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This board is for those interested in using technical analysis to trade ETF's and stocks using swing trading and day trading systems.  The board is for open minded people who wish to share ideas and observations about just in time action in the stock market.   All are welcome to join in the fun!  ThinkorSwim is the primary platform used to create charts and as such most of the discussion is around programming and creating charts in ThinkorSwim.

Please keep all posts civil, leaving political discussion and egos checked at the door.

P.S.  Please use "OT" prior to any post that does not contain on topic material.  However, please keep in mind that in order for this to remain a "free" board according to the rules of Investor's Hub, most posts should remain on topic.

Thank for joining the board!

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After years of sporadically writing in notebooks and on pieces of paper, I started journaling my trading experience in this free software.  I am very pleased with the results.  All the really successful traders journal so, as painful as it seemed to conduct this exercise, I bit the bullit and did it.  I find it is a very useful tool.  This software makes it so easy write down my thoughts but, also has a very good search feature so I can go back and find things.  It's easier to be the best by copying what the best do!  That doesn't mean I can't still be unique :)

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