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eRoom System Technologies Inc. (fka ERMS)

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 eRoomSystem Technologies Inc. (ERMS)


*** TOP REASONS TO BUY eRoomSystem Technologies Inc. (ERMS) NOW ***
Insiders are buying and with good reason, revenues are skyrocketing, tons of cash and assets, virtually no debt or liabilities, with customers like Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, Carlson Hospitality Worldwide and other boutique hotels in the United States and internationally, product is in demand! This small undiscovered company has blue skies ahead, with a tiny float and only 24M O/S it is about to see it's share price soar! Now is the time to follow the insiders and BUY!



-Insider buying of over 95 000 shares in the few days (May 19th 2015 to May 21st 2015)

-Insider buying of over 733 000 shares in the last 12 months

-Insider buying of over 1 Million shares in the last 24 months

(What a BUY SIGNAL, ask yourself this who know more about the company, you or the insiders, of course the insiders do and they are buying, so should we!)

-Over $2.5 MILLION in assets 

-Over $1.5 MILLION in cash (very healthy with TONS of free cash and assets, another excellent BUY SIGNAL)

-Revenue growth exploding, quarter over quarter, year over year! (Now you can see why the insiders are buying!)

-For the three months ended March 31, 2015 revenues were almost $200 000 up a strong 9% over the same period for 2014.

-Year end revenues for 2014 were almost $800 000 up a WHOPPING 32% over the same period for 2013

-Revenues are projected to continue skyrocketing and could reach $5 million per year by the end of 2016 

-Virtually NO DEBT or LIABILITIES (another amazing sign of just how healthy this small company is and a BIG BUY SIGNAL)

-A tiny share structure of approximately 24M O/S and a FLOAT of just 14M (This means that the share price can rise very quickly, NOW is the time to buy before the share price takes off!)

-STOCK PRICE TARGET gives eRoomSystem Technologies Inc. (ERMS) a STRONG BUY rating and 6 month price target of 70 cents. (That represents potential gains of approximately 800% from current levels!)

About  eRoomSystem Technologies Inc. (ERMS)

If you have stayed at Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, Carlson Hospitality Worldwide, or in other boutique hotels in the United States and internationally it's likely you have experienced the service and quality difference that eRoomSystem Technologies Inc. (ERMS) brings!

eRoomSystem Technologies Inc. is a leader in fully-automated computerized refreshment centers (minibar), safes, and other integrated in-room technologies. eRoomSystem products are installed in leading hotel chains and independent lodging properties around the world. 

The company helps hotel management with ways to increase profits and maximize efficiency and minimize operational costs.

The four key components to the eRoomSystem™ are the refreshment center, the safe, the energy management control and the computer module.

In January 2014, the Company introduced to the lodging industry an amenity management platform, or the AMENITIES MANAGER™, an amenity management platform under the SMARTSERV brand; SmartTray, an ambient tray for dry goods; and refreshment centers.

The AMENITIES MANAGER™ deliver solutions in order to reduce operating costs, enhance hotel guest satisfaction and provide higher operating profits to the customers. The solutions offered by our AMENITIES MANAGER™ and related products have allowed the company to establish relationships with many premier hotel chains. In addition to providing customers with valuable amenity management solutions that pay for itself, a revenue-sharing program has allowed the company to partner with customers and provide solutions at little or no up-front cost. Customers share in revenues generated from the sale of goods and services related to our platform. As an alternative solution, the company offers a turnkey arrangement which provides both products and restockers to hotels. 

The company also provides customer service and maintenance for refreshment centers owned by hotels and instructs hotel personnel on the use and maintenance of its products; and manages the process of providing product and restockers to the hotels. In addition, it provides asset backed loans. The platform’s core is proprietary software that provides a cloud-based system to assist a hotel in enhancing its image and theme through distinctive products and managing its amenities with optimized efficiency.

Follow The Insiders And Win, here again is the BIGGEST BUY SIGNAL you can get:

-Insider buying of over 95 000 shares in the few days (May 19th 2015 to May 21st 2015)

-Insider buying of over 733 000 shares in the last 12 months

-Insider buying of over 1 Million shares in the last 24 months

(What a BUY SIGNAL, ask yourself this who know more about the company, you or the insiders, of course the insiders do and they are buying, so should we!)



