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CannaSys Inc. (MJTK) Yep. But not out of the realm of Dennis2015 87817/27/2016 5:06:17 PM
Evoke Pharma Inc. (EVOK) EVOK is shorted maybe 100 percent or more. keekee 3487/27/2016 5:06:17 PM
Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc (ENUM) I have no problem señor if you whine. Rogerthat1 3097/27/2016 5:06:17 PM
Music of Your Life, Inc. (MYLI) The only thing holding up MYLI up is cjstocksup 36737/27/2016 5:06:04 PM
NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEKD) A pre-split PPS of .002 is great? BeverlyH 3538537/27/2016 5:05:58 PM
Natural Resources/The Global Demographic Tailwind Oakes, I wonder who wrote the wikipedia bit? wow_happens28 129437/27/2016 5:05:57 PM
Just Politics 7:00 PM EST LIVE Stream: Donald Trump's Vice ChannelTrader 314877/27/2016 5:05:54 PM
Minerco Inc. (MINE) So, it's "bid whackers" when MINE PPS goes twodips 2860597/27/2016 5:05:53 PM
Implant Sciences Corp. (IMSC) Believe what you want but this isn't the ki2002rom 407537/27/2016 5:05:52 PM
WMIH Corp. (WMIH) Wow, just came on and see a 48700 garyhalvo 4568307/27/2016 5:05:49 PM
Signal Bay Inc. (SGBY) if anyone is wondering why i add sgby investor10122 27447/27/2016 5:05:48 PM
Sylios Corp. (UNGS) T when is your friends coming? Gwinis 992787/27/2016 5:05:46 PM
Apricus Biosciences, Inc. (APRI) If they have 7/8 mlns costs, they can carlodb1978 256137/27/2016 5:05:30 PM
New Generation Consumer Group Inc. (NGCG) If there is a link between Kim and I-Glow 428107/27/2016 5:05:27 PM
Rubicon Minerals Corp. (RBYCF) How do you feel about a longer term SteezePleeze 19027/27/2016 5:05:26 PM
Cardinal Resources Inc. (CDNL) You guys got it I'll JUST light MakeaFuss 181787/27/2016 5:05:20 PM
22nd Century Group (XXII) This guy is as bad as the Ocean Man 320637/27/2016 5:05:18 PM
Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (MVTG) Next time anyone contacts Larry/MVTG CEO, mention that eiddle 537427/27/2016 5:05:15 PM
iTalk, Inc. (TALK) In certain areas, a company can claim proprietary integral 577167/27/2016 5:05:13 PM
RVUE Holdings Inc (RVUE) yes much tighter and more organic trading than Cheds 33107/27/2016 5:04:59 PM
Double Crown Resources Inc. (DDCC) Agreed ProfitScout. Thats why the issuing of hotstockz 129977/27/2016 5:04:58 PM
Lot78 Inc. (LOTE) samsamsamiam 65557/27/2016 5:04:53 PM
DONALD TRUMP AND THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY / DTACP 7:00 PM EST LIVE Stream: Donald Trump's Vice ChannelTrader 85047/27/2016 5:04:48 PM
Derf's Grotto read my lips gotmilk 918697/27/2016 5:04:42 PM
Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) Here is that chart which does not show eelfland 376477/27/2016 5:04:28 PM
Maxima Group Inc. (MXMG) It's certainly Summer in my neck of the woods VedderMan 1747/27/2016 5:04:28 PM
Anavex Life Sciences Corp (AVXL) The fundamentals have changed...results not as impressive as BIzzy 705947/27/2016 5:04:27 PM
Umbra Applied Technologies Group Inc. (UATG) YOU R SO FULL OF SH$%$%^^t marina22 12357/27/2016 5:04:23 PM
Elite Pharmaceuticals (ELTP) Gee this one is a hard one: Couch 2182957/27/2016 5:04:18 PM
Experience Art and Design, Inc. (EXAD) 15M none issued pref shares B0tt0M WaTcH3R 64197/27/2016 5:04:18 PM
Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX) Wooowww I LOVE PEIX ;) belgiumsui 290847/27/2016 5:04:12 PM
Beverly Hills Group Inc. (BHGI) #18 up 260% not based on air but lukin4winners 90067/27/2016 5:04:01 PM
Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. (ILNS) Yes! I was thinking about pretending to have wEaReLeGiOn 202487/27/2016 5:03:57 PM
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) Dmitry Gabrilovich : Peregrine Pharmaceuticals KOL : biopharm 2691077/27/2016 5:03:41 PM
Kibush Capital Corp. (DLCR) Come Friday if 12s and 13s are left Drew88 68807/27/2016 5:03:37 PM
Your Economy (No Politics) (YE1) Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit al44 811817/27/2016 5:03:18 PM
Weyland Tech Inc. (WEYL) Yipeeeeeeeeee! 07up 445127/27/2016 5:03:08 PM
NorthWest Biotherapeutics (NWBO) Edit: ! TiltMyBrain 677177/27/2016 5:02:49 PM
Pazoo, Inc. (PZOO) Moron Dave_Cash 140587/27/2016 5:02:41 PM
Dataram Corporation (DRAM) * * $DRAM Video Chart 07-27-16 * * ClayTrader 1877/27/2016 5:02:33 PM
mCig Inc. (MCIG) McIg is all fluff and mirrors. Wildly throwing New-Old-School 750437/27/2016 5:02:27 PM
BB's Stock Haven * * $DRAM Video Chart 07-27-16 * * ClayTrader 39567917/27/2016 5:02:25 PM
MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD * * $DRAM Video Chart 07-27-16 * * ClayTrader 16910377/27/2016 5:02:19 PM
Kitov Pharmaceuticals Hldgs L Sponsored ADR (KTOV) they definitely seem to be using the following attorney ylama3 30307/27/2016 5:02:16 PM * * $DRAM * * ClayTrader 132237/27/2016 5:02:13 PM
Good Gaming, Inc. (GMER) At this volume I'm sure that is the TradingBabyishere 360037/27/2016 5:02:11 PM
Simply Politics (GOV) Refugee ‘rapes pensioner, 79, in German cemetery while Long2Retire 3220087/27/2016 5:02:03 PM
ORIONS Money Stocks GPL is up almost 10% today... Big move coming!!! ListenToMe 3707467/27/2016 5:01:30 PM
Red Giant Entertainment, Inc. (REDG) Some of the conversations are eerily sounding similar alaeloa 708387/27/2016 5:01:14 PM
AmeriResource Technologies Inc. (ARIOQ) Any moron that can read a Court Order kennypooh 301707/27/2016 5:01:13 PM
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