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Replies to #12959 on Reverse Splits


11/16/18 4:35 PM

#12960 RE: Buckey #12959

More trades after hours. Nice profits for "whoever"


11/16/18 5:06 PM

#12961 RE: Buckey #12959

PACDQ, that one confused me. it doesn't say you'd receive $19.62 per pre-split share, it states:

holders of fractional shares will be paid out in cash for any fractional interests based on the implied plan value (or $19.62 per share), which is not expected to be material in the aggregate.

So I'm guessing its $19.62 multiplied by whatever fractional share you have after the reverse split.

That would suck!

if you bought 9999 shares at $0.10, (costing $999.9) you'd have .9999 shares after the reverse split, and receive

.9999 x $19.62 = $19.62 for the "fractional interest"