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Welcome2Pinkyland  Not here 4 beer or entertainment. (Butt sometimes entertained anyways) I buy&sell pinky stocks. I’m not a:pinky Investor or useless pinky 'vigilante',


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Alias Born 08/20/2006 12:22:51 AM

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Age 888
Location 3 keys to always winning and/or never losing in pinkyland:
1) Get lucky
2) Be on the inside/have inside info
3) Don't trade

Trade Pinky Patterns
Investment Philosophy pinky stocks are like financial market bubbles - if you trade them be sure to get in early and get out before they collapse.

stay positive. a sane person who signs up to go to the north pole is not going to be surprised or complain about the cold when they get there, in the same way- don't expect much from pinkyland- hope for the best-expect the worst-you will never be disappointed
Occupation Pinkys r4 trading

pinkyland is like going 2 the dump 2 find a treasure.

look to your creator and pray - it's the only way.

Interests/Hobby family - golf - watching tv

FYI-I only encourage people I do not like to buy penny stocks. If people buy based on the DD that I post-it is their own fault-ha ha.

Pinkyland Trading- evaluate and then make your best guess.

Looking 4 the stock superfecta:
-Favorable share structure
-Business with revenue and profits
-Good management
-Undervalued PPS

it rains on the just and unjust
Favorite Quote -i've noticed over the years, pps's go up/down - trade accordingly
-if i only traded pinky/sub-penny stocks that ihub message boards did not call a scam or the CEO a POS-there would be no pinky/sub-penny stocks for me to trade.
-Don't seek revenge or carry a grudge against any of your people. Love your neighbor as yourself. I am God. Leviticus 19:18 MSG
-Spend more time promoting what you like and less time bashing what you hate.
-Give 10%+ of the $ u make trading 2 charity-choose wisely
Person I'd Like to Meet Jesus - will happen in due time.

Favorite Movie Are you rapture ready?

Ask Jesus into your heart today! - if you haven't already.
Favorite Artist formula to know pps value:

S• x P + Ax = pps value.

S• =share structure
P =share price
Ax =architecture
architecture =everything-(S•-P)
Favorite Sports Team Guess the PPS of a pinky will go down- to be right most of the time. Correctly guess when the PPS of a pinky stock will go up and how high- to make $
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