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05/02/23 7:52 PM

#36414 RE: rbtree #36413

Thanks. I'll send a email on the next happy hour, if only to pick your cpu.

What I've done all along is a straight clone from the boot drive to a new drive making that the boot and then mounting that in, pulling the old one out, and doing it again for the second drive as 1. New boot clone, 2nd drive I: still installled and a new drive in spot 3 which is just given a random drive letter and recognized like that then I clone my I: to that one.

Result is two new drives and two fresh back up drives. Then I rotate the whole thing again some time later when I feel it's been long enough.

I don't know about all that downloading of windows and then to get all my files over to it because none of the windows upgrades and migrations ever completely worked. That's how I became a cloner.

Another thing about websites selling shit, they never list the boring stuff like what kind of connectors are with the power supply. You have to drill down in the site or download a manual just to know basic things needed to buy.

Yes I'm a little behind the curve I guess. Does that evga have gpu power extra's.

I'm thinking intel this time throughout. Except for ram.
I had duped a link this is the gpu...