#71   <giphy.com/embed/mi6DsSSNKDbUY" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" cl flash6 09/02/19 05:08:28 PM
#70   Let's hope. flash6 09/02/19 05:03:20 PM
#69   Thanks but no thanks,lol. swampboots 12/30/18 04:50:33 PM
#68   Unfortunately ERMS shares cannot trade on any public Renee 12/28/18 03:18:05 PM
#67   Is there any prospect of shares worth anything? swampboots 12/28/18 02:30:00 PM
#66   Hey TD ameritrade erased my entire investment swampboots 11/26/18 10:25:16 AM
#65   ERMS: A.L.J. revoked registration. NOTE: no prior SEC Renee 11/20/18 09:36:28 AM
#64   Ok have some 1.20 , yet shows low swampboots 09/26/18 03:11:40 PM
#63   ERMS filings 2017 are out and there are Maketa 09/07/18 11:14:14 AM
#62   ERMS one for 50 reverse split; Renee 01/26/17 05:42:29 PM
#61   Holding strong here WoollenBlock48 06/02/15 01:52:23 PM
#60   So thin on the way up WoollenBlock48 06/02/15 08:01:20 AM
#59   ERMS Slap those .085's get your cheapies soon INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/29/15 12:38:46 PM
#58   ERMS over half the volume today was shorting, INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/28/15 05:33:09 PM
#57   ERMS Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sell me more cheapies!! INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/28/15 03:53:49 PM
#56   **ERMS SQUUEEZE coming, over 60 000 shares shorted INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 07:56:00 PM
#55   I believe it. Mows the time to get WoollenBlock48 05/27/15 03:32:55 PM
#54   ERMS voted #1 undiscovered OTC stock Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 02:35:21 PM
#53   This stock is going to rocket off in time WoollenBlock48 05/27/15 02:26:20 PM
#52   ERMS An undiscovered gem indeed! INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:51:45 AM
#51   ERMS is a rear oppurtunity of a otcpenny 05/27/15 01:33:49 AM
#50   *********TONS OF CASH!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee****** INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:17:37 AM
#49   **ERMS Virtually NO DEBT or LIABILITIES Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee** INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:16:47 AM
#48   **ERMS -Revenues skyrocketing, are projected to continue and INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:16:00 AM
#47   ERMS ****INSIDER BUYING of 95 000 shares in INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:14:48 AM
#46   ERMS BUYING sell me your cheapies Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:13:43 AM
#45   ERMS follow the insiders to win Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:13:12 AM
#44   **ERMS THREE different INSIDERS loading the boat in INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/27/15 01:12:45 AM
#43   it seems like the insider BUYING is one pitacorp 05/27/15 12:56:46 AM
#42   ERMS Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee slap those 9's INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/26/15 03:48:00 PM
#41   This is a good sign so far WoollenBlock48 05/26/15 03:13:00 PM
#40   ERMS Beautiful chart setting up Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/26/15 02:36:13 PM
#39   ***ERMS Insider buying to continue Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*** INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/26/15 02:35:28 PM
#38   It's razor thin on the way up WoollenBlock48 05/26/15 10:37:52 AM
#37   **ERMS Gets even BETTER: -Insider buying of over INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/24/15 02:03:53 PM
#36   ERMS Insider buying of over 95 000 shares INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/24/15 02:03:02 PM
#35   Please stay on topic. The only topic to INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/24/15 02:00:48 PM
#31   Book value of .11 cash on hand worth fallin123 05/21/15 07:02:05 PM
#29   ERMS No wonder insiders are loading only 24M O/S INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/21/15 03:49:17 PM
#27   ERMS Love that insider buying, can't go wrong! INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/21/15 03:47:44 PM
#26   ERMS I like this stock a lot! INTEGRITY STOCKS 05/21/15 03:47:15 PM
#25   nice its up today because the CEO is king koopa 12/18/14 01:55:07 PM
#24   getting a little action today king koopa 12/18/14 10:51:41 AM
#23   I always like to see this kind of e-ore 12/04/14 06:22:58 PM
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#20   Nice! that's a good position. i can see king koopa 12/04/14 04:29:33 PM
#19   Good! I nibbled a little bit today too. e-ore 12/04/14 04:18:07 PM