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STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK $AGFL BarChart Trader's Cheat Sheet BoomPickens 19374378/3/2015 2:37:53 AM
MyECheck Inc. (MYEC) SO WHAT if UBA its not the bank 2x2x2x2 2185918/3/2015 2:37:41 AM
"JET LIFE" PENNY STOCK$ $VAPR Daily DollarsOnPennies 2522388/3/2015 2:37:37 AM
Airborne Security & Protection Services,Inc. (ABPR) Looking good, except that shares are maxed out. GreyGoose_69 107718/3/2015 2:36:48 AM
Data Call Technologies (DCLT) Why are you here? What's your agenda? Rockstar55 92378/3/2015 2:36:04 AM
Poynt Corporation (PNYTF) About iBeacon~~> Red Lion 2658/3/2015 2:35:51 AM
World Poker Fund Holdings Inc. (WPFH) Nxt Tues .... WhisperJ 13678/3/2015 2:35:49 AM
Eagle Oil Holding Co. (EGOH) This ticker weird? I'll agree with that. But havnagoodtime 327928/3/2015 2:34:38 AM
Breathe Ecig Corp. (BVAP) Yup, if you do that consistently you'll receive IloveTransformers1984 60128/3/2015 2:34:14 AM
PENNY WATCH My pick is EPGL @ .07675 Book Em Dan O 459818/3/2015 2:33:36 AM
Innovativ Media Group Inc. (INMG) Awww comes another basher things are really Phonz 196818/3/2015 2:33:27 AM
Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc. (HCTI) Have to like the names in this list.... Competitive Barrydeep 41038/3/2015 2:32:54 AM
Triple 000 and Sub-penny Chart Plays IHSI .0018 HUGE contracts, state of California and cjstocksup 729338/3/2015 2:32:52 AM
SONS OF THE DRAGON (MONEYMADE) IHSI .0018 HUGE contracts, state of California and cjstocksup 359248/3/2015 2:32:23 AM
China Ginseng Holdings, Inc. (CSNG) For your sake I hope no pr so Quokkie 62068/3/2015 2:32:02 AM
Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) That'd be REALLY nice. Who knows what's going caryS4 158418/3/2015 2:31:45 AM
Institutes of Biomedical Research Corp. (MRES) How's the short position going? fink 58638/3/2015 2:31:38 AM
SUTIMCo International, Inc. (SUTI) GOOD MORNING EVERYONE THIS IS CARLSON BETTER KNOWN carlson 708698/3/2015 2:31:05 AM
Propanc Health Group (PPCH) Same here Freebird-BFCJ 248298/3/2015 2:30:44 AM
OncoSec Medical Inc. (ONCS) The only draw back is that when you V63 319438/3/2015 2:29:28 AM
LifeApps Digital Media Inc. (LFAP) SCAM stock going down, get ready for this decomad 45288/3/2015 2:29:19 AM
World Oil Group Inc. (WOGI) DEAR MARIA Every day you're just looking for IRONURI 430208/3/2015 2:29:08 AM
All Star Economic News The Collapse Continues: Chinese Economy Crashes To 2-Year mmayr 305498/3/2015 2:29:08 AM
Indo Global Exchange(s) Pte., Ltd. (IGEX) Its actually not new. But on Bloomberg news jamesjak 194968/3/2015 2:28:39 AM
Minerco Resources, Inc. (MINE) Please stop! This has never been announced Fizzman 2540188/3/2015 2:28:09 AM
Boreal Water Collection Inc (BRWC) We are already in the trips id! We decomad 332988/3/2015 2:27:51 AM
*** ALL THINGS MONEY >>>> ATM *** Pro-Life posted another outstanding video on one of reaper247 696868/3/2015 2:26:32 AM
Tweed Inc. (TSXV:TWD) August 2015 Tweed Expected News Updated Wo 211008/3/2015 2:26:15 AM
Hemp, Inc. (HEMPD) agree with you my friend, I play poker, birdys3333 586148/3/2015 2:25:12 AM
Cellceutix Corporation (CTIX) Youssef,I used to think the fundamentals was the 123tom 1146658/3/2015 2:25:03 AM
Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) No - emit 474118/3/2015 2:24:14 AM
Velocityshares 3X Long Crude (UWTI) If $46 get's broken, watchout below. Peasodos 144398/3/2015 2:23:23 AM
Green Parts International, Inc. (GNPT) Chart building, just getting started here. Long and sharky 69248/3/2015 2:22:14 AM
Dewmar International BMC Inc. (DEWM) Funny indeed. A total circus act. jhinvestor51 1173288/3/2015 2:20:30 AM
Calissio Resources Group Inc. (CRGP) Was .10 in April. :) sharky 68078/3/2015 2:20:18 AM
My Front Porch Happy Monday! jhnvtjll 28818/3/2015 2:20:07 AM
National Bank of Greece ADR (NBG) The Bourse , The ASE exchange is due rocco2 87218/3/2015 2:20:04 AM
Global Fashion Tech Inc. (GFTI) I guess we'll need to wait for the Herzogtech 201248/3/2015 2:18:46 AM
Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) Let's see the IHSI 50 day MA at cjstocksup 25228/3/2015 2:18:16 AM
Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (ADMD) Hi!! thanx for the info, but, where is percival77 448338/3/2015 2:18:08 AM
Vringo, Inc. (VRNG) Ni keyi xie zài ni de muyu...... Women Snooze 592908/3/2015 2:16:24 AM
MannKind Corp. (MNKD) JLS, nice to hear from you. I was Denise Chanterelle 136948/3/2015 2:15:37 AM
$heff's $tation of $tocks & $olid DD $CPRX..$4.94..Key catalysts for 2H15. $heff 894038/3/2015 2:12:25 AM
HydroPhi Technologies Group Inc. (HPTG) Let's get down to a little less talk ConstructionKing 55278/3/2015 2:11:10 AM
Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) This stock will be at .21 by Friday. Mansa_Musa 1308678/3/2015 2:10:32 AM
Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. (THCZ) They are just bashers living in the past. fourthjohn 581628/3/2015 2:08:43 AM
NuGene International Inc. (NUGN) LOL, honest trying to sell old news as new? Dollars1 2888/3/2015 2:06:34 AM
Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) Seems encouraging lol. Matrix7 75138/3/2015 2:06:30 AM
SMA Alliance, Inc. (SMAA) Promotion for their other company starts today. NunyaBidness 105748/3/2015 2:05:57 AM
WMIH Corp. (WMIH) The way I understand it is it only 3dog 4311098/3/2015 2:04:59 AM
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