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Harmonic Energy, Inc. (ASUV) Thanks for confirming that a PMP is coming, MadHatter326 100731/24/2017 1:57:25 AM
Apple Inc. (AAPL) #Apple is the KiNG! Still #AR #VR #IOT KICK1 1238801/24/2017 1:57:23 AM
Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI) So we're not gonna be saved by a overlordpeter 227501/24/2017 1:57:23 AM
Marijuana - Public Weed Stocks & Analysis (WEED) $PKPH Daily - Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a DollarsOnPennies 272901/24/2017 1:57:09 AM
Ameritrade (AMTD) Walk/run down here. FRED8 171341/24/2017 1:56:47 AM
STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK Appreciate it PhotoChick! Interesting to see how The Tuna Pester 25337011/24/2017 1:56:42 AM
EP Global Communications, Inc. (EPGL) Should have sold at .03 last week rostam92 1146201/24/2017 1:56:35 AM
MGT Capital Investments Inc. (MGTI) Agreed! Nothing could help mgt moved up even skwong 226461/24/2017 1:55:41 AM
Fannie Mae (FNMA) Fa sho! FNMA Ballers all in KICK1 3805451/24/2017 1:55:35 AM
Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) Mr. Bianco has agreed to receive restricted shares TintStuff 651391/24/2017 1:55:29 AM
Just Politics Here is a puppet's thoughts on Putin's PUPPET! hyrpowr 477531/24/2017 1:55:24 AM
BB's Stock Haven Yeah WEEDWACKO!! OWCP has been one of The Tuna Pester 40533881/24/2017 1:55:10 AM
Artec Global Media Inc. (ACTL) Volume going to pick up here shortly all kevgan9 136581/24/2017 1:54:01 AM
Golf's Major Championships (GMC) I'll go with Justin Rose please. MTIA stayfocused 491041/24/2017 1:53:47 AM
Simply Politics (GOV) I don't think Obama had anything to do rollingrock 3461551/24/2017 1:52:21 AM
OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OWCP) Coulda got yourself 90 more shares with that profit! AccountDracula 410101/24/2017 1:51:39 AM
WMIH Corp. (WMIH) You haven't been following very closely. elephantstomp 4708591/24/2017 1:51:15 AM
THE SUPER SIX Thanks Devil dog 96- find TRON and HIRU DD_dempsey 441/24/2017 1:51:00 AM
Elite Pharmaceuticals (ELTP) Did not mean to post this. Thought I was Bngo 2402381/24/2017 1:50:32 AM
Signature Devices Inc. (SDVI) dont let these two names fool you. Hares Nolimit1163 738771/24/2017 1:49:18 AM
Triple 000 and Sub-penny Chart Plays Hi, I'm just jumping in. I had shares PennytheStockPicker 1072331/24/2017 1:49:06 AM
Sylios Corp. (UNGS) 4 Million shares and holding on my end... rulestocks 1078801/24/2017 1:48:59 AM
The New CS Board Why markets simply shrugged this phenomena off despite nowwhat2 290401/24/2017 1:48:46 AM
World Moto Inc. (FARE) that is absolutely 100% false. alien42 301051/24/2017 1:48:38 AM
Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. (MYHI) Go to WRAP. will do the same like marina22 5991/24/2017 1:48:06 AM
Epoxy, Inc. (EPXY) Can only go up from here imo pennygame$10 311951/24/2017 1:47:36 AM
MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD TXHD. The fastest growing company on the OTC. makebucks77 17424091/24/2017 1:47:32 AM
$heff's $tation of $tocks & $olid DD $BPMX..$.43..Analyst Recommendations. $heff 961641/24/2017 1:47:15 AM
Amarin Corp. PLC ADS (AMRN) Agree with everything you wrote, especially your logical rafunrafun 986651/24/2017 1:46:23 AM
SIPP Industries (SIPC) Nice close today I think we just got ace65 443641/24/2017 1:45:33 AM
Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 3X Shares (JDST) Dollar inverted head and shoulders price target Sendme 40501/24/2017 1:45:26 AM
Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) Cannot find it anywhere either. link please? kazekool 295661/24/2017 1:45:03 AM
NEWBIES BOARD $PSTI trade at bottom my Friend $Pistol Pete$ 636681/24/2017 1:44:47 AM
International Spirit and Beverage Gr. Inc. (ISBG) Not sure if you are a subliminal basher Truenorth2016 403081/24/2017 1:44:24 AM
Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) Ur funny, not gonna happen Daydayupup 2046461/24/2017 1:43:29 AM
Sizzling Stock Picks $PSTI THE PLURISTEM THERAPEUTICS INC. (PSTI) UPGRADED TO $Pistol Pete$ 7148351/24/2017 1:43:07 AM
UBIQUITECH SOFTWARE CORP (UBQU) Best bet is put in a limit and Cleveland12 147611/24/2017 1:40:56 AM
FLASR Inc. (FLSR) Yup! .20 is 52wk high Brooksda 13091/24/2017 1:40:37 AM
Toron, Inc. (TRON) Our new CEO for TRON. devil dog 96 119651/24/2017 1:40:32 AM
THE WOOF OF WALL STREET $PMCB Enjoy Corporate Video PMCB [/b $Pistol Pete$ 23281/24/2017 1:40:28 AM
THE TRADERS GUILD (TRENDS) $PMCB Enjoy Corporate Video PMCB [/b $Pistol Pete$ 6681/24/2017 1:40:04 AM
Momentum Runners $PMCB PharmaCyte Biotech - Diabetes Treatm $Pistol Pete$ 73001/24/2017 1:39:46 AM
RUMORED NEWS, NEWS and STOCKS GOINGUP $PMCB PharmaCyte Biotech - Diabetes Treatm $Pistol Pete$ 424131/24/2017 1:39:27 AM
Great Basin Scientific Inc. (GBSND) Yeah I think that too... Nice upmove would KIKU 270641/24/2017 1:39:17 AM
ML Capital Group Inc. (MLCG) Shorty still covering I see... be back soon! 06goat 293601/24/2017 1:39:15 AM
NW Tech Capital, Inc. (NWTT) the stock was dead completely and now it Jkid73 454591/24/2017 1:38:58 AM
Marijuana - Companies & Stocks $PMCB A Must Watch Video (Discovery Channel) PMCB $Pistol Pete$ 171791/24/2017 1:38:57 AM
Momentum Players $PMCB A Must Watch Video (Discovery Channel) PMCB $Pistol Pete$ 5804401/24/2017 1:38:42 AM
Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM) Who has scammed investors out of their money Stock Barber 1183301/24/2017 1:38:35 AM
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