil twin 08/31/21 7:21 PM
I see progress toward recovery of the domain, my evil twin 08/31/21 7:03 PM
An underlying premise of Bion's technology, business model gotpermit 08/30/21 1:56 PM
Thanks for the heads up, I guess I gotpermit 08/18/21 11:10 AM
You are now the moderator. my evil twin 08/17/21 7:52 PM
Bion Initiates Cannabis Trials at Southern Illinois University gotpermit 08/02/21 12:56 PM
Bion Announces Agreement with University of Nebraska-Lincoln for MouseKat 07/21/21 9:34 AM
Very thinly traded gotpermit 07/15/21 2:49 PM
and it's back MouseKat 07/15/21 1:15 PM
free fall today MouseKat 07/15/21 1:12 PM
Great news! Lonzo 06/30/21 10:07 PM
Bion-issued press release today: gotpermit 06/28/21 6:46 PM
VERY quiet. A little off the beaten path: gotpermit 06/28/21 6:38 PM
Newbie to this ticker. This board Lonzo 06/21/21 7:29 PM
News out on Friday... LOI for first 3G gotpermit 05/03/21 9:44 AM
Apparently I have to make a few more gotpermit 02/27/21 2:57 PM
BNET...$1.54...Hit $1.88 Hod on the Breakout Candle...Looks like georgie18 02/24/21 4:47 AM
"Dip and Rip". Thanks, I learned something new today... gotpermit 02/23/21 1:10 PM
BNET...$1.24...Consolidation Channel Breakout from the .50 to $2 georgie18 02/23/21 5:10 AM
Ok thank you for clarifying! Tstorm 02/22/21 12:22 PM
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Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. (BNET)

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Bion Environmental Technologies’ patented and proven technology provides advanced waste treatment and resource recovery for large-scale livestock production facilities – meat, dairy, and egg producers. Bion is a technology and policy leader in this new ‘space’ that is developing at the intersection of the U.S. $200B animal-protein industry, the $100B clean water sector, climate change, and consumer demand. The opportunity is to clean up livestock production, the ‘dirtiest’ part of the food supply chain and the largest unregulated source of pollution in the U.S., improve the economics of this low margin commodity business, and give the consumer what they want: a sustainable product they don't feel guilty about consuming.

Bion’s third generation technology can deliver a ‘cleantech makeover’ for large-scale livestock production, with dramatic reductions in environmental impacts and significant improvements to resource and operational efficiencies. The tech platform recovers renewable natural gas (biogas); upcycles nutrients into high-value organic fertilizer products that include a unique, readily available pure nitrogen product not available in the marketplace today; and clean water. Bion’s verified environmental improvements will back both a USDA-certified sustainable brand that will regain and hold the confidence and trust of its consumers, as well as validate water quality improvements that will save taxpayers billions of dollars. Bion’s 3G tech platform can provide a pathway to true economic and environmental sustainability with ‘win-win’ benefits for at least a premium sector of the $200 billion U.S. livestock industry, the environment, and the consumer. 
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