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sharky  Fishing around for the undervalued. 
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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
UATG  Umbra Applied Technologies Group Inc.0.00210.00.00%   12/13/2017
DCTH  Delcath Systems Inc.0.060.00498.89%   12/11/2017
VMCI  iCoreConnect Inc.0.0011-0.0001-8.33%   12/09/2017
ELTZ  Elite Group Inc.0.0011-0.0001-8.33%   12/07/2017
ITKH  iTeknik Holding Corporation0.00260.00043920.31%   12/07/2017
FERN  Fernhill Corporation0.00176-0.00024-12.00%   12/01/2017
DTII  Defense Technologies International Corp.0.00250.00.00%   12/01/2017
MSMY  MC Endeavors0.008999-0.001001-10.01%   12/01/2017
TRBO  Turbo Global Partners Inc.0.00170.00.00%   11/28/2017
FVRD  Favored Inc.0.013090.000292.27%   11/28/2017
SRMX  Saddle Ranch Media Inc.0.00090.00.00%   11/27/2017
BIEI  Premier Biomedical Inc0.00390.0004212.07%   11/27/2017
BRAV  Bravada International, Ltd.0.00080.00.00%   11/27/2017
QSIM  QuantumSphere, Inc.0.00080.000114.29%   11/27/2017
MVES  The Movie Studio Inc.0.0010.00.00%   11/27/2017
BRGO  Bergio International Inc.0.00010.00.00%   11/24/2017
TTSI  Tactical Services Inc.0.023460.000462.00%   11/21/2017
RXMD  Progressive Care, Inc.0.01610.00.00%   11/19/2017
DSGT  DSG Global Inc.0.00580.00047.41%   11/15/2017
GEQU  Global Equity International Inc0.0054-0.000485-8.24%   10/23/2017
BTGI  Bulova Technologies Group Inc0.0014020.00.00%   10/11/2017
ADVT  Advantis Corp.0.01280.00021.59%   10/11/2017
AVEW  AVEW Holdings Inc.0.00130.00.00%   10/11/2017
SKYF  SKY440 INC0.0003-0.0001-25.00%   10/11/2017
UPZS  Unique Pizza and Subs Corp.0.0004-0.00008-16.67%   10/11/2017
QBAN  Telco Cuba, Inc.0.00020.00.00%   10/11/2017
ACGX  Alliance Creative Group, Inc.0.000823-0.000077-8.56%   10/09/2017
SNMN  SNM Global Holdings0.0008-0.0001-11.11%   10/05/2017
UNVC  UNIVEC, Inc.0.00080.000114.29%   10/02/2017
USEI  US Energy Initiatives Corp0.00070.00.00%   09/29/2017
AZFL  Amazonas Florestal Ltd.0.00040.000133.33%   09/27/2017
CANB  Canbiola Inc.0.019980.0018810.39%   09/18/2017
TONR  Tonner-One World Holdings, Inc.0.00020.00.00%   09/15/2017
STEV  Stevia Corp.0.002680.000249.84%   09/15/2017
OTTV  Viva Entertainment Group Inc.0.00180.00.00%   09/12/2017
SLDC  Solid Controls, Inc.0.00670.00011.52%   09/11/2017
IMTL  Image Protect Inc.0.0145-0.000193-1.31%   09/11/2017
BVTK  Bravatek Solutions Inc.0.0021-0.0002-8.70%   09/11/2017
SWHI  SW Innovative Holdings Inc.0.0010.000111.11%   09/11/2017
EVRM  Evermedia Group, Inc.0.00020.00.00%   09/08/2017
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