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Short term make some money but long term Twitter (TWTR) 06/24/2017 02:34:33 AM
Yeah #Apple #Autonomous #DiVVY Dancin! #AI #AR #IOT Apple Inc. (AAPL) 06/24/2017 01:57:47 AM
Agreed #iG #Ai #Live Facebook Inc. (FB) 06/24/2017 01:52:12 AM
Yep agreed these last weeks have been phenomenal! Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/24/2017 01:14:18 AM
Wow, I was busy and just saw your Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) 06/23/2017 06:16:53 PM
Yep... and in one year #MJNA has outperformed Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) 06/23/2017 03:09:35 PM
@Twitter stock jumping after launching 'Super Hearts' feature Twitter (TWTR) 06/22/2017 04:24:54 PM
There we go... Big buys today! anyone do Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/22/2017 04:06:18 PM
Anyone selling today? ATH @TeslaMotors congrats guys Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/22/2017 03:40:23 PM
Yessir! Go #ElonMusk Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/22/2017 03:38:58 PM
@Twitter has a new marketing campaign called #seeeveryside Twitter (TWTR) 06/22/2017 02:12:34 PM
Haha! #SocialMedia KiNGZ! Facebook Inc. (FB) 06/22/2017 01:34:49 PM
400 easy go #Tesla Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/22/2017 12:33:42 PM
LO 1K #TWTR @17.85 Filled!!! #AI Way 2 Twitter (TWTR) 06/22/2017 12:27:08 PM
I'm looking to add 1K #C Citigroup (C) 06/22/2017 04:53:56 AM
RSI + MACD :)) Bitcoin Invt. (GBTC) 06/22/2017 04:50:28 AM
Congrats! btw Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/22/2017 04:22:13 AM
Wow cool! Great news Banks aren't doing anything Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/22/2017 04:20:52 AM
For real? Wow that's my Bday month too... Salute Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/22/2017 04:04:30 AM
Word up GL Twitter (TWTR) 06/22/2017 04:03:02 AM
Yeah ok maybe but I've made plenty trading Twitter (TWTR) 06/22/2017 01:56:32 AM
#Trump allies Roger Stone, Jesse Ventura launch pro-cannabis Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) 06/21/2017 10:08:18 PM
IMO it is great news I'm going to Twitter (TWTR) 06/21/2017 06:15:02 PM
Wow! #ElonMusk like a Bo$$!!! Go #Tesla 400 Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/21/2017 06:14:10 PM
Haha Go #FnF Longs Fannie Mae (FNMA) 06/21/2017 05:49:40 PM
Nice #Congrats Guys! #Cloud Oracle Corporation (ORCL) 06/21/2017 05:47:40 PM
Maybe... I made good money with 4s my Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) 06/21/2017 04:37:18 PM
great sign for things to come, especially with Twitter (TWTR) 06/21/2017 04:35:27 PM
#VirginMobile is going all #Apple #iPhone -- Apple Inc. (AAPL) 06/21/2017 04:29:36 PM
Congrats! See you in Vegas... :)) Fannie Mae (FNMA) 06/21/2017 04:09:02 PM
Who just picked up 17K #TWTR @17.8745 Ballin! Twitter (TWTR) 06/21/2017 04:07:23 PM
#Twitter Up On Positive Advertiser Comments On Live Streaming: Twitter (TWTR) 06/21/2017 04:03:56 PM
@Twitter report of strong advertiser outlook Twitter (TWTR) 06/21/2017 04:00:17 PM
#MedicalMarijuana #MJNA is officially legal in Mexico. This Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) 06/21/2017 12:34:01 PM
You can't keep a good thing down ;)) Twitter (TWTR) 06/21/2017 11:40:16 AM
#Tesla + #China = Moon then #Mars! Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 06/20/2017 03:59:04 PM
I'm adding Long if I see that level Twitter (TWTR) 06/20/2017 02:20:15 PM
LO 15 #C @64.25 #FiLLED Citigroup (C) 06/20/2017 02:12:22 PM
#Facebook has announced that Instagram has 250 million Twitter (TWTR) 06/20/2017 01:15:43 PM
#Facebook has announced that Instagram has 250 million Facebook Inc. (FB) 06/20/2017 01:15:21 PM