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05/01/23 11:25 PM

#36413 RE: Zorax #36412

I have bought a whole slew of W 10 keys for $10-15 ea.. Mostly from a couple guys on hardforum that have left. They always work! SCDKey is good..and safe, I hear.

I have a 1000 w EVGA Gold PSU, fully modular, that works fine, but was in my house fire. The heat melted the glue on the labels.... It's yours for a fair price. t, Are you using a discreet GPU? If not, 650 watts should be fine. I do know that, at least, the 13900K draws a lot more power than my Ryzen chips.

That Intel SSD may not be the fastest, but is about the cheapest gen 3 one I've seen yet.

I don't recall ever using MBR.. at least not for any of the builds I've done since 2016.

Have you built any pc's? If you want to use your old M.2, leave it out on first boot, just to KISS.. Put the new one in slot 1, go to MSFT and download a windows 10 .iso onto a flash drive, go into bios and set that USB to boot first. Download windows... Later, add any drives with data... if you have an os on any, you should probably remove it, or make sure that the PC is set to ONLY boot from the OS drive (set in bios)

Glad to help... more needed, pm me an email addy