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Really good write-up, Appreciate it intended for giving PamelaParker 12/11/17 3:23 AM
hey RJ..just curious what's been happening with this. decouverte d Elbe 02/13/17 7:45 AM
Confirmed with broker that FTER has been delisted ksguess 12/11/14 5:15 PM
FTER: Pursuant to the merger, for each share Renee 12/11/14 5:09 PM
I think you're right... there's a ## after Critical Sal 12/11/14 2:55 PM
Looks like conversion may be in progress... rjhstock 12/11/14 2:18 PM
Not ahowing up on ameritrade either. Bullzens 12/11/14 10:46 AM
I actually can't even see the purchase on Critical Sal 12/11/14 9:43 AM
There's no volume in either the 60 or Critical Sal 12/11/14 9:41 AM
That doesn't make sense. How many shares were Bullzens 12/10/14 5:58 PM
I know the bid/ask spread is pretty wide ksguess 12/10/14 3:36 PM
Another positive article on AAC from zacks....acc now Stockpennies 12/10/14 9:50 AM
I haven't gotten mine yet... Critical Sal 12/09/14 2:33 PM
Did anyone get their shares of aac yet? zeek1010 12/09/14 2:13 PM
That means one thing... rjhstock 12/02/14 11:40 AM
From Interactive brokers when I asked them about it: zeek1010 12/01/14 9:05 AM
Anyone have any movement on the conversion? Shares ksguess 12/01/14 3:28 AM
aac creeping up slowly again Stockpennies 11/24/14 10:06 AM
I see AAC at $50 in a year rjhstock 11/19/14 4:44 PM
well.. briefly anyway. rjhstock 11/19/14 4:25 PM
AAC ABOVE 30.00 !!!!!!!!! Stockpennies 11/19/14 2:26 PM
I bad mouthed them for years... rjhstock 11/19/14 11:02 AM
you got that right!!! after years of lousy Stockpennies 11/19/14 10:58 AM
Any takers?? rjhstock 11/19/14 10:53 AM
AAC ripping into the $30 per share range!! rjhstock 11/19/14 10:30 AM
Good point. I'm not sure, but after rjhstock 11/19/14 10:13 AM
You think they'll wait for the conversion until ksguess 11/19/14 2:22 AM
I don't think you have a choice... rjhstock 11/18/14 4:50 PM
Great and charge a fee. Id rather Bullzens 11/18/14 4:27 PM
I called AAC Investor Relations (Tripp Sullivan)... rjhstock 11/18/14 4:13 PM
I to have Ameritrade. My packet says to Bullzens 11/18/14 4:09 PM
I should say... rjhstock 11/18/14 3:58 PM
Also from S-4 page 11... rjhstock 11/18/14 3:30 PM
Conversion happens automatically... rjhstock 11/18/14 3:15 PM
why are you holding FTER and not converting canterburry99 11/18/14 2:56 PM
I would love to... rjhstock 11/18/14 2:35 PM
The offer is 42.00, why don't you buy canterburry99 11/18/14 2:30 PM
Just for those who still doubt.... rjhstock 11/18/14 2:23 PM
Merger Sub will be merged with and into rjhstock 11/18/14 2:21 PM
The conversion of stock into AAC Holdings stock... rjhstock 11/18/14 2:16 PM
Merger filing closed 11/10 canterburry99 11/18/14 11:45 AM
whoever has ask for $42 FTER... rjhstock 11/18/14 11:00 AM
Now THAT is a first... rjhstock 11/18/14 10:58 AM
Yes, this was a sleeper that awoke! rjhstock 11/18/14 10:56 AM
Wow, such an amazing stock. I'm looking to canterburry99 11/18/14 10:53 AM
AWESOME!!! If you have FTER shares... rjhstock 11/18/14 10:21 AM
Goodness. Hopefully this trend continues!!! Critical Sal 11/18/14 10:12 AM
fter shares now worth 46.00 ACC Stockpennies 11/18/14 9:48 AM
Now that is a rip off... rjhstock 11/17/14 3:36 PM
FTER shares currently worth $44.75 ... rjhstock 11/17/14 3:32 PM
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American Addiction Centers, Inc. (fka FTER)

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Home  |  Services  |  About ABT  |  Meet the Staff  |  Accreditation  |  Admissions  |  Tour  |  Press Releases

 About ABT and Our Accreditation

Forterus is dedicated to serving the middle class with its "A Better Tomorrow" facility in Murrieta, California, and it caters to higher end clients with Dana Point Recovery, a clinic in Dana Point in coastal Orange County, one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The clinics provide a 28-day to 90- day treatment program. There is also a separate treatment program for adolescents, and Spanish-language treatment services. ABTTC, INC. has achieved annual growth rates topping 34 percent every year since its founding and is dedicated to growing by acquiring more treatment facilities in Southern California. Its focus on long term recovery by using relapse prevention and family friendly components surpasses all industry standards in the addiction field. It also offers an intensive outpatient program.

