10/31/20 1:09 PM

#239197 RE: 4toSchool #239195

"Ill Gotten Gain" Was Lawyer Jargon Describing 2009-2012 Information

And Amounted To Nearly Nothing!!

2009 Wants Their Phony Biel News Back!!

Folks Most Of This In Nonsense!!


10/31/20 1:29 PM

#239198 RE: 4toSchool #239195

Answer: Kelly "ASS KICKIN" Whelan is gettin' 'er done!!!



10/31/20 1:53 PM

#239200 RE: 4toSchool #239195

you are way off base here, you need to relax and watch this unfold.

Not injecting another 40 Billion shares, and for the record she has alot more then 67 million shares, thats funny . Try more like 3-5 Billion

go biel