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10/31/20 12:47 PM

#239195 RE: yankee55 #239191

So, is 4 million units sold in a 1-year timeframe near the products potential? If not, too bad KW tweeted her 7-step plan, which includes selling the company at 4 million annual units sold in 2022.

Sign the deal for ORTHOPEDIC 2. Sign the deal for FOOTCARE 3. Get wound care channel partner moving forward 4. Ship 1.5 million devices in 12 months 5. Ship 2.5 million devices in 2021 6. Ship 4+ million devices in 2022 7. Sell company & retire #theonly7stepplanineed

QUESTION: As of the most recent financial disclosures she only owns 67 million shares, so how can she "sell the company & retire"?

She can control it by converting her ill-gotten debt into tens of billions of shares of BIEL. She stands to become wealthy off her ill-gotten gains, funds taken from BIEL shareholders, AND THEN US BIEL shareholders will get shortchanged on the return on the shares we have left. How is this going to happen? Because she's selling the company out from under us well before BIEL comes even close to realizing its potential.

We'll all get shortchanged as she prematurely cashes out her ill-gotten gains.

Do the math, what are our shares worth if the OS changes from 25 billion to 65 billion?

What are our shares worth at annual global unit sales at:

10 million
25 million
50 million - The number of Americans suffering from chronic pain
144 million - the number of outpatient surgical procedures in the USA by 2023

An experienced and professional CEO wouldn't tweet their exit plan if it cut off longsuffering shareholders at the knees.