Here on A Better Tomorrow, you get the very best of the drug rehabilitation centers in the world, helping people nationwide fight alcohol and drug addiction. Our treatment centers are accredited by the CARF, we are able to work with insurance companies nationwide, and all of our staff hold high credentials including many with master level degrees. You need experience to help with addiction, whether you are afflicted or a loved one is. We can help.

We focus on long term recovery by using relapse prevention and family friendly components which surpass industry standard in the addiction field. When taken together, using the right rehab clinic and drug rehabilitation center costs less than you think. After all, so many addicts lose jobs and careers, families and friends, and many other things you simply cannot put a price on. In terms of jobs and careers, it's tough for anyone suffering drug or alcohol addiction to maintain a job; they lose them more often than not. Thousands if not tens of thousands is spent on drugs and alcohol, or on decisions made while using. In turn, families and friends lose trust in the addict, or decide to give up on them. Addiction is a powerful thing to suffer with alone, but often is incredibly hard on friends and loved ones too. The answer is the right drug rehabilitation center, and the right alcohol rehab service.

Our intensive outpatient program is truly priceless, and combined with our sober living facilities it solves the problem of addiction for many. How? It offers a stable, loving, and caring environment overseen by professionals who have more experience than most family and loved ones. We know how to handle addicts because of our years experience.
Our main goal for clients is to set their own goals for long term recovery. Simply getting a job back or making apologies isn't enough. Often there are other problems involved in using drugs and alcohol at the outset, like anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, and many other psychological problems.

Founded in 1966, as the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF is a private, not-for-profit organization that promotes quality rehabilitation services. It does this by establishing standards of quality for organizations to use as guidelines in developing and offering their programs or services to consumers. CARF uses the standards to determine how well an organization is serving its consumers and how it can improve. Every year the standards are reviewed and new ones are developed to keep pace with changing conditions and current consumer needs. At A Better Tomorrow our accreditation is means of demonstrating our commitment to quality for clients and their family members. We strive to stay above the standards by providing consistent care in accordance with the newest, evidence-based information. The more innovative our treatment is, the better we can adjust to the fast-paced field of Addiction Recovery. Out of the thousands of programs, only 5% have achieved this status of being accredited.

Meet ABT's Staff and Management Team

 Josie Gann, CADCA
Program Director

Josie is consistent in upholding the social-model aspect of our program, by being a role model to those who come in sick and tired. A very close connection to her own recovery makes Josie a staple in the community, through service, support, and activities. With over 10 years of experience, she incorporates the best practices for continual success through the individualization of treatment plans. As the Program's Director, her input was instrumental in A Better Tomorrow's Accreditation process. Her lengthy efforts were well worth the accomplishment of being State Certified and CARF Accredited.

Jim Fent, MFT
Program Administrator

Jim Fent has worked in the medical field for the past 20 years. With a special interest in chronic pain and disability, he has a familiarity with dealing with those who have abused pain medication while going through pain management. As a unique addition to the Treatment Team, Jim gets across to the addict and alcoholic who hide behind the facade of abusing prescriptions. A licensed physical therapist and a Director of Physical Therapy, Jim is invaluable when making decisions on what course of action to take regarding clients in denial and using pain as an excuse.

Jerrod Menz, B.S., CCGC, CADCA
Business Development

Jerrod has over 10 years of experience working in the field of Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders. As one of the co-founders of A Better Tomorrow, he is always traveling to various conferences and conventions across the United States. He brings the latest evidence-based treatment modalities and incorporates the innovative methods into the program. This in turn, brings the best of care to the clients and family members of all those involved.

Dr. Bumby
Outside Medical Consultant

Dr. Bumby has worked in the field of psychiatry since the 1970's. Her work began in Philadelphia until she relocated to Southern California in the 1980's to be closer to her mother in the Palm Springs area. An incredible contributor to the field of psychiatry working with other professionals in clinical trials attempting to develop appropriate treatment for patients with chemical dependency, mental illness and dementia. She has co-wrote articles published in medical magazines for her involvement in clinical trials. Dr. Bumby is certified in Suboxone which is a medication used for opiate detoxification. She is an advocate for her patients and is a specialist when it comes to treatment in pharmacology. She has proven to be dedicated to her work and patients alike, showing passion for improved mental health and chemical dependency issues. Dr. Bumby is also a supervisor for Human Service Workers becoming a teacher among teachers, guiding and teaching the difference in disorders and appropriate treatment procedures. Dr. Bumby is a delightful intelligent gentle woman with stern direction that puts anyone at ease when talking with her.

China Long

China Long is a certified mediator and in the process of obtaining her Masters degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist. China has over 12 years of experience working with families and assisting them in conflict resolutions and has worked with the Department of Corrections in a rehabilitation program. What most facilities don't do is focus on outside aspects of substance abuse, like legal and financial problems. With an A.A.S. in paralegal studies and a B.S. in Business Management, China brings these two unique qualities to the Treatment Team at A Better Tomorrow.

Tami Scarcella
Director of Intake and CIIM

Tami Scarcella Director of Intake and one of our west coast interventionist. She has been certified in INTEGRATED METHODS of intervention training. Along with her training she has years of personal recovery in Adult Children of Alcoholics and Alanon. She has worked in crisis intervention in domestic violence and drug and alcohol treatment. Her message is very compelling giving a wealth of information to all involved in the intervention and intake process.

