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Limitless Venture Group, Inc. (LVGI) popcorn tomorrow...break .0014 with volume and things really heyheyhey 827825/26/2015 11:50:17 PM
Quantum Materials Corporation (QTMM) So you know. Yes, go QMC! Aloha. eom Denise Chanterelle 380095/26/2015 11:50:08 PM
Hangover Joe''s Holding Corp. (HJOE) HJOE is going to fly!: their kind wouldn't WhistlerOz 209965/26/2015 11:49:59 PM
Electronic Cigarettes International Group Ltd. (ECIG) I feel the same way...if it wasn't for MrDTrade 705495/26/2015 11:49:56 PM
Integrated Freight Corp. (IFCR) Quiet in here tonight, fireworks begin soon real soon dreubie 78395/26/2015 11:49:54 PM
Freeze Tag, Inc. (FRZT) FRZT reminds me of when the ice cream Skelator 185065/26/2015 11:49:54 PM
Boreal Water Collection Inc (BRWC) BRWC is GOLD GOLD GOLD we will be james360 156165/26/2015 11:49:40 PM
Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (ADMD) Historical Short Selling Data For ADMD Just 1 MIL 345875/26/2015 11:49:14 PM
HyperSolar, Inc. (HYSR) Actually, that PR you posted was incorrectly dated. PJM1984 75255/26/2015 11:49:08 PM
Liberated Energy, Inc. (LIBE) You're selling yourself short;-) LIBE HIGH FADE 124645/26/2015 11:48:58 PM
Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) Per filing, Sides only has 21M shares Det_Robert_Thorne 1843765/26/2015 11:48:57 PM
AccelPath Inc. (ACLP) Rejected R/S here? Just might have to load jamesthaman 238685/26/2015 11:48:44 PM
Amarantus BioScience Holdings, Inc. (AMBS) a 2nd MANF ODD for RAO would be JPetroInc 1146615/26/2015 11:48:30 PM
T M M Inc (TMMI) You missed the '-' sign, and no caps. BajaWizard 167285/26/2015 11:48:28 PM
ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) I would be a buyer but still worried redtxdog 3039195/26/2015 11:48:23 PM
All Things Supreme ONCY - Unless they have news, i will alchemytrader 592735/26/2015 11:48:17 PM
Solar3D, Inc. (SLTD) I can answer number 3. buddyinfo 461845/26/2015 11:47:56 PM
Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (EKSO) This was taken from my subscription to dabonenose 9385/26/2015 11:47:41 PM
Medican Enterprises Inc. (MDCN) Teens would be flip worthy tomorrow @MomoPicks 260075/26/2015 11:47:19 PM
Fannie Mae (FNMA) Once released there must be a forward split stockprofitter 3015845/26/2015 11:47:12 PM
SKY440 INC (SKYF) If more good news hits bobby"s other company Smilin_B 290565/26/2015 11:46:06 PM
22nd Century Group (XXII) + 72,000... Move along pumper noob Lnp30 254065/26/2015 11:45:41 PM
Drone Services USA Inc. (DSUS) ~ DSUS = Might $ave YOUR~LIFE!! ;-) 1-eye-jack 1367355/26/2015 11:45:30 PM
Treaty Energy Corp (TECO) Lol we are counting two days for one now dloggold 909085/26/2015 11:45:30 PM
MMRGlobal, Inc. (MMRF) Is that the news that will take it ssc 758095/26/2015 11:45:24 PM
Velocityshares 3X Long Natural Gas Etn (UGAZ) all is possible captain as NG is still balamidas 46085/26/2015 11:45:11 PM
Interactive Health Network (IGRW) Yup IGRW is just a matter of time. BigJuan 346325/26/2015 11:45:06 PM
MyECheck Inc. (MYEC) Agreed. byrdiesoccer 2122765/26/2015 11:44:03 PM
$Pistol Pete$ this good one route 66 upside down/\ just joking. mick 21615/26/2015 11:43:58 PM
Itonis Inc. (ITNS) Spot on. I missed it as well. Thanks MisterOpertunity 321285/26/2015 11:43:50 PM
IJJ Corp. (IJJP) gwen, I don't think IJJP will be the carlson 586985/26/2015 11:43:39 PM
FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) It shows as a buy and a sell nwsun 411305/26/2015 11:43:28 PM
Save the World Air (ZERO) So very true Moorea9, you can clearly see Gold Mine 200605/26/2015 11:43:16 PM
Marijuana - Companies & Stocks Solid alert Neo! IGRW looks to be getting BigJuan 132645/26/2015 11:42:32 PM
Las Vegas Railway Express (XTRN) Go $XTRN $Pistol Pete$ 52435/26/2015 11:42:04 PM
Pervasip Corp. (PVSP) Wow multi pennies potential at PVSP and the Aamir100 1182805/26/2015 11:41:44 PM
FBEC Worldwide Inc. (FBEC) FBEC looks serious like Mr. T. Skelator 113215/26/2015 11:41:28 PM
~*~Mining and Metals Du Jour~*~ a new twist to Q companies going into bankruptcey cha-ching 209685/26/2015 11:41:27 PM
Eagle Oil Holding Co. (EGOH) I might not know for sure what's going Shon7 309165/26/2015 11:41:21 PM
NoHo, Inc. (DRNK) +>>>DRNK - Yep! Just Waiting Patiently! <<<+ Chrion Capital 37635/26/2015 11:41:16 PM
THE SECRET SOCIETY (MONEYMADE) YO WTF HAPPEND HERE??? penneePincher 308975/26/2015 11:40:45 PM
ALERTS, CHARTS, & HOT STOCKS QLTS chart jhnvtjll 1494925/26/2015 11:40:28 PM
SmartMetric, Inc (SMME) Touche Mattski pottsville 66985/26/2015 11:39:46 PM
Billionaire Boys Club Member Forum (BBCMF) Food Companies Fear Bird Flu May Cause Egg mick 3964205/26/2015 11:39:46 PM
VGTel, Inc. (VGTL) Psar drop and break of .0028. Next one Arnold25764 62745/26/2015 11:39:29 PM
Emaji, Inc. (EMJI) That might be it.....make it a 24. EF5$tocks 118015/26/2015 11:39:10 PM
Prince Goro 's Portfolio Hello prince 867moneytime 25/26/2015 11:39:01 PM
American Security Resources Corp (ARSC) Good finish today, tomorrow we start the climb up Cheds 507955/26/2015 11:37:51 PM
Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. (TC) Hope you had a good weekend and good Mkelly0129 1905/26/2015 11:37:34 PM
Solanbridge Group Inc. (SLNX) Why would this news have any bearing on KitchenRat 381935/26/2015 11:37:34 PM
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