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IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) That's the reason I shut it up today. WholesaleL2 495961/30/2015 7:46:29 PM
AmeraMex International Inc. (AMMX) Yes, you're right. If you look at MikTrader 216001/30/2015 7:46:29 PM
Electronic Cigarettes International Group Ltd. (ECIG) 300 million currently. 350 is the vote CUIN2 322021/30/2015 7:46:26 PM
Drummer and Missy's Place (MUSIC) Scorpions - Don`t believe her Penny Roger$ 2091451/30/2015 7:46:25 PM
Swordfish Financial (SWRF) I heard the 5th. doingfine 394381/30/2015 7:46:19 PM
Personmark Exchange Board Thank you again. Enjoy the board, bro. $UPERMAN 189601/30/2015 7:46:10 PM
New World Gold Corporation (NWGC) You are really working hard on this stock.....time T_T23 470391/30/2015 7:46:09 PM
Alliance Bioenergy Plus Inc. (ALLM) Lots of people selling into the bid? Tmyz 9071/30/2015 7:45:50 PM
Green Cures and Botanical Distribution Inc. (GRCU) This is great the bill has been moved longymickshort 2154271/30/2015 7:45:46 PM
American Green Inc. (ERBB) Here here HGKuehn 1986621/30/2015 7:45:44 PM
02 Secure Wireless, Inc. (OTOW) Yup! I have some good Guys who work/research M0NEYMADE 694451/30/2015 7:45:42 PM
Cross Click Media Inc. (XCLK) I Agree!! :-) valleyrabbit 46081/30/2015 7:45:39 PM
Cellceutix Corporation (CTIX) Lol I was thinking the same thing tombrady12nh 899141/30/2015 7:45:35 PM
Herborium Group, Inc. (HBRM) Can't hold this down for long. Record volume! Happytrader17 566951/30/2015 7:45:30 PM
Bioelectronics Corp. (BIEL) I like BIEL........Jessica Biel z Zardiw 458861/30/2015 7:45:28 PM
VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX ST ETN (TVIX) all stocks are POS... <g> Croesus I 94671/30/2015 7:45:21 PM
Modern Mobility Aids, Inc. (MDRM) MDRM is fully SEC reporting. That's a very brentkosta 85351/30/2015 7:45:11 PM
S&P 500 Analysis & ETF Trading You got it...daily Bias is the focus then kiy 133481/30/2015 7:45:10 PM
Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) U going to b looking for a long time!!!. easymoney 199121/30/2015 7:45:06 PM
Pleasant Kids Inc. (PLKD) Back to .0005. Easy 100%. Then dump. We DipnRip 818401/30/2015 7:45:01 PM
Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. (DKAM) JMO this was plan all along since Cabo sub000fatality 748331/30/2015 7:45:00 PM
CleanPath Resources Corp. (CLNP) Another absolute pathetic and laughable week for CLNP Atown62 572331/30/2015 7:44:55 PM
Fannie Mae (FNMA) Thank you! Dollars1 2830661/30/2015 7:44:38 PM
Verde Media Group (VMGI) Good deal my friend! This could be really brizl37 853351/30/2015 7:44:36 PM
Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX) Dude, that's from the TOWN of Essex, not shajandr 1622341/30/2015 7:44:33 PM
Eyes on the Go, Inc. (AXCG) Since you were having a conversation with this icgreen22 596491/30/2015 7:44:22 PM
Integrated Freight Corp. (IFCR) Do you have a link.....I'm starting not to M0NEYMADE 30251/30/2015 7:44:22 PM
NanoViricides Inc. (NNVC) They used outside labs for those other tests. JG36 1077141/30/2015 7:44:21 PM
Inergetics, Inc. (NRTI) Sounds like it's time to buy lol just Cbdpotential 119061/30/2015 7:44:16 PM
Bitzio, Inc. (BTZO) Wrong, you need to take the EBITA in account! Jsmooth37 160291/30/2015 7:44:05 PM
Beneficial Holdings Inc (BFHJ) bfhj..have a good weekend all acc724 958781/30/2015 7:43:10 PM
Amazonas Florestal (AZFL) Still being patient and believing bones! Come back! jfack 407251/30/2015 7:43:02 PM
Simply Politics (GOV) Jordan has issued an ultimatum to the Islamic Long2Retire 2773141/30/2015 7:42:11 PM
Patriot Scientific (PTSC) I'm excited that February is finally here! audi65 211291/30/2015 7:42:08 PM
Fxcm Inc. Class A (FXCM) I was totally amazed at how quickly they Doc Holliday 81781/30/2015 7:42:01 PM
Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) You just have to understand these things take Mogollon 1814071/30/2015 7:41:53 PM
Endeavor IP, Inc. (ENIP) Shares in stronger hands. I agree lets see. $UPERMAN 43041/30/2015 7:41:19 PM
Amarin Corp. PLC ADS (AMRN) How Amarin knows if a Vascepa script was ggwpq 416061/30/2015 7:41:09 PM
Mining Global Inc. (MNGG) I hope you don't mind waiting. The gitreal 339331/30/2015 7:41:06 PM
Bayport International Holdings, Inc (BAYP) Please let us know how the scam word rubs1 902901/30/2015 7:41:04 PM
REX American Resources (REX) More about Brazil's current and future ethanol situation-- value1008 8481/30/2015 7:40:58 PM
GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH) No volume?! Hahah 3.5M each of the last ParaBellum 136221/30/2015 7:40:54 PM
Nate's Food Co. (NHMD) Reality, where is this stock 6 m HGKuehn 196061/30/2015 7:40:48 PM
VelocitySharesTM 3x Long Silver (USLV) $28 - $29 JohnCM 19581/30/2015 7:40:39 PM
Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) It closed green. You could have pulled BackTheTruckUp 538701/30/2015 7:40:30 PM
Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) I think marsh should announce news as soon heavenlystars 181701/30/2015 7:40:24 PM
Wham Inc (WFMC) Crazy thing huh? That's what happens when TraderGreen 68671/30/2015 7:40:08 PM
Limitless Venture Group, Inc. (LVGI) Spring break is considered all next month and josh11915 666931/30/2015 7:39:58 PM
Vapor Hub International Inc. (VHUB) 21 million shares exchange hands this month which Cerp 22051/30/2015 7:39:48 PM
3x Bull or Bear leveraged ETF's looks like I gotta go back to 'chart Croesus I 3451/30/2015 7:39:45 PM
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