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Correction to U.S. Hot Stocks: Hot Stocks to Watch
"U.S. Hot Stocks: Hot Stocks to Watch," at 9:09 a.m. EDT, misstated the day in the first paragraph. It should have read Monday's session instead of Thursday.
Tech Stocks Ease Ahead Of Twitter Earnings
JP Morgan Cuts Hundreds of Tech Staff Jobs at Investment Bank -Bloomberg
Tech Stocks Gain Ahead Of Twitter Earnings
General Electric's Finance Arm Bulks Up in Canada--Plots & Ploys
Mob Kills Three Members of Ahmadiyya Religious Community in Pakistan
Greenlight Notes Short Positions in Safeway, Lorillard -Reuters
Bristol-Myers Posts Lower Profit, Revenue -- Update
Pfizer Still Looking to Buy; Results Beat Views -- 2nd Update
EasyJet, Nokia Among European Stocks On The Move

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The Original LOTTO Board has evolved through the years to become $LOTTO*BigBoardStocks*NEWS*&*Options$. The board has always focused on the importance of global news, fast moving events and reports; now more than ever with lightning speed information across the twitter sphere and airwaves, trading stocks daily is often based on "As the World Turns".

The board has interests in trading stocks from all the major exchanges to short, scalp or swing, as well as longer term investments, and using options for profits. You're welcome to drop on by, sit a spell, share charts or opinions, lurk or just hang out as we're a friendly group! Board Motto to always remember:
Set a Goal, Take Profits Often, and follow Your Own Advice on Limits or Trading Style, not the words of others....
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Traders Watch This Video, This Info Is Not On CNBC
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Conversation with Ariel Emanuel
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