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Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc (CYPW)

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4 BILLION SHARES- Authorized common stock to 4,000,000,000 shares 
Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc   


Effective September 1, 2016, the company raised the authorized common stock to 4,000,000,000 shares.


Cyclone Power Technology and its licensees have spent years and untold millions of dollars without producing a single marketable product. ( the total money spent is unknown)

There is not a single Cyclone engine in use anywhere in the world.

Cyclone started as a limited liability partnership in Florida in 2004. In July 2007, merged the partnership into a Florida corporation that had recently re-domiciled from California (originally chartered in 1974).  Began trading on the OTC Pink Market in July 2007 under the symbol CYPW and now tradeon the OTC pink market. Cyclone is not filling financial reports therefor the total dollar loss is unknown.
 OTC Pink - No InformationCYPW 
Pink Sheet stocks do NOT have any strict financial reporting obligations.

One common scam involving OTC investors is the pump and dump scheme where promoters buy penny stocks, promote and push up the prices for other investors and then dump their stocks while the late investors are stuck with worthless stock that they overpaid to own. 

Unfortunately the company has not been able to install a running motor in any of the (concept model) or prototypes pictured below.
.CEO  Frankie Fruge      The boat does not have a running motor.steamboat006.jpg


Cyclone business plan,  get a patent and sell licenses without actually having a working engine. 

"toxic debt" and derivative accounting results in zero Cyclone financial fillings. 

2012...The initial test runs on the Cyclone-Team Steam USA Streamliner are on target for late summer 2012, and will be at the NASA-Kennedy Space Center Shuttle landing strip in Cape Canaveral Florida. It is an honor to be invited by NASA to test at their facility and ultimately break the World Steam Record and bring it back to the USA at this historical facility...The engine never ran.

 Without competent engineers, how can you claim to be an R & D operation? How can you believe their claims that they are a serious R & D outfit? 

CEO FRANKIE FRUGE  The CEO of Cyclone Power Technology   The boat does not have a running motor. 


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CYPW Chart Recent Annual Reports, All SEC Filings  



Amend our articles of incorporation, as amended (our “Articles”), to increase our authorized capital stock from 901,000,000 to 2,001,000,000 shares, of which 2,000,000,000 shares will be common stock and 1,000,000 shares will be preferred stock.

Name Title Pay Exercised Age
Mr. Harry Schoell Co-Founder, Chairman, Principal Exec. Officer and Chief Technology Officer 150k N/A 75
Ms. Frankie Fruge Pres and Director 125k N/A 73
Mr. Bruce Schames Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer 72k N/A 70

Series B Pref. Shares Beneficially Owned: Harry Schoell 80%    Frankie Fruge ,20%

The Series B Preferred Stock is majority voting stock and is held by the two co-founders of the Company. Ownership of the Series B Preferred Stock shares assures the holders thereof a 51% voting control over the common stock of the Company. The 1,000 Series B Preferred Stock shares are convertible on a one-for-one basis with the common stock in the instance the Company is merged, sold or otherwise dissolved.
 The shareholders of this company  have never had a vote.

OTC Markets -OTCQB

Thanks Buddy,Tom, Chuck and bobby

ChuckFinley305   Friday, 01/06/17 08:46:31 AM
Re: Tom Swift post# 26181  
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Maybe they do not understand what production means. 

Tom is absolutely right. Anyone with any manufacturing experience knows that there are various steps to reach final production...even if it is just the first pilot run. It is a long and expensive endeavor because at each step there (should be) rigorous testing for each working prototype even before tools are even built for the production units. Then even after the off-tool samples are built there is more testing and, in some cases, tool modifications design changes, etc. Within that process, if you have something that is proven, you file for a patent to protect your idea. Most importantly though, an R&D firm DOES NOT go into production. 

Now based on what we have seen over the years, it is easy to assume that Cyclone has no manufacturing experience or understanding. Harry probably thinks that FMEA is the Government agency that takes care of you after a natural disaster. But I think the Cyclone problem is more serious than that: 
I believe that they know that they have a lemon. They have always known it. It is not a matter of being incompetent it is a matter of deceit. They sold a dream to investors and then realized quickly that the engine in any form would not work. But they got hooked on the money and exposure (Popular Mechanics, How It's Made)that having something revolutionary brings. To keep it going however, they needed to find more investors and money and sell more lies. 