Beth Stetar
Intake Coordinator


Beth Stetar has worked intake and referral for over a decade. Her knowledge and insight into problem solving is essential when dealing with chemically dependent persons from all walks of life. The ability to be creative when it comes to finances is her specialty when working on placement and resolution to deal with most hopeless of cases. Beth has been a huge asset to A BETTER TOMORROW TREATMENT CENTER of since this its inception making it possible for a majority of our clients to find their way to life free of chemical dependency.

Services Provided by A Better Tomorrow

A drug rehab treatment center should offer a variety of treatment programs that meet individual needs. These drug rehab programs may include inpatient, residential, outpatient, and/or short-stay options. The difference between inpatient and a residential treatment center is that inpatient services are provided by a licensed hospital, while residential programs usually do not meet the same rigorous standards of medical care. The length of stay depends on the severity and stage of the disease. ABT specializes in the following treatments:

Financial Information and Related Data

$383,937 in Net Income for Fiscal 2009 compared to a loss of $1,671,525 in Fiscal 2008.

$5,842,182 in Revenue For Fiscal 2009 compared to revenue of $4,089,139 in Fiscal 2008.

435% increase in Net Income from Fiscal 2008 to Fiscal 2009.

43% increase in Revenue from Fiscal 2008 to Fiscal 2009.

$0.43 Revenue Per Share (on share count of 13,513,264).

$0.03 Earnings Per Share (on share count of 13,513,264).

The company reported a consolidated net profit of 383,937 or $.03 per share and revenue of $5,842.182, or $0.43 per share, for the 2009 fiscal year.

Forterus has record 1st Quarter results 106%  increase on revenues of 1,885,802  EPS up 550% RPS up 81% Operating income up 483% year over year

Stock Information and Charts

AS: 250 Million

Outstanding Shares 15,953,436 as of  June 7, 2010

Float: 5-6.5 Million as of Feb 25, 2010




Date Time Source Headline Symbol   Company
06/07/2010 6:00AM PRNUS Forterus Announces Financial Guidance for 2nd Quarter 2010 and Corporate Update USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
04/26/2010 5:30AM PRNUS Forterus Announces Record Quarter Results USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
02/10/2010 8:09PM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Announces an Update on Its 2010 Expansion Plans USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
02/02/2010 9:50AM PRNUS Forterus Company Update USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
01/27/2010 4:02PM PRNUS Forterus Announces Historic Day for Company USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
01/26/2010 6:00AM PRNUS Forterus Announces It Is Operating at 100% Capacity USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
01/22/2010 7:39PM PRNUS Forterus Announces Fiscal Year 2009 Financial Results USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
01/04/2010 2:03PM PRNUS Forterus Inc.'s A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center to be Featured on A&E's 'Intervention' Tonight USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
12/10/2009 10:30AM PRNUS IPOdesktop Releases Forterus Analyst Report, Includes CEO Interview USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
11/09/2009 7:30AM PRNUS Forterus Plans Strategic Expansion in 2010 USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
10/22/2009 12:29PM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Posts Revenue, Net Income Gains for Q3 2009 USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
09/16/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Launches Updated, Improved Web Site USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
09/09/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Executives to Be Interviewed on VoiceAmerica USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
09/02/2009 11:26AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Treatment Centers Showing Consistent, Sustainable Growth; CEO Paul Howarth Interviewed USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
08/19/2009 9:00AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Posts Revenue, Net Income Gains USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
07/27/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Elects Jeff Walton, Former Bear Stearns President, to Board of Directors; Applying to Open New Facility near Los A USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
06/15/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Treatment Centers Serving Middle-Class; Rapid Growth Detailed in Paul Howarth Interview USOTC:FTER   Forterus (OTC)
06/10/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Announces Special Board Meeting; Nominates Jeff Walton, Former Bear Stearns President, to Board of Directors USOTC:FTER    Forterus (OTC)
06/08/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Announces Free Outpatient Treatment to Military Veterans Back from War Zones USOTC:FTER    Forterus (OTC)
05/26/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Advertisement for Forterus Treatment Center, A Better Tomorrow, Featured on A & E Network USOTC:FTER    Forterus (OTC)
05/22/2009 5:00AM PRNUS Forterus Treatment Center, A Better Tomorrow, Featured in Major Network Program USOTC:FTER    Forterus (OTC)
03/02/2009 7:30AM PRNUS A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center Inc., a Forterus Subsidiary, to Be Featured On A & E Television Network's 'Intervention' Prog USOTC:FTER    Forterus (OTC)
02/17/2009 7:30AM PRNUS Forterus Healthcare Continues Its Southern California Expansion, Completing Its Second Acquisition in Six Months USOTC:FTER    Forterus (OTC)
01/22/2009 7:30AM PRNUS Forterus Healthcare to Acquire Solutions 4 Recovery USOTC:FTER    Forterus (OTC)
11/12/2008 7:30AM PRNUS Forterus Inc. Announces Stock Buyback USOTC:FTER  




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