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05/01/23 3:54 PM

#36412 RE: rbtree #36411

Thanks. I use Macron clone. I download the newest free version, then uninstall it after. I'm expecting them to disable full cloning to force purchase soon. They stopped just straight free to a 30 trial day now.

I'll check on that WD SN850X for pricing comparison. I've used wb, samsung and toshiba without much fails. Maybe no fails. knock on wood...........

The computer build sites almost all only list what they want you to buy that I found so far.
Haven't found one yet that just lets you input and gives you feedback if it will work.
And windows is still 150.00 installed.

Not to be too ignorant, but I just realized I'm not sure how the new ssd would boot up when first powered on if purchased direct. Wouldn't be initialized right?, so maybe I need to have the hd installed before booting and the two ssd may show up? Oh boy...

Intent was native nvme slots, Midrange intel MB has two, not adapter pci. I was under the impression that one had to go with gpt for trim and ssd function and mbr would not work with ssd?
Hard to get info because almost all online is trying to sell something even the company websites of the drives.

None of the stuff I'm looking at is bleeding edge. I don't have the budget for it. The list is still over a grand. And I'm not even sure my 650 power would work with the new stuff. Might have to upgrade that as well. Most graphic programs and games are just about requiring 16gig graphic cards now.