Now, working on one engine and trying to sell lies gets old quickly and you get found out quickly. Besides, not everyone may want your "technical marvel" in its current form so you make up iterations based on the "proven" first engine. You then start selling those ideas. This is how you spend more on admin than engineering. Most of the money goes to selling the next big thing and a little actually goes to the engines. This is because you know that they do not work and you can lament that you lacked funds to do all you could with it. 

That is how you end up with a small "R&D" company with 6 engines that are "ready for production" but only if we could get the funding. And a race car with an engine that would hit Mach 5 if only we had the funding. 

This is why there was never any real diagnostic equipment in the shop and the engine videos never showed actual useful output. 

...and do not even get me started on the whole Cyclone Power paying Schoell marine for services and they have the same owner. I do not want to see the financials for Cyclone, I want to see the ones for Schoell Marine. 





CYPW Security Details
Share Structure
  Market Value1 $2,276,100 a/o Feb 08, 2017
  Authorized Shares 2,000,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2015
  Outstanding Shares 1,517,400,273 a/o Dec 31, 2016
  -Restricted Not Available
  -Unrestricted Not Available
  Held at DTC Not Available
  Float 352,989,105 a/o Jul 31, 2014
  Par Value No Par Value
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CYPW News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 03/23/2017 05:13:38 PM
CYPW News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 03/20/2017 09:27:31 AM
CYPW News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 03/20/2017 09:22:22 AM
CYPW News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 03/20/2017 09:15:31 AM
CYPW News: Annual Report (10-k) 03/20/2017 09:12:42 AM
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#26261   NOTE 18 – SUBSEQUENT EVENTS creston 03/23/17 08:11:01 PM
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#26252   Apple stock 5.610 Billion...Cyclone stock 4.000 Billion creston 03/22/17 07:51:54 AM
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#26247 $0 in c ChuckFinley305 03/21/17 10:52:33 AM
#26246   Give them a break.......... ChuckFinley305 03/21/17 10:47:47 AM
#26245   Accumulated deficit (58,727,736 ) 58 MILLION $$$$ creston 03/21/17 10:18:35 AM
#26244   Revenues(ZERO) $0 for the year ended December 31, 2015 creston 03/21/17 09:56:46 AM
#26243   We will also continue to pursue raising capital creston 03/21/17 07:37:15 AM
#26242   MY MIA CULPA part duex....last bobbyknobb 03/21/17 04:26:06 AM
#26241   omg...I MEAN OMG...could I have been WRONG? bobbyknobb 03/21/17 04:14:31 AM
#26240   4 BILLION SHARES - Authorized common stock to 4,000,000 creston 03/20/17 07:39:19 PM
#26239   The awakening. 10Q, 10K, production. Nice-nice-and-nice. New times nwar 03/20/17 04:11:26 PM
#26238   Mark 1, 5 HP, Preproduction units (10) in ChuckFinley305 03/20/17 01:40:19 PM
#26237   Effective September 1, 2016, the company raised the ChuckFinley305 03/20/17 01:35:09 PM
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#26235   $325,000 in settlements but stock rises almost 2/3? Tom Swift 03/20/17 11:12:25 AM
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#26232   It has been months in limbo, but Cyclone Paulness 03/20/17 09:28:38 AM
#26231   Ever notice how occasionally their posts are spelled Tom Swift 03/17/17 09:25:41 PM
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#26229   Good Grief. Just what "R&D job" is BuddyWhazhizname 03/17/17 02:00:24 PM
#26228   Tom, as you have said, "it was all creston 03/17/17 12:36:53 PM
#26227   Gee, they reinvented the Terry turbine. Like, Tom Swift 03/17/17 12:04:47 PM
#26226   Cyclone claims they have done a tremendous job. creston 03/17/17 11:30:14 AM
#26224   VOLUME=ZERO as in NO TRADES !!! bobbyknobb 03/13/17 07:01:48 PM
#26223   Let's do a year in review for Cyclone. BuddyWhazhizname 03/08/17 12:55:38 PM
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#26220   At what point is this whole farce considered ChuckFinley305 03/07/17 02:07:03 PM
#26219   9 MONTHS since this PR: creston 03/01/17 07:26:03